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Chapter 585 - The madman and the genius

  As the shouting became louder and louder, the scene was nearly out of control. The crowd on the periphery of the Heavenly 『Novel WwW.』 ⒉3TXT.COM. Xu Shengzhe looked on coldly, standing behind him several senior management of Longhua face is not as excited as expected, but vaguely mixed with worry. Seeing that Wang Pengfei, who was surrounded by the crowd, was pulled and almost fell down, one of the directors of Longhua whispered, "Mr. Xu, something big will happen." Xu Shengzhe said coldly, "What are you guys worried about?" "The owners are getting out of control, now hurry up and evacuate and guide, or if something happens to Wang Pengfei, we ……" "And what does that have to do with us?" "Mr. Xu ……" "Shut up!" Xu Shengzhe lightly barked, then said in a deep voice: "The matter is about the future of Longhua, I laid out for so long is to let Longhua have the capital to go out! If we can't stabilize the interior of Jiangbei, how can Longhua go out? Why Longhua is committed to opening new cities in these two years, can't you see? Suan New City is located at the junction of four provinces, we vigorously open Suan New City is not to make much money, but to carry out long-term layout! But the premise of all this is based on internal stability, Jiangbei is not stable, how can Longhua let go to fight? No poison is not a husband, Wang Pengfei must be this bird, then don't blame me for being ruthless!" "But if ……" "If what? I did not do anything, just the news of the transfer of the greenfield informed others. Why, they held a press conference was not concealed, and not what confidential, even if the investigation, do I still have to be legally responsible?" When the people of Longhua heard this, they didn't know how to refute it. But they vaguely feel that there is something wrong with Xu Shengzhe this time. Without the calmness of the past, not to mention, but also less than a point of the past the hall of righteousness. Long Hua has risen over the years, the intrigue has not played a lot, but that is all the side issues, Long Hua can really stand Jiangbei does not fall, relying on the big momentum, relying on the efforts of generations of Long Hua people. But now, Xu Rulong completely lost the hope of taking over Longhua, Xu Jianghua is also aging, Longhua is now almost Xu Shengzhe is the master of one. To say that at the beginning Xu Shengzhe planned this real estate storm, we all agree, after all, in order to suppress other peers, earn a quick buck, play a little trick is not wrong. But wait until later, Xu Shengzhe planning Ruijing New Town accident, many people feel that too much. Long Hua is also a real estate developer, ask yourself, if you say so framed Long Hua, what will they think? After the Ruijing New Town accident, Long Hua failed to achieve the expected goals, Pengfei real estate rose to prominence, this time Xu Shengzhe should turn his attention to the door Shen and Hongtu. But Xu Shengzhe did not, as if he and Greenland on the strength, as if and Wang Pengfei on the strength, just refused to let go. It is difficult to understand, Xu Shengzhe in the end how to think? Is the merger and acquisition of Greenland really that important? These years without Greenland, Longhua is still nourishing life. Moreover, now the upcoming Hongtuo not to take, into the crisis Mengshen not to negotiate, but instead, a mind to calculate Greenland, this is still the previous shrewd and capable Xu Shengzhe? The crowd is suspicious, Xu Shengzhe does not care, watching the crowd's emotions are getting more and more excited, Xu Shengzhe muttered: "still not out?" Looking around the circle, did not see the expected figure, Xu Shengzhe murmured: "They say you and I are a moment, I Xu Shengzhe and you want to share a high and low! I don't believe that you really fell so easily, is Wang Pengfei your pawn or not?" Just as he was muttering, the crowd's emotions had been stirred to the limit. At this time any sudden situation may lead to a big chaos, Xu Shengzhe coldly watched, are a group of fools just! Greenland or Pengfei or these owners, in his eyes are small people who can play in the palm of the hand. Their lives and deaths, Xu Shengzhe does not care too much. But he is not willing, not willing to be so defeated, defeat is not terrible, terrible is that he will be defeated by a fat pig! What is Wang Pengfei? That is to drink Li Dong's feet water figure, the hall of Sichuan rich, shamelessly published in the newspaper to apologize to Li Dong, only to beg Li Dong forgiveness, gave him a chance to cooperate. Li Dong can clean up Wang Pengfei properly, he Xu Shengzhe is really inferior to Li Dong? Jealousy, sometimes is a kind of original sin. Xu Shengzhe is really some jealous of Li Dong, from the beginning of the disdain, to later feel that this person has some skills and then befriend, and then to later cooperation between the two sides to get land, Xu Shengzhe feel Li Dong temperament is quite right. Gradually, they became friends. Bragging and farting, chatting and fighting, they have done. But many times, Xu Shengzhe alone will feel a little confused, why he and Li Dong together, people see only Li Dong? Even if it is a fight, people are concerned about how Li Dong how, as if he Xu Shengzhe in addition to a rich son is useless in general. Jiangbei some status of people, whether a generation or second generation, also look at Li Dong. Du Anmin, Wu Changguo and these people will not say, Hu Xiaorui, Shen Xi, Ji Lanxin, Zhang Lanyu, these second generation can also ignore. But even Hu Ming, a partner who works with him, really values Li Dong. At first Xu Shengzhe was still in doubt, why Hu Ming was so painful to reach an agreement with him. Later, he finally saw that it was not that Hu Ming wanted to shade Li Dong, nor that Hu Ming valued him Xu Shengzhe, but that in Hu Ming's eyes, Li Dong was a person of greater ability. With Li Dong, Hu Ming may not be able to take advantage of what, while with him Xu Shengzhe, he Hu Ming will have greater benefits. This is the reason! Xu Shengzhe figured this out, his heart is really unhappy, and among the people who value Li Dong, even his father who at first despised Li Dong. Or rather not valued, but scorned.