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Chapter 589 - Who are you?

  The news that Li Dong was going to set up a board of directors instantly made the group's top management forget everything. What others think, Li Dong lazy care. But the establishment of the board of directors is imperative, Li Dong also has a long time to plan. The reason why he chose to raise it at this opportunity, on the one hand, because the far side in order to line bonds, immediately to carry out restructuring. On the other hand is the difficulty of Sun Tao several people, which let Li Dong see the seeds of not good. Want to solve this problem, the effect of other methods is not much, the establishment of the board of directors is the best choice. Li Dong can suppress their conflicts within the board of directors, rather than choose to expand. As for the members of the board of directors, Li Dong has a candidate in mind, but it has not yet been determined. Another point is that Li Dong is now fed up with the company's busy schedule of chores. Yuan Chengdao is now in the development of the Lu Province market, no six months, certainly can not return, Li Dong will not deliberately wait for him to let himself continue to be deeply involved in the clutter. And after the establishment of the board of directors, he can put down some of his rights, while also making it easier for himself. …… Li Dong had just returned to his office when Shen Xi came after him. As soon as he entered, Shen Xi looked grave and said, "The establishment of the board of directors, why didn't you say anything before?" Li Dong saw the situation and laughed: "What are you nervous about, the board of directors was to be established, you should have expected this. Besides, the board of directors was established, the company is still under my control, what are you worried about?" "I'm not worried about anything, I just think, you suddenly proposed the establishment of the board of directors, is it because of me? Is it because of what Mr. Sun and the others said before?" "Part of the reason, I guess, of course, this aspect is not a large proportion." "Then ……" Shen Xi wanted to ask something, but looked a little hesitant. Li Dong saw this and smiled, "Is it because you want to ask what are the members of the board of directors?" Seeing that he mentioned it himself, Shen Xi nodded hastily and said, "Somewhat curious." "Don't be curious, you must be in it anyway. Besides, if you really want to count down, you are still the major shareholder of the company." Shen Xi invested a total of 1o billion in Yuanfang, although she did not occupy shares, but from any perspective, it is inevitable that she will be on the board of directors. Hearing Li Dong say so, Shen Xi was not too surprised. In fact, she can enter the board of directors, that is almost the nail in the coffin, Shen Xi is not concerned about himself, Li Dong finished, Shen Xi white glance at him said: "first not to mention me, Sun is always there?" "Almost." "Then who else? Board members, how many are you going to set up?" "A guaranteed five people, this is the rule, according to my expectation, six or seven or so." Shen Xi was curious, "Besides me, Sun, and you, who else?" Li Dong said funny: "Can you not be so curious, I haven't decided myself yet. But the staff side will certainly elect a representative, in addition to the group's future president is certainly included, but this position is not Yuan Chengdao, I do not pack a ticket. This is five, the other one or two people I still have some hesitation, for the time being." Shen Xi said petulantly, "Tell me, I help you reference, you still can not trust me?" Li Dong stared at her for a while and wondered, "What's wrong with you today? Why do you have to ask a clear question?" "Are your remaining candidates Shengnan and Qin?" Li Dong raised his eyebrows and did not say anything, Shen Xi saw the situation and quickly said: "Shengnan forget, she is not suitable, plus Dong Yu and busy, she can not. But Qin can be, the logistics company is not so busy. Really can't, completely can bring back Yang manager as director, I think it's okay." "Yang Yun?" "Hmm." Li Dong frowned and stared at her, "What are you doing? I'm setting up a board of directors, not playing house! I know who is in and who is out, I have a scale in my heart! What, are you still going to appease Yuhan now? What's the point? Aren't you against her so much?" Shen Xi smiled and said, "Who's against her? Besides, why do I want to appease her, I just think that the general Qin work hard, for the company has made a lot of credit, but because the logistics company has not been too much attention, coupled with the drag of the mall, the performance of the above can not see what things. Many people in the company have underestimated Mr. Qin, now let Mr. Qin into the board of directors, is also considered for his contribution to the company in the past two years to pay credit." "This matter you do not care, crossed the line understand? Careful Sun heard, and said you blow pillow talk." Shen Xi rolled her eyes and grunted: "Anyway, I'm just a suggestion, I don't care if it's out of bounds, you're on your own. But if Mr. Qin doesn't join the board, I won't either." "Yo, still pinching on it, right?" Li Dong laughed and waved his hand, "You go about your business, I will take care of the arrangements myself. Also, next time don't threaten me, threaten me and watch out for me to clean you up." "Who is afraid of who!" Shen Xi puffed up, twisted her waist and headed out. Li Dong stared at the admiration for a moment, and only when she was about to go out said, "Recently some thin, waist like a bamboo pole, careful to twist off." "Wooden head!" Shen Xi scolded a sentence, this time is really puffed up to leave. …… near the end of the year, Yuan Fang began to busy again. The company's business is a very important part of its business. After taking a look at the phone number, Li Dong answered and said, "I don't want money, I want my life, don't talk about money, talk about money, I'll hang up." Xu Shengzhe on the other side of the phone was full of black lines and said, "You listen to this, why I especially want to beat you up?" "Beat me up, I'll give you a beating, how about we clear up the previous account?"