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Chapter 577 - People die for money and birds die f

  Qin Yuhan came back to take care of Li Dong, Shen Xi came to the hospital much less often. Unless the company has something to do, otherwise Shen Xi generally does not come to the hospital, even if it comes, the two women seem to have a tacit agreement, either Qin Yuhan is not in, or Shen Xi does not come. At first Li Dong was a little worried, and later he did not care. And the outside world, although the distant side issued an announcement that Li Dong was only slightly injured, but the Jiangbei business community is still quite affected. In addition to the Jiangbei side, the retail industry in the East China region also has some dark currents, many people have noticed that the atmosphere is a bit strange. …… just when the outside world is noisy, someone is tightening up the attack. Greenland Real Estate. This is the fourth time in a few days that Wang Pengfei has stepped into Liu Meng's office. Once inside, Wang Pengfei looked serious and said: "Old Liu, can you line to give a reply or not? Now I am a little scared, Jiangbei business atmosphere is not quite right, if it really does not work, I have to go back to Shudu to avoid the wind." Liu Meng stared at him for a while, slowly said: "Since you feel not quite right, but also at this time mergers and acquisitions of green land?" Wang Pengfei grinned and said, "Have you forgotten that sentence?" "Hmm?" "People die for money, birds die for food, Pengfei real estate in Sichuan has entered a bottleneck, I do not fight at this time, who knows if there is still such an opportunity in the future." "You are bold enough, but even if I agree, you are not afraid of Longhua and Yuanfang?" "We'll talk about it later, not to mention the fact that Yuanfang is now a bit self-conscious, and Longhua still has to keep an eye on Mengshen and Hongtu, so it doesn't necessarily have to hit me as an outsider, I'll fight this time, maybe I'll win the bet." "That's true, no wonder Pengfei in Sichuan Shu can develop to that point, compared to the verve, I am not as good as you." Liu Mang sighed with emotion. Wang Pengfei laughed: "You also do not overestimate me, there is no great general in Shu Liao Hua as a pioneer, Sichuan Shu is after all a bit remote, the competition is not as fierce as this side of Jiangbei." "Hey, Jiangbei …… some years ago, Jiangbei is not so dangerous now, young people are great ah, old Liu I can not afford to mess with. But I'm afraid that in the future, the Jiangbei business community will have to Xu Shengzhe alone lead the way." Wang Pengfei was a little surprised: "No way, Yuan Fang said Li Dong was only slightly injured?" Liu Mang snickered: "This nonsense you also believe? Lightly injured? Minor injuries Li Dong will not show up for three or four days, I heard that Shen Xi even Sun Tao and Wang Yue were stopped from going in to visit, I suspect ……" "Suspect what?" Liu Mang coughed lightly, and then looked around before saying, "I say this is a casual guess, trust your old Wang to tell you, you do not go out and say." Wang Pengfei patted his chest and said, "Don't worry, you still don't know old Wang me? I am that kind of person?" "Ahem …… that, but I heard that the Shen family wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to annex the far side! Do you think Li Dong is a loss in this life, at a young age created such a large family business, poor even have not had time to enjoy, God is jealous of talent ah!" "Shen family? You said Du Secretary ……" "I did not say." "Yes, yes, you did not say, I did not hear anything." Wang Pengfei's eyes rolled for a moment and added: "Then you say, if the Shen family really took over Yuanfang, will they continue to exert pressure on Greenland?" Liu Mang frowned and said, "It's not easy to say." "Not easy to say?" "I am also considered to have suffered an undeserved disaster, that should still have a few genuine feelings for Li Dong. Whether it is to block the mouth of others, or to appease the army, I am afraid of ……" "Afraid that she will take you as a target and kill the chicken as an example?" Liu Meng helplessly said, "There is this worry, right, if the previous I am not afraid of her, but Shen and the far side to join forces, plus the one above, I'm really worried." Wang Pengfei suddenly figured out the flavor at this time, and hurriedly said, "Old Liu, do you mean yes?" Liu Mang sighed: "Hey, old, really old. Greenland I am ready to let go, but we are in business, old Wang, how much can you give?" "Take it all, including all liabilities and industries, I'll pay eight hundred million!" Liu Meng stared at him for a while, and only after a long time did the corners of his mouth twitch and said, "Old Wang, forget I just said that, where you can go back to where you came from." Wang Pengfei smiled and said, "Old Liu, we are close brothers to settle accounts. Other things aside, your company's net worth, you know better than me. Greenland debt ratio is not low, just the industrial and commercial side has six billion of the money, and the construction bank also has two hundred million, which is eight hundred million. Plus other kinds of debt, one billion I did not count more, right? Greenland side, now also a few pieces of land, the total value of about 1.5 billion, plus a property company, as well as some branches, the total value of up to two billion. In addition to the liabilities, the net assets of only about one billion ……" Wang Pengfei cracked up a while, Liu Mang black face said: "Old Wang, you calculate this account quite shrewd ah. What about the Southern Garden District under me? There are also two communities in the distance, I occupy a portion of the proportion, these two valuable things you swallowed? And the land for 1.5 billion, you 1.5 billion to buy me see? The land two billion, I just need to ask, there are a lot of people rush to want, far side I offered three hundred million, the Southern Garden even now the market is not good, three hundred million must be worth it. Calculated, Greenland assets three billion easily. You are good, a mouth cut down a billion, come on, I do not bother to talk to you, I would rather find Longhua and Yurun, rather than bullshit with you." Wang Pengfei laughed: "Don't ah, besides, you don't think I don't know, your Ruijing New City can be the Long Hua tossed. Bank matters and engineering matters are also Longhua dry, you find Longhua cooperation at this time, you are too that, if I were, even if the loss of money will not do this kind of capital enemy."