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Chapter 582 - Picking Chrysanthemums in the East

  Long Hua's obstruction did not suspend the M&A negotiations between Greenland and Pengfei Real Estate. Under Li Dong's instructions, Wang Pengfei quickly finalized the M&A agreement with Liu Meng. As for the 600 million loan from ICBC, Wang Pengfei also gave a promise that within three days of the signing of the contract, the money would arrive 100%. If not in place, ICBC can completely shoot the pledged industry of Greenland. With such a promise, the ICBC side also has nothing to say. It can't be true that even these days can't wait, if you keep pushing, Chen's side can't carry on, such a bank will lose a large number of high-end customers. Previously, because of the door Shen and green matter, has made the Pingchuan branch suffered a lot of questions. At this time to block, it is not a question, it is possible that Wang Pengfei these people will really tear the face, and he properly settle the score. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. When they got into the car, Wang Pengfei took out the phone and called Li Dong. As soon as the phone call, Wang Pengfei said tiredly: "It's done, we can sign the contract tomorrow. Ten o'clock in the morning, the two sides will hold a press conference, in addition Liu Mang that old guy may have guessed something, the words revealed a lot of things, you still come tomorrow?" "Come, the big picture has been decided! This time Liu Mang know and how? Did I not give money to him? But just in case, it is better to wait until you have finished signing the contract and I will show up, by the way, to save everyone from thinking that I am hanging." After Li Dong finished, Wang Pengfei could not help but laugh: "You really have to show your face to do so, for several days, you do not come out again, the impact of gossip is not good. In addition, I was exposed this time, the Beichuan property side I have to speed up the pace to do, the land in the western downtown area almost negotiated. But the door Shen and Hongtu side, there are a few pieces of land have not been negotiated. In fact, I think you'd better not show up at the contract signing site to buy us some time ……" "No need, Xu Shengzhe they are not fools. This time you took the green land, they must have some suspicions. Besides, three days later to repay the loan, using the funds of the far side, they will know nothing? This time I appear, but also to suppress their momentum, Long Hua recently the wind is too strong, Xu Shengzhe guy now full of scenery really think they are the first brother of Jiangbei business, I do not give him this face. And I have to finish the real estate matters as soon as possible, the supermarket is developing the market, which is more important than real estate, I can't spend too much energy on it." "All right, whatever you want. I'll try to speed up the pace on my side and take down a batch of good land before I do." "Well, let's say that first, it's hard for you this time." "You're welcome, I still want to make a fortune from this big mountain, Mr. Li." "Hahaha, don't worry, we have more opportunities to cooperate in the future, go with me Li Dong, you are guaranteed to make a lot of money." "Lend your good advice." "……" The two talked briefly for a few minutes before hanging up the phone. …… Provincial Party Committee Compound. Li Dong did not continue to stay in the hospital, but quietly out of the hospital. But home temporarily can not go back, Lanshan side is also not suitable, Li Dong took the opportunity to the provincial party committee compound to see the house. The last time he asked Shen Xi to help himself here to take a single mansion, before Li Dong although paid the money, but has not had time to come over to see, just take advantage of this opportunity to see the courtyard. After getting out of the car at the provincial party committee compound in a low profile, Li Dong, wearing a hat and sunglasses, stood in front of the door and said, "Is this the place?" Shen Xi nodded and said, "This is the one, you really have a big heart, at least it's a five or six million dollar house, so long not to come to see." "As you see fit." Li Dong laughed and followed Shen Xi who opened the door and entered the compound. The houses on this side of the Provincial Party Committee compound are not mainly luxurious, but classical and elegant. This unique mansion is a two-storey high small building. Small building is probably some years old, the walls are vines, some have withered, some are still green now. In front of the periphery of the small building, which is where Li Dong is standing, is a courtyard of considerable size. The ground of the courtyard is not earthy, but paved with green stone slabs, the smooth slabs seem to be telling his history. In the courtyard there is also a leafy old laurel tree, although into winter, this old laurel tree is still turquoise. Under the old laurel tree, there is a polished round stone table and several stone chairs. Li Dong laughed lightly at the situation and said: "It is suitable for retirement, I once thought, when I am old, I will build a big courtyard like this, preferably at the foot of the mountain. Live the same life as Tao Yuanming's chrysanthemum picking under the eastern fence, leisurely see the southern mountains of the tranquil life. Nowadays, except for not seeing the mountain, turn around and plant a few chrysanthemums, the taste should be good." Shen Xi smiled and said, "Who said you can't see the mountains! You go upstairs and take a look!" Li Dong was a little surprised and said, "There are no mountains here, right? Lanshan is still far away." "You'll know if you go upstairs and take a look." Shen Xi said with a smile. Li Dong also gave a laugh, pushed open the unlocked door of the house, crossed the hall, and walked up the wooden stairs. Shen Xi followed behind and said, "Go up to the roof, the second floor is the bedroom." Li Dong also did not look closely, along the stairs all the way up to the top platform. The top floor of the small building is not empty, surrounded by some wooden railings, the railings are also full of vines and plants. Li Dong did not care about these, looked around, and then was surprised: "What is that mountain?" In the courtyard, because the fence blocked, Li Dong could not yet see. But wait until the top of the building, because the provincial party committee compound this piece of high-rise buildings are not many, the line of sight is very open, Li Dong a glance will see the distant hazy mountain.