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Chapter 583 - Old man, you're tough!

  The seventh courtyard. Du Anmin was still in his old habit, wearing his glasses and reading a book over the balcony. Hearing the sound of people, Du Anmin turned his head to look, and when he saw Li Dong, Du Anmin nodded gently, indicating Li Dong to wait for a moment, and then continued to look down at his book again. Li Dong stared at him for a while, Du Anmin read the book very intently, this time Du Anmin is more like a scholar than an official. Shen Xi saw Li Dong staring at his father and explained softly, "My father has this habit for many years, he won't put down the book until he finishes reading an article." Li Dong laughed lightly, "A very good habit, if I could focus on one thing like Secretary Du, Yuanfang would probably develop better." "Everyone has their own path, as long as you take the right path, others' paths are not necessarily the right one for you." Shen Xi said and laughed again, "Don't look, go sit on the sofa." Li Dong nodded, went to the sofa and sat down, nanny Aunt Wang wanted to help Li Dong pour tea, Shen Xi saw the situation waved her hand and went over to help make tea. Aunt Wang's eyes showed a different color, secretly glanced at Li Dong a few times, did not dare to say anything more, and went into the kitchen to start working on dinner. Li Dong sat on the sofa, feeling a little bored. In the living room swept around, this side of the seventh courtyard and their last visit is not much change, as usual, the solemn cold. Just when Li Dong was glancing around, the sliding door of the balcony opened. Du Anmin came over with a book in his hand, first nodded towards Li Dong, then Du Anmin handed the book to Li Dong, "I heard that Xixi said you are also studying recently, so this book is for you." Li Dong hurriedly got up and took it over, and on the cover flashed a long row of the book title A Study of the Nature and Causes of National Wealth. Seeing Li Dong staring at the cover somewhat bewildered, Du Anmin smiled lightly and said, "This book has another alias, which is more famous than this one, I think you should have heard of it." "What?" "The Wealth of Nations." Li Dong nodded at once and said, "I really didn't know if Secretary Du didn't say it, so this is the original name of The Wealth of Nations, I've heard people discuss it before, but I never had time to read it." "This book can still be read, some of the ideas and experiences on it are very interesting. Adam Smith believed that the self-interest of man in economic life is a prerequisite for a market economy, and added that the right to a market economy is in the people and not in the government. The government's task is to maintain stability, as well as to protect the market economy from external damage …… Although some views I think are not quite suitable for China's national conditions, but some ideas can still be learned. Just like this real estate industry crisis ……" originally Li Dong also wondered why Du Anmin sent the book to himself, and said what the government should act as the role of stability maintenance positioning. When Du Anmin talked about the turmoil in the real estate industry, Li Dong immediately understood that this should be knocking himself out. Li Dong some embarrassment said: "Secretary Du, this is all Xu Shengzhe that kid ……" Du Anmin did not speak, just stare at him. Li Dong saw the situation bitter smile: "Well, I admit that I also participated. But you also said, "The Wealth of Nations" said that the self-interest of people is the premise of economic engagement, business competition is originally so. If Yuanfang and Longhua want to grow, industrial reshuffling is inevitable. There are too many small real estate developers in Jiangbei, and the disorderly management and disorganized layout of the industry are not conducive to the development of the industry. Doing real estate and other industries are different, not that a hundred flowers are good, small companies for the sake of momentary benefits, jerry-built materials, substandard …… these disadvantages are obvious, and small and medium-sized real estate companies lack of funds and talent, it is difficult to develop their own core technology. They do not have their own professional planning and design team, the project is almost all outsourced, the lack of technological innovation, the lack of application of new technologies, new equipment, new processes. Both the design and product quality are worrying, in addition to the hardware, the software is also not good. I give an example, a small real estate company if the development of a community, their task is only responsible for the development, as for after-sales and property management, almost ninety-nine percent choose to outsource. Within three or two years it does not matter much, but ten years later? What about twenty years later? Small communities aging, lack of funds, the withdrawal of property management companies, small real estate companies bankruptcy, these ownerless communities will become a burden on the government. The big groups are different, and the best in this area in Jiangbei should be Longhua. Longhua developed the community, even if it was developed twenty years ago, now the owner of the home where there is a leak, pipe congestion, a phone call, Longhua's property will immediately come to the door to deal with. Whether it's a new neighborhood or an old one, although I don't deal with Longhua too much, I have to admit that the other side is doing an excellent job, and Longhua deserves to be the leader of the real estate industry in Jiangbei." Li Dong said a lot, Du Anmin first did not move, wait until later is into a deep thought. I don't know how long it took, but Du Anmin suddenly said, "What is your positioning of Yuanfang? Retail domination? A rookie in the real estate industry? Or is it something else?" Li Dong was a bit dazed and considered for a while before he said, "Does Secretary Du think that Yuanfang's positioning is not clear? Wherever there is money, we run to it, and neglect our own brand building." "So you understand this point yourself." "In fact, I have considered this point long ago, but Yuanfang's current industrial layout does not conflict. Secretary Du may think that I'm just giving a hammer to the east and a stick to the west, but if you really pay enough attention to Yuanfang, you should be able to see something. The industrial distribution of Yuanfang is not disorganized. Everything in Yuanfang is mainly retail, and the rest is supplementary. The online mall is just an extension of Far Eastern Supermarket, while the logistics company is mainly for the integrity of Far Eastern's industrial chain, so that Far Eastern does not have to be a parasite.