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Chapter 590 - The Big Tail

  Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe two people chat in a very special way. You scold me a sentence, I mock you a sentence, but both sides are self-pleasant, but feel a lot of pain in the heart. After chatting for a while, the two began to drink again. Li Dong drank beer, Xu Shengzhe drank white wine, two glasses of white wine a belly, Xu Shengzhe can not carry, and quickly said: "Forget it, with you drink beer spelling is not interesting. Said to accompany me to drink a few cups, but the result with a woman like drinking beer, you this person is particularly boring." Li Dong scoffed and said, "It's good to have a few drinks with you, I Li Dong is anyone can be invited to drink with?" Xu Shengzhe despised, "That's because you owe me money." "Who owes you money!" "Holy shit! You're not ready to renege on your debt, are you? How did you have the guts to say such shameless words?" "Who's reneging on the debt? Also, don't use the word "owe money", how unpleasant." "Then what should I say?" "This is called a contract payment, contract payment, understand? In other words, there is no debt relationship between us, only a business relationship, as for when the money will arrive, it has to be in accordance with the contract." "But if I remember correctly, the date of arrival of the contract is New Year's Day. In addition, in addition to the contract payment you said, you should still owe me a hundred million, right?" "Yes? Where is the note?" The corners of Xu Shengzhe's mouth twitched, and only after a long time did he say in a muffled voice: "Damn you! Are you really going to blame me for this debt?" Li Dong said with contempt: "Look at your petty attitude! I just said that, so you really think I'm not going to pay you back? One hundred million is nothing, what's the matter, I'll pay you back when I have money after the New Year." Xu Shengzhe was a bit helpless and was about to speak when someone behind them suddenly laughed and said, "Gentlemen, do you mind if we sit here?" Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe looked back at the same time, only to see a young man of about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old is holding a young woman standing not far behind them. The young man at first glance Li Dong some familiar, after a while Li Dong reacted, not familiar, but the young man's way of accosting makes him think of a person. And that person is not someone else, it is the original Xu Shengzhe. Li Dong still remembers that when he and Xu Shengzhe first met, it was at Chen Rui's Lanshan Villa, which is now his own villa. At that time, he and Xu Shengzhe went to Chen Rui's birthday party at the same time, Xu Shengzhe and Li Dong did not know each other at that time, and Xu Shengzhe and the young man in front of him now behave especially like. With a sunny smile on his face and a kind tone of voice, as if he was harmless. This kind of person generally does not give others a bad first impression, and also speaks very well to take care of others' emotions, sounding particularly pleasant. But the current Li Dong is not the old Li Dong, and has a natural recognition of this kind of disguised harmlessness. Xu Shengzhe this guy and his dealings for so long, what bottom Li Dong is not clear. See the young man smiling and waiting, Li Dong skimmed his mouth, turned his head to Xu Shengzhe said: "Your brother is here, or you entertain?" Xu Shengzhe's face full of black lines, no good: "Your brother almost!" See the tone of the two slightly flirtatious meaning, the young man's face although not moving, the depths of the eyes is showing some dissatisfaction. But he did not rush to speak, still maintaining a smile. The young woman he was holding was slightly dissatisfied with the color, but the other party is obviously not the kind of vase that only pampered and cute, dissatisfied in the heart, but the mouth smiled lightly: "Two gentlemen, we have a chance to meet a, sincere friends, why refuse to be a thousand miles away?" Li Dong did not bother to reply, but Xu Shengzhe laughed: "Sorry, I just drank a little too much, I lost my temper. Please sit down, it is fate to meet each other." When the two sat down, Xu Shengzhe did not ask their names and origins, and shouted to the bartender, "Two more beers." The young man frowned slightly, obviously feeling that the beer was not to his taste, or that he had misread the situation. In his opinion, if he hadn't lost his eyes, the other party should not have ordered beer. Xu Shengzhe did not bother to care what they think, after ordering the wine, Xu Shengzhe smiled and said: "Today to make a friend, wine I bought, you two must not be polite!" The corners of the woman's mouth rose slightly, I do not know whether it is laughing or mocking, and twisted his head to look at the young man next to him, the youth slightly hesitant, after a while before laughing: "Then thanks a lot." "Don't be polite, we're not bad, it's only a few dozen dollars, we'll earn it back in one day's salary." "Pfft!" Li Dong, who was drinking next to him, spurted out at once, and only after a while did he laugh dryly at the dumbfounded men and women: "Wanted to laugh, did not hold back, see the laugh." "Nothing, this ……" two people are now really a little confused, did they really see wrong? Not that they know Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe, but Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe, to be honest, after all, are not ordinary people, even if it is a dirt farmer, commanding the habit, there will be a special temperament for people to feel invisibly. Plus the two people chatting before, casually said those words, also does not seem to be deliberately bragging. So the young man and woman this just went up to say hello to make friends, who knows really wait to sit down, the two people's behavior is to make them greatly puzzled. This is really the two just talking about hundreds of millions of dollars face not change the color of the able people? Don't be friends together to brag to each other, right? How they think, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe really do not care too much. It's not that they look down on people, if they are now friends with an ordinary person, or someone else, the two do not see so slack. The reason why the two people are like this, just think that this guy in front of them and they are not the same way. The young man and woman obviously have some origins, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe are not stupid, the first glimpse of the meeting perceived. The young man looks kind, smile sunshine, but on the power than Xu Shengzhe is much worse, even a simple sentence of flirtation can not move, deep down in the eyes of the dissatisfaction can not be concealed from Li Dong, they are watching people countless guys. This makes Xu Shengzhe and Li Dong some eyes, this kind of person is not big-hearted, high-minded and arrogant, really not suitable and they become friends. Of course, Jiangbei is qualified to be two young people look at the eyes of not many. Li Dong is not to mention, Xu Shengzhe this guy's heart is higher than anyone, even the original Li Dong can not see. The result is to meet a guy who seems to have a higher heart than his own, and it seems that the heart of the young man is not too big, naturally with a few more colored eyes. Then a simple test, found that not only the other party is not big-hearted, and even vision is just general, which is even more unattractive. Young men and women in the heart of suspicion, Xu Shengzhe also do not care about them, continue to talk with Li Dong: "The last bet you guys did not forget, right?" "What gambling agreement?" Xu Shengzhe was furious and said, "You son of a bitch want to renege again!"