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Chapter 580 - The Five Billion Dollar Hole

  The negotiations between Greenland and Pengfei Real Estate continue as usual, regardless of how Zhu Yicai speculates. M the two sides of the negotiation progressed rapidly, because both the pursuit of war resolution, some conditions are almost, both sides will quickly through to the next. In just one day, the two sides have adopted more than 80% of the resolution. The eyes are getting dark, Wang Pengfei is still ready to fight all night, when Liu Mang's secretary entered the door and whispered a few words to Liu Mang. Liu Meng's face changed slightly and he got up quickly and said, "Mr. Wang, it's getting late today, let's continue tomorrow." Wang Pengfei's cheeks twitched and he had a bad feeling in his heart, asking, "Mr. Liu, what's wrong? Didn't we agree to finish talking about it all today?" Liu Mang glanced, after a while before taking a deep breath and said, "ICBC's Governor Chen is here!" "Governor Chen?" Wang Pengfei's face changed slightly and said, "What is he doing here at this time?" "Not sure, but I'm afraid it's not good, ten ** is ……" Liu Mang sighed slightly: "Anyway, it should not be good news, in addition Xu Shengzhe also followed along." "Long Hua and tricky!" Wang Pengfei frowned, got up and said, "Then I will accompany you to meet." Liu Meng saw the situation and did not stop, nodded and took Wang Pengfei out of the conference room together. …… Liu Mang's office. Seeing Wang Pengfei and Liu Mang enter together, Xu Shengzhe, who was talking with the head of the bank, narrowed his eyes, then got up and smiled, "Liu, Wang, didn't disturb you, right?" Liu Mang smiled and did not say anything, but Wang Pengfei hummed: "Mr. Xu, the people do not say dark things! This time Greenland and our Pengfei real estate agreement, that is the nail in the coffin, how you mess up is useless." Xu Shengzhe smiled lightly and said, "Mr. Wang misunderstood, I just came to visit Mr. Liu by the way this time. As for messing up, that's not so much." At this time, Liu Mang next to him interjected: "Two of you, don't worry, Governor Chen, you are here this time?" Governor Chen said with some embarrassment, "Mr. Liu, I am here to give you a notice of resolution." "What notice?" "Greenland submitted a notice of M&A transfer agreement to ICBC yesterday, and after the bank's review, this agreement was rejected." Liu Mang did not thunder greatly, just frowned: "So soon? Why?" This kind of application, generally even if fast, it must be a week, now ICBC side so quickly rejected, Liu Meng immediately understood that Longhua afraid to intervene again. "Because it involves the change of credit subject, the bank must verify the eligibility of the changed credit subject. After our verification, Pengfei Real Estate Co., Ltd. does not have the ability to assume the transfer of debt." Next to him, Wang Pengfei was greatly dissatisfied and said, "Governor Chen, what do you mean by that?" President Chen helplessly said, "Mr. Wang, this is not my personal resolution, but the bank's evaluation agency's review opinion. Pengfei Real Estate's debt ratio is too high, cash flow is short, and its credit rating in ICBC is only BB level, which is considered as a poor corporate credit degree and insufficient repayment ability. Under such circumstances, Pengfei Real Estate merged with Greenland, and in order to prevent risks, ICBC would not agree to Greenland's application for the merger agreement." Wang Pengfei was furious and said, "Bullshit! What BB rating, our Pengfei Real Estate creditworthiness has been good, there is no problem in repayment ability! Last year we were also recognized by the Bank of China as an aa-grade good enterprise, so I am almost bankrupt after coming to your side, right? Governor Chen, don't listen to other people's provocations! It is responsible to position a large enterprise as a bad credit enterprise at will. If this word gets out today, do you know how much it will affect our Pengfei? Just because you say this, I will sue you later to lose your family's money, believe it or not?" President Chen hurriedly laughed: "Mr. Wang, I didn't say this, but the credit rating of our bank. And this evaluation report, we are not talking nonsense, Pengfei in Sichuan side of the debt is indeed too high, although in the short term Pengfei still have the ability to repay, but Pengfei real estate in the past two years the level of profitability does not meet the bank's expectations. According to our risk determination, Pengfei real estate does have a certain risk." Wang Pengfei breathed heavily, but there was no way to refute. Because Pengfei side of the profitability of these two years really did not meet expectations, on the one hand, the geographical constraints of Sichuan, on the other hand, and Wang Pengfei transfer part of the funds to Jiangbei to develop the market. Taking a deep breath, Wang Pengfei asked: "Chen Chang, say something straight. What you mean is that if Greenland does not repay this loan, we Pengfei can not proceed with mergers and acquisitions, right?" "According to the contract ……" "Come on, I know what you mean! Isn't it that except for Longhua, no other enterprise has the ability to repay the loan? President Chen, you are the president of a large state-owned bank, don't really think of yourself as someone else's dog! One day I'll have to torment you for a while if I'm not happy! What's so great about the president? I can't beg you, just because of your words today, I Wang Pengfei will never deal with your ICBC! It's only 600 million, I have plenty of money, want to interrupt our merger plan through this, dream on! Mr. Liu, today I'm going to overstep my bounds and let these two go away, right?" Wang Pengfei cursed for a while, then remembered that he was not the owner of this place, turned his head and asked Liu Meng. He was not a gentleman, to be really gentle, he would not have brought his bodyguards to show off, and even just came to Pingchuan to clash with Li Dong. In Pingchuan he is so low profile, it is because in Jiangbei he has little heritage. But now even the head of a branch dare to give him trouble, Wang Pengfei is naturally furious. In Sichuan, even the provincial branch president also have to give him a few face, Chen Xingzi is only the head of the city bank, which he has eaten this loss. There is another point, that is, ICBC's credit rating assessment of Pengfei Real Estate also angered Wang Pengfei. These credit ratings, usually seems to have little impact, but once the news of Pengfei Real Estate was identified by the ICBC as a BB-level enterprise spread, then the trouble is big. It is not good that green land and door Shen several enterprises encounter, will soon be born in his head. At this time, if Wang Pengfei just acquiesce, it is possible that he has to plant a big heel. Wang Pengfei angrily scolded people, really some out of Chen and Xu Shengzhe's expectations, both of them froze for a moment, did not come back to mind. Liu Mang quickly reacted, at this moment Liu Mang did not feel that Wang Pengfei exceeded his authority, but rather a share of the same enemy, Wang Pengfei for their own feelings of anger.