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Chapter 587: The beginning of the new year, the gr

  On the first day of 2007, many major events happened at home and abroad. Ban Ki-moon officially became the Secretary-General of the United Nations, a series of bombings in Bangkok, an Indonesian passenger plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean …… these international events, some are widely known, some are not noticed. But in Jiangbei, even Ban Ki-moon became the Secretary-General of the United Nations is not as far as the news of Li Dong's discharge from the hospital to shake people. And Li Dong does not strike is already, a strike is a stone! The boisterous Greenland merger case finally came to an end, in the dazzling crowd, before the Greenland as the bag of Longhua defeated. Greenland into the far side, the real estate sector, which lasted nearly six months of the storm finally gradually calm down. Yuanfang's acquisition of Greenland had reached its limit. At this time, Yuanfang did not have any ability to acquire or support Mengshen and Hongtu, while Yao Hong and Lu Zhangyuan were both old men in the business world, so they naturally understood the trend. The moment Yuanfang succeeded in acquiring Greenland, the two chose to compromise with a heart full of frustration. Hongtou and Longhua talked about the merger and acquisition, while Munshen found Yurun and negotiated Yurun's entry into Munshen. In a moment, the dust settled. The first month of the new year, the situation in the real estate sector in Jiangbei finally became clear. In the past, the real estate sector in Jiangbei was dominated by Longhua, with several large companies such as Menshen, Greenland and Hongtu, and other small and medium-sized real estate companies surviving in the cracks. Now, the three first-line real estate companies have been defeated. In addition to the door Shen lingering, relying on the rain to persist, Longhua is in the merger and acquisition of Hongtu strength more winning, Dongyu real estate is from the previous inconspicuous to the merger and acquisition of Greenland has become one of the three major real estate companies in Jiangbei carry the enterprise. …… mall like a battlefield, some people are gloomy, some scenery. Faraway Building. Li Dong returned with the infinite scenery of acquiring Greenland, and a group of senior executives of Yuanfang had been waiting at the entrance of the building. Sun Tao, Yuan Chengdao, Wang Yue, Qi Yunna and Qin Hai ……, who were either out exploring the market or sitting in the Far Eastern industry, rushed back to the headquarters on the first day of the New Year. Li Dong to, greetings resounded throughout the Far Eastern Industrial Park. It was difficult for Li Dong to describe this feeling. But at this moment, he really felt infinite emotions, another year had passed, and the time to return from rebirth was getting closer and closer. 2006 could be said to be a year of great changes. In this year, Yuanfang grew from an enterprise with a scale of not more than one billion to the first private enterprise in Jiangbei. In this year, Yuanfang developed rapidly. From the beginning of 2006, Yuanfang began to expand rapidly. The province completed the layout of supermarkets not to mention that the mall went online in May, opened negotiations for the merger and acquisition era in June, entered real estate in July, and set up the group …… in August. One change in January, one change in a day! From a separate retail enterprise, in just one year, Yuanfang shifted and quickly became a large group enterprise with diversified development. Supermarkets, real estate, logistics, shopping malls, as well as PP now hanging under the umbrella of the mall and the microblogging being developed. In just one year's time, Yuanfang has walked out of the bright road that others could only walk out of in ten years. At this moment, Li Dong couldn't help but feel that in his past life and present life, he had never thought there would be such a day. Now, on the first day of the New Year, Yuanfang struck again and took down Greenland Real Estate with a thunderbolt, becoming the leading enterprise in the real estate sector in Jiangbei Province in one fell swoop, which undoubtedly laid a good foundation for 2007. …… looked at Li Dong, who was standing there lost in thought, and no one else bothered. This moment of emotion is not only Li Dong, but also them. Whether it was Yuan Chengdao, who joined later, or Sun Tao, who had been growing up with Li Dong, an inexplicable feeling also rose at this time. It was too fast, so fast that they were at a loss of what to do. 06 years, Yuanfang had achieved glorious and incomparable results, and it was not only Li Dong but also their participation, that kind of pride was really indescribable. In the distance, the ordinary employees of Yuanfang looked at the senior management of the group in a daze, not quite understanding why these people were standing there silently without speaking. Whether they understood it or not, what everyone knew was that Yuanfang had won again! The invincible Yuanfang, the invincible Mr. Li, had defeated the first brother of Jiangbei Real Estate, Longhua, and had taken over Greenland Real Estate by taking the tiger's mouth. After Yuanfang Supermarket, Yuanfang Group once again has a fist industry, Dongyu Real Estate! Real estate, supermarkets, and the Yuanfang Mall, which was developing faster and faster and becoming more and more famous, no matter who it was, it was as if they had seen the bright future of Yuanfang. The crowd was dazed for a long time, and finally it was Li Dong himself who came back to his senses and looked at the crowd and laughed: "Why are you all dazed with me here? It's winter, and it's quite cold outside, let's go upstairs." Sun Tao, who hadn't seen Li Dong for a while, smiled and nodded: "I don't feel anything, but when Mr. Li said that, I felt the cold chill on my body." Said Sun Tao and concerned, "How is the body?" As soon as Sun Tao said that, other people also showed a worried look. Li Dong is the pillar of Yuanfang, he alone holds up most of the sky of Yuanfang, once he collapses, Yuanfang almost collapses half. If you have to make an image analogy, that is, if Yuanfang is a listed company, a few days ago Li Dong was admitted to the hospital, Yuanfang absolutely every day in those days, the market value has evaporated by at least half. Today, Li Dong returned with the momentum of great victory. Needless to think, tomorrow and the next few days, Yuanfang is definitely the rhythm of the board, the market value will also exceed the previous. This is Li Dong, the indispensable soul of Yuanfang. Li Dong saw the concern of the crowd, his heart slightly warm, smiled and nodded: "has been no harm, in fact, just a small head break, the line is removed. But before was to paralyze Longhua and Yurun, also did not tell everyone, let everyone worry." "It's good that people are okay." Sun Tao gently breathed a sigh of relief and said somewhat thankfully, "As soon as the news of your hospitalization came, the situation in Sunan was a little off. Now the foreign retail enterprises have collapsed, Su Guo before can still coexist with us peacefully, but when the news of Jiangbei side passed, Ma Jia Liang attitude has changed. You do not know, the first few days I was over the trembling, like walking on thin ice. At that time you were not in the company, and I could not find anyone to discuss, I was really afraid that Su Guo shot at us. Once Su Guo takes the lead in starting the war, I'm afraid I will soon be unable to hold up." Li Dong let out a laugh, then said while walking, "So, the battle of the siege of Sunan will soon be over?" "About the same, the last wave at the end of the year, after the beginning of the year, those foreign stores should not be able to hold up." "Good, but Mr. Sun also underestimates himself, right? Even if Su Guo launches an offensive against us, Yuanfang will not be defeated quickly."