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Chapter 586 - Merger and Acquisition Agreement

  When Li Dong entered the center, the crowd also gradually calmed down. Li Dong did not rush to speak, but smiled at the people blocking the door of the Greenland building and said, "Everyone give way, let the General Manager of Greenland Liu come out, he does not come out, I sing a solo show how bad?" The flow of people blocking the doorway subconsciously leaned to both sides at the word, giving way to the Greenland crowd. At this moment, Liu Meng just calmed down from the panic, see Li Dong look at himself, Liu Meng mouth twitched slightly, slowly said: "General Li, is the body okay?" "Fine, thanks for your concern, Mr. Liu." Li Dong let out a smile and said, "Liu, since everyone is so concerned about the greenfield merger, why don't we sign the contract today not in the conference room, you find someone to move a table out, let's solve the greenfield problem face to face in front of everyone?" Liu Meng face is a little stiff, guessed to guess, really wait for Li Dong to come out, he suddenly some regret. Seeing him like this, Li Dong eyes narrowed and said, "Mr. Liu, today things have become such a mess, and then hesitate not to settle things, I'm afraid there will be trouble, which is probably not what you want to see, right?" Liu Meng took a deep breath, a flash of determination in his eyes, turned to Greenland and his party and said, "Bring the table and the contract here! Since Mr. Li is willing to sign the contract here, then sign the contract in front of everyone!" "Open and bright!" Li Dong laughed, and said to the crowd outside, "Everyone stay calm, after the contract is signed, if you have any doubts, I will explain to you all. To say something that Liu may not like to hear, compared to Greenland, Yuanfang should be more capable of solving the problem at hand, right? What do you guys think?" "That's true, Yuanfang is much bigger than Greenland." "Yuanfang's acquisition of Greenland feels okay, but Yuanfang is a supermarket, can it do well in real estate?" "Why do you care so much, anyway, he is not bad money, later if you can not say a two or three, we continue to make trouble is. The far side is richer than Greenland, maybe the compensation is more." "Yes, yes, yes, last time I heard that there was a small problem with the milk over there, the result of the compensation can be more, Li Dong this guy is also considered atmospheric." "……" As the crowd chattered, the Greenland side had moved a table out. But the contract is not, Liu Meng lowered his voice and said, "The contract is prepared for Pengfei, Mr. Li, this is some trouble." Li Dong smiled and said, "No trouble, no trouble at all. I've brought it here, Mr. Liu can have someone take a look at it carefully, and if there's no problem, I think we can sign the contract." Li Dong said and gestured at Wu Shengnan, who smilingly took out several contracts from the bag, and Liu Meng took a look at the situation and immediately gritted his teeth. Li Dong added: "Mr. Liu, take a look, the terms of the contract are completely customized according to the wishes of the Greenland side, let's hurry up, after all, everyone is still waiting." "You ……" Liu Meng wanted to say but stopped, finally or some decadence said: "then okay, I let people look at, you wait a moment, soon." Greenland side of the people will soon look at the contract, when signing, Liu Meng seems to look open again. He signed his name quickly, then stamped the company seal, and finally exchanged the contract with Li Dong, so the procedure was almost done. Liu Meng looked at Li Dong and extended his hand and said, "Mr. Li, I hope Greenland will have a good future." Li Dong reached out and shook his hand with a smile on his face and said, "Sure!" Both sides shook hands, reporters rushed to take pictures, Li Dong and Liu Meng posed a few poses, then Li Dong then said, "Everyone can ask any questions now, but there are a lot of people, we should choose a few representatives to ask questions, or I can't hear it will be a problem. In addition, now Greenland is officially merged into Yuanfang's flag, you are also my Li Dong's people in the future. We are all a family, talk properly, don't be in a hurry, I will definitely give you all a satisfactory answer." As soon as his words fell, many people nodded their heads in agreement and said, "Yes, there are so many people, indeed it is hard to hear." The owners gathered together to discuss who would step in to communicate, and the media reporters next to them couldn't sit still, and someone said loudly, "Mr. Li, can you give us some time before the matter is resolved?" "OK, today was meant to entertain you. Reporters and friends, feel free to ask questions, my Li Dong's style is known to everyone, as long as you don't make a mess, I will definitely not hide the questions I can answer." "Mr. Li is really painful." The reporters greeted each other, and only after a while did a reporter take the lead and ask: "Mr. Li, the most puzzling thing about this merger is why the acquirer changed from Pengfei Real Estate to Yuanfang Group? In the previous media conference, the invitation you gave was not written like this, I think this is not a pen mistake, right?" "Of course not, it can only be said that it is a business strategy. Pengfei Real Estate and Yuanfang are business partners, this time plus the timing is a bit coincidental, I happened to be injured. At that time, we all know that I was hospitalized and could not get out, and Yuanfang's situation was somewhat difficult, and some people wanted to take advantage of the situation to strike at Yuanfang. At this time, Far Eastern should not be distracted from other concerns, so I contacted Mr. Wang and asked him to take over the acquisition of Greenland. In order to prevent Far Side's competitors from messing up, that's why we used Pengfei's name." Hearing Li Dong talk about the injury, someone immediately said, "General Li, before the rumors that you ……" asked the reporter some questions can not go on, Li Dong smiled and answered, "that I am seriously injured almost incurable? " "Yes, yes, we are all very concerned about Mr. Li's health, can you tell us what is going on? Why did you get injured? What exactly is the condition of the injury? Is there a third party involved, these are all things we are concerned about." Li Dong smiled, "Thank you all for your concern. It's true that I was injured, but it's not as serious as you think." Said Li Dong quickly turned around, then turned back and said, "See? Just the back of the head knocked, bleeding a little, but my appearance does not meet the image of Prince Charming, so I will not take pictures for you." The crowd burst out laughing, someone whispered: "When your panda eyes were in the newspaper, what else can't be in the newspaper." Li Dong suddenly full of black lines, pointing at the speaker: "You hurt me, turn around if you do not give me a good word in your newspaper, I will hold you responsible." "Hahahaha ……" field again came a burst of laughter, was pointed to the reporter also smiled and said: "Li President do not worry, to ensure that you shoot you handsome stunning, you can promise me an interview would be better. " "Forget about the interview, turn around and arrange a beautiful woman to contact me, men I generally do not accept interviews." Another burst of laughter, but after all, time is limited, we did not continue to dwell, the reporter who asked the question before said again: "Mr. Li, you have not said the reason for the injury."