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Chapter 584 - Get out of Jiangbei!

  Seeing Li Dong's expression, Du Anmin naturally knew what he was thinking. Some funny at the same time Du Anmin also some helpless, had to say: "This is the result of the provincial comprehensive planning study, after all, at that time the far side and can not reach this standard. Fifty million originally did not meet the subsidy policy, the reason for this rumor, I think you yourselves should understand what because of it." Li Dong thought about it, when the Yuanfang did not have the current scale and strength. At that time, the subsidy of 50 million Yuanfang must have been given by others on the face of Du Anmin. Du Anmin fear of bad influence, or other reasons, the 50 million subsidies vetoed, it seems that he can not be blamed on his head. Not to dwell on this topic, Li Dong said: "Secretary Du, you have something to say, now this situation, how do you want Yuanfang to do?" "How to do is your own business, and I will not be involved in it. I'm just giving you a heads up to wrap it up as soon as possible. Greenland matter you deal with as soon as possible, Ruijing New Town kindergarten collapse accident you also do a good job after-sales, this aspect I will not say much. The last point, step a little steadier, now the step of the far side is a little big." "Thank you Du secretary remind, I will walk steadily." …… wait for two people finished talking, next to Shen Xi saw two people restored calm, suddenly relieved and said, "Then let's eat, the evening are fine, can drink a little." "Our family Xixi sent the word, then Dad will drink a little at night." Du Anmin's demeanor also relaxed at this time, and joked at Shen Xi. Shen Xi smiled and laughed: "Dad, say as if I forced you, then how about you don't drink at night?" "Don't don't don't don't don't, dad's alcoholic bug is triggered by you, can't sleep at night without drinking a little." Du Anmin laughed and turned his head to Li Dong, "Don't sit there, let's eat, what I said to you today are all family words, if you think you can listen, listen, if you can't listen, just take it as my nonsense." "No way, Secretary Du is concerned about Yuanfang before he said these words, I can't thank you enough." Li Dong patted a horse's ass, laughingly followed Du Anmin to the table. …… dinner atmosphere is quite cordial, Du Anmin and Li Dong did not mention work matters again. At the table, Du Anmin is not so old-fashioned, food does not say the cautionary Du Anmin though know, but at home dinner, chatting a few sentences is nothing. Not to talk about work, naturally can only talk about life. The common topic between the two is Shen Xi, Du Anmin said a lot of things about Shen Xi as a child, which also some embarrassing things, listening to Shen Xi pouting, listening to the Li Dong straight happy. At the end of the meal, it was already dark outside. Accompanying Du Anmin to drink a cup of tea after dinner, Li Dong got up and said, "Secretary Du, it's getting late, then I'll say goodbye." Du Anmin also followed and said, "I'll see you out." Shen Xi, who was cleaning up the dishes, hurriedly said, "Dad, Li Dong has no place to go tonight, why don't we let him stay in the guest room?" Du Anmin's face suddenly stiffened, and Li Dong also looked embarrassed and said, "No, I'll go to stay at Jinhu Park tonight, Shen Xi, just go and meet me tomorrow morning." Shen Xi saw that her dad did not say anything and Li Dong was not willing to stay, blushing slightly and said, "That's fine, I'll go over early tomorrow. Also, don't forget to turn over and sleep at night, the injury on the back of your head has not yet healed." "I know, I know, then I'll go first." Li Dong felt a murderous aura coming from his side, which dared to stay, and hurriedly went outside. When Li Dong was changing his shoes, Du Anmin glanced at Shen Xi, who was not far away, and said in an inaudible voice: "Kid, it's lucky you didn't say yes just now, so you're smart!" Li Dong laughed bitterly, "Secretary, Shen Xi is just being polite, you still take it seriously." "Humph! My daughter I know, anyway, I now do not have a good view of you, your private life originally I should not interfere, but this aspect you pay attention to a little, you know what I mean." "I don't really understand." "You play dumb, right? You can fool Xixi, but it's not that easy to fool me." "Fooling Shen Xi!" Li Dong suddenly increased his voice and said with a bewildered expression, "Secretary, what do you mean? I'm not going to fool her." Not far away Shen Xi heard the sound, immediately came over and said, "Dad, what are you guys doing again?" Du Anmin's face turned green, glared at Li Dong, gritted his teeth and said, "Good boy, you're good, don't let me see you in the future!" "Ahem, so what, I'm really leaving." Li Dong put on his shoes and pushed the door out of the house, when he reached the door he suddenly turned his head and laughed: "Uncle Du, you are almost 60 years old, why put this harsh words, hands you can not beat me." Dropping these words, Li Dong ran away in a huff. Du Anmin first froze for a moment, and then looked at Li Dong's back and said with a dumb smile, "Mixed kid, still too young." At this time, Shen Xi also came over and saw that Li Dong had already left, and stared at Du Anmin and said suspiciously, "Dad, what did you say to him?" "Nothing." "Then why is he running so fast?" "I don't know, maybe he's done something to lose his heart." Du Anmin saw his daughter's mind on that little bastard, some powerless, dropped these words and turned to go inside. …… January 1, 2007, New Year's Day. At the beginning of the new year, everything is new. At nine o'clock in the morning, there were many media reporters gathered at the entrance of the Greenland Building. In addition to the media reporters, there were also many owners who heard the news and came here on purpose, many of them were the owners of Ruijing New Town. When the caravan of Pengfei Real Estate slowly came, many people whispered: "I heard that this is what Pengfei Real Estate to buy Greenland? Do you think they will care about our business if they acquire Greenland?"