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Chapter 576 - The Arrival of All

  Li Dong was injured, the impact is really not small. Especially in the case of not knowing exactly how Li Dong's injury, Jiangbei is even more windy. The government side almost three trips a day, the people who come more weighty than once. At first it was the side of the municipal party committee of Pingchuan, and later the provincial party committee sent people specifically to visit. The city party committee side of the people, Shen Xi can still deliberately pretend to be angry to drive people away, but the provincial party committee side to people, Shen Xi can no longer just drive people away. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Shen Xi rolled her eyes and said helplessly, "Yes." "Why did they still come?" "What do you say? Could my father tell them, forget it, no need to go see, that boy is pretending?" Shen Xi laughed bitterly: "You do not blame everyone nervous, not nervous can not. Now I regret that I listened to your nonsense. The people of the far side of the panic, not to mention the government side is also worried that you really had an accident, we can not suppress the field. Once our side of the chaos, the impact is not small, after all, there are still tens of thousands of people counting on us to eat, if the far side collapsed, the government must also be headache." "Hey, this person ah, too capable also can not. You should understand now, how important I am." Li Dong was having a bittersweet moment when Shen Xi hit him unmercifully: "Yes, you are too important! You are now deceitful, I think you show up before it's too late, do not pick up the sesame seeds and lose the watermelon. I tell you, if you don't show up, I really can't hold up on the far side. Sun, Wang, Qin, Qi almost ten minutes a phone call, if not really can not go away, at this time I am afraid that the hospital has been surrounded. Also, once you fall, we are surrounded by wolves. Jiangzhe side Wang said, now the wind is a bit wrong, several local enterprises and China Resources Bailian these enterprises, as if they smell the smell of blood, it is likely to take advantage of your injury during the thunderous attack on the far side. In addition, Mr. Qi also said that the Jiangbei side is not very stable. The Far Side is fine, but the Hakkasan side is in chaos once they heard you were down. The supermarket is our foundation, you can't destroy the whole group's overall situation for a greenfield." Li Dong was surprised, "So serious? I've only been in the hospital for half a day, right, do these people have any compassion?" Shen Xi was choked and rolled her eyes, "What is sympathy? You expect these people to have compassion, thanks to you can also think!" Li Dong was speechless and said, "These guys, they really want me to be finished, right? I do not want to do what they want, wait a few more days, Greenland side should soon be able to produce the results, even if not, at most New Year's Day I will step in." "Then you do it as soon as possible, anyway, I am tired today." Shen Xi complained and was about to continue talking when Zhou Haidong entered and said, "Mr. Li ……" Li Dong saw that he was about to say something and wondered, "Who's here again?" "That ……" Zhou Haidong glanced at Shen Xi, did not say anything for a long time, Shen Xi saw the situation frowned, "What? What are you looking at me for?" Zhou Haidong said dryly: "That …… Miss Yuan is here, said she wants to see you, Mr. Li, you see?" Li Dong could not help but dry cough, see Shen Xi full of suspicion, dry smile: "Yuan Xue is it, or old classmates have a humane taste, this heard that I was injured, immediately come to see me. She came alone?" "Yes." "Hey, came all the way here, can't not see, let her in." Shen Xi smiled and frowned, "Is it appropriate? Your classmate won't go out and talk nonsense, right?" "No, no, no, I'll just ask a few questions later." Shen Xi did not speak again, staring at the door for a while, not long, then saw a young girl with a cool face walk in. When the girl first entered, her face was so cold that she could reject people. But when she saw Li Dong, the girl's face gradually eased down and stared at him for a while before she said softly, "Are you okay?" Li Dong smiled and nodded, "No, it's just a little superficial injury." "That's good. I …… I thought ……" Yuan Xue's eyes slightly red, then smiled maskedly: "You're okay I'll leave, there are still some things at home, I'll see you again when you're better. " "Sit down for a while, all the way from Dongping?" "No, I just happened to visit my great aunt, I came by to see." Yuan Xue gave a smile, and glanced at the silent Shen Xi and Hu Xiaorui who was watching her with her chin next to her, nodded gently towards the two, and then said, "I'll leave first." "You're leaving now? I'll see you off ……" Seeing Li Dong about to get up, Shen Xi suddenly said, "I'll see her off, your injuries are still fresh, don't move around." "It's okay ……" "Don't try to be strong!" Shen Xi snapped, and turned to Yuan Xue, "Miss Yuan is it? Li Dong is not yet healed, I'll send you. Seeing that you look like this should not have eaten yet, why don't I go down and eat a little with you?" Yuan Xue reluctantly smiled and said, "No need to be polite, you also do not busy, I can walk by myself." After saying that, Yuan Xue nodded towards Li Dong, and then left in a hurry. Li Dong stared at her for a while, until the person left, Shen Xi said: "Your classmate?" "Well, a high school classmate." "It is quite concerned about you, all the way from Dongping to Pingchuan also takes a lot of time, right? In addition to the news will take some time to get out, almost as soon as you received the news, you came here." "Probably." Li Dong suddenly lost his interest in talking, grabbed the quilt and covered his head and said in a muffled voice: "I'm dizzy, take a nap, take care of yourselves." Shen Xi saw the situation and frowned slightly, and after a while sighed lightly, "Then you rest yourself for a while, Xiao Rui and I will go out to eat something."