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Chapter 579 Li Dong in the hospital!

  The provincial hospital. The sky music novel『『say WwW.⒉3TXT.COM Li Dong is now having a headache. The two of them are staring at each other with big eyes, and Li Dong has no choice but to say, "Chief Shen, it's night time, why are you here at this time?" Shen Xi swept a glance at Qin Yuhan, smiled lightly and said, "It's okay to go back at night, I heard the doctor say that the stitches will be removed soon, I came to see." Before Li Dong could make a sound, Qin Yuhan laughed and said, "Sister Shen, it's still early to remove the stitches, at least the day after tomorrow." "Is that so? Then I misremembered." Shen Xi returned a perfunctory sentence, and sat down by herself and said, "If you want to remove the stitches later, then you can do it later, just in time, I will report the situation of the company these days to you." After saying this, Shen Xi also does not care about Qin Yuhan, began to report to Li Dong these days the company's business situation. Li Dong listened for a while straight doze, many things these two days Shen Xi has told him, and now once again, this is not clearly to Qin Yu Han on the eyes well. Li Dong heart understand to understand, but this time is not good to demolish Shen Xi's stage, had to listen honestly, from time to time also mention a few comments. The two of them are really talking about something, plus they can't understand it, Qin Yuhan slightly bit her lips and said to Li Dong Dong: "Li Dong, I'll go out and buy you some fruit." "Fruit this has ah." "It's not fresh, you guys talk about work." Qin Yuhan puffed her mouth back and left the ward in disgust. As soon as she left, Li Dong said somewhat helplessly: "What is the whole thing, do not go back at night, what is the fuss." Shen Xi eyes a red, biting red lips whispered: "You are blaming me?" Li Dong saw the situation and hurriedly said: "No, I just said so." "You still blame me! You bastard! Thanks to me worrying about you every day at home, you are good, you take this as home, right? And yes, of course you are not anxious, beautiful women as companions, we are exhausted when you tune ** bragging, even at night there are women to warm your bed, you are still anxious about what? Li Dong, you are a son of a bitch, bastard, I really want to beat you up, I'm so annoyed, so annoyed you know!" Shen Xi said, while pulling Li Dong's clothes, Li Dong was shaken by her dizzy, for a long time before pressing her hand and complained: "Sister, where am I free, I am almost tossed to death by you. What do you think, I can do such things in the hospital?" Shen Xi hummed: "The hell you know! Anyway, I don't believe it, I saw a long head in your bed in the morning, who else but Qin Yuhan? When I think of this I feel bad, if not for the crowd in the morning, I really want to scratch your face!" "So you come to torment me at night with all your might? You still don't believe me when I say no?" "I don't believe it!" Shen Xi was a little distracted, and only after a while said, "Forget it, I don't care about you. You get away with it, I'm leaving, afraid to see her." "It's late, let Lao Zhou send you?" "No, don't be pretentious, let Old Zhou send Qin Yuhan away only!" Li Dong did not know what to say, some helplessly got up to send her, just got up, next to the phone rang. Li Dong picked up and looked at it, and quickly said to Shen Xi: "Don't go yet, Wang Pengfei's call." Said Li Dong picked up the phone, to the phone um and ah back a few words, and then Li Dong looked excited, "Really?" "……" "How much?" "……" "Sixteen billion, not too expensive, set it as soon as possible. Today is the 29th, see if you can grab some time and sign the contract on New Year's Day. You notify me when the contract is signed, I'll go over and show up, the beginning of the New Year, I have to give everyone a surprise to do!" "……" "Anyway, the sooner the better, I'll wait for your good news!" "……" Once the phone hung up, Li Dong excitedly waved his fist, and then fiercely bailed next to Shen Xi excitedly: "It's done!" Shen Xi at this moment also can not care about angry, quickly said: "Really?" "The general direction has been set, the price is no problem, the rest is a small matter. I am urging Wang Pengfei to speed up, if we can sign the contract on New Year's Day, I will appear in the contract, I am afraid that Xu Shengzhe and the others can sulk to death by then." "Great!" When the news was confirmed with Li Dong, Shen Xi was overjoyed. The two were cheering, when a light cough suddenly sounded outside the door. Before Li Dong could react, Shen Xi hurriedly pushed him away and smiled at Qin Yuhan, who looked ugly outside the door, "The company has just negotiated a big deal, and Mr. Li and I are celebrating." "Is that so? That's great!" Qin Yuhan forced a smile, Shen Xi saw the situation and blushed slightly and said, "Then I'll leave first, I have to go back to prepare, this acquisition is very important, in addition to the financial aspect, I have to supervise." At this time, Li Dong also came back to his senses and said with a dry smile, "Then you go first, I will be discharged from the hospital soon. I will definitely go to the company on New Year's Day, you tell everyone to get ready, once the contract is signed, we will be ready to take over Greenland." "Well, then I'll go first." …… waiting for Shen Xi to leave in a hurry, Li Dong looked at Qin Yu Han and said awkwardly, "I was too excited just now, I couldn't help myself." Qin Yuhan glanced at him, while peeling an apple and said lightly, "Oh." "That, really too excited, you don't know what this business deal means to Yuanfang, once it's done, Dongyu Real Estate will occupy an important position in Jiangbei ……" "Oh." "For this plan, I have been preparing for a long time, even this hospitalization, but also to paralyze the opponent." "Oh." "……" Li Dong's face full of black lines, for a long time before helplessly saying, "Give some response into or not? Jealous? I did not do anything ah, then next to a pig I can also kiss a bite." "Shen Xi is a pig?" "Pfft!" Li Dong a bitter smile, and quickly said: "I am just an analogy." "Then did you kiss?" "No, absolutely not!"