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Chapter 581 Corporate Bonds

  Hospital. The M Li Dong hung up the phone and frowned slightly. I didn't expect Longhua to be so influential, but the bank was actually not even accommodating, which is not in line with the style of the banking industry. The company is not a small customer, not to mention the industrial mortgage, so easily rejected the merger proposal, I am afraid that Longhua is not less bleeding. The company's main goal is to provide a better solution to the problem. Sixteen billion, he is not unable to take out now, before he prepared 1.5 billion of funds, now the city grain and oil is large-scale shipments, take out a hundred million or no problem. But as Wang Pengfei thought, once the cash out of sixteen billion now, Li Dong is really some pressure is huge. Within the next three months, he has to pay off the remaining eight hundred million M&A payments from Greenland. The other two billion land payments, Longhua one billion, the city side to develop the market in the three provinces was he pulled out five hundred million out, turn around also have to make up, the mall and logistics companies are similar. Plus also have to pay back the times before the loan and merger money, together not only Wang Pengfei counted five billion, six billion are enough! And the current source of funds from the far side, only the city profit. But the three provinces market did not open, the times into the big quagmire in southern Jiangsu, currently relying only on the earnings of a place in Jiangbei, three months can have three hundred million on the good. Plus the hands of more than a billion, together only two billion. In other words, Li Dong must raise at least four billion within three months. Even after selling the stocks in hand, he can't get so much money, unless the property market picks up in the next few months, so he still has a batch of properties on hand plus Greenland's properties, which can probably be sold for about two billion. But the property market can not rebound in a short time, this is really difficult to guarantee. Li Dong frowned, is helping him pack clothes Shen Xi could not help but ask: "What's wrong?" "The bank does not agree to the Pengfei merger, either repay the loan or only switch to Longhua." "The bank is quite lenient." Shen Xi slightly mockingly said: "Xu Shengzhe now state is obviously a little wrong, too dependent on intrigue. Business development, relying on intrigue is not enough, sometimes the righteous is the king. Scheming is only incidental, not the mainstream, Xu Shengzhe is afraid that in the future will suffer a big loss." "I don't know if he will suffer a loss, but I know I have a lot of problems now. Spending an extra 800 million cash flow at once, my side is in some trouble." "So what now?" Shen Xi also had some difficulties, thought about it and said, "Yuanfang is indeed struggling a bit now, the shortage of funds is too serious. And to raise funds, or a large amount of money, there are not many ways that can be thought of. First, planning to go public. But this requires time to prepare, not to mention that you may not want to, so the operation of the Far Eastern listing is not very feasible. Second, find a bank loan. This is possible, ICBC side and Longhua cooperation for many years, the relationship is too deep, we can not go to find, but we also cooperate with CCB for a few years, the loan should still be able to lend a little. But the amount may not be as high as we think, after all, the bank is not our open. Third, find private equity funds. This is probably the simplest and easiest at present, the profit of Yuanfang in the past two years is still good, someone has talked to us before. Now that Yuanfang is expanding, it should not be a big problem to find a private equity fund to raise a sum of money." Li Dong frowned and said, "I know about the private equity fund, last time I met with a fund association manager. They offered to participate in the management, in addition to control part of the equity. The equity side because these guys say they can redeem, I do not have a big problem. But what about my side when they are involved in management? I can't accept the fact that the company can no longer function exactly as I want it to with an additional third party at my beck and call." Shen Xi said helplessly: "You want to get always have to pay, you do not want to pay anything, want others to lend you a large amount of money to use, it is clearly impossible. Of course, in fact, according to your wishes, we still have a way to go." Li Dong smiled with interest and said, "What road? In advance, I am not willing to lose the equity, and I have to hold the management right in my hands." "You net think good! But this way, can really meet your requirements." This said out Li Dong himself are a little unbelievable, in fact, he knows his own requirements are too harsh, in addition to Shen Xi this kind of unrequested return will lend him a large amount of money, who is willing to do this kind of thing. But Shen Xi next is to clear his doubts: "Have you heard of corporate bonds?" Li Dong's eyes flashed when he heard it: "I've heard of it, you mean?" "Yes, we can prepare to prepare, can not pass the audit, line a number of distant corporate bonds. This thing will neither apportion your shares, nor will a third party intervene in our management. The only thing you need to do is to bear part of the interest, but the line conditions are somewhat harsh, plus our Far Eastern fame is not big enough now, it is difficult to say whether there will be an audience. If no one subscribes to the bonds of the line, it will be a joke." Shen Xi's next words Li Dong did not pay attention to listen, but muttered: "corporate bonds …… corporate bonds ……" this term is not the first time he heard, previously noticed a time He had noticed it once before. That was in March this year, he inadvertently discussed the feasibility of corporate bonds with Sun Tao once. Of course, he was not discussing this for no reason. o In March 2006, China Resources had a corporate bond with a face value of 3 billion. At that time, China Resources' bonds were quickly digested by the market, which made Li Dong envious for a while, not only because China Resources easily raised three billion dollars. More is the other side of the credibility of the strong! A coupon rate of 4.o5%, just a little higher than the bank interest, such a line rate, but also quickly digested by the market, this scenario is far from the current achievements of the Far Side. Now steeply listening to Shen Xi talking about this, Li Dong instantly thought of China Resources. After murmuring for a while, Li Dong's eyes flashed and said: "Can Yuanfang? At present, the domestic line bond enterprises, either listed enterprises, or state-owned enterprises. Yuanfang is only a private enterprise, the shareholders are only me, can pass the reform commission audit?" "The provincial reform commission side is not a big problem, but the national side is difficult to say. If we want to successfully execute bonds, we must change the company system from a limited liability company to a joint stock company.