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Chapter 591 - The controlling interest of Pengfei

  January 3rd. Li Dong was having a headache in his office over the board members when Chen Ke knocked on the door and said, "Mr. Li, Mr. Wang is here." "Wang Pengfei?" "Mm." "Invite him in." …… After a while, Wang Pengfei entered with a breath and said, "Mr. Li, it's good to be young, the temperature of your central air conditioner is too low, it's freezing me to death." Li Dong got up to greet, while walking and laughed: "That's because you are used to the climate of Sichuan Shu, this side of Jiangbei winter is not too cold, but can not be compared with Sichuan Shu." "That's true, I thought I was really old." "It's about the same." Li Dong teased, and Wang Pengfei grinned. Inviting him to sit down in the parlor area, Li Dong then asked, "The matter of Beichuan Real Estate?" "Hmm." Wang Pengfei nodded, and then said, "The contract for the land in the west downtown area has been signed, but the price is a bit high, the seven small real estate developers did not spend much money, a hundred million I took the land in their hands. But the west downtown area, before we agreed to seven hundred million on the line. But in the blink of an eye, the western downtown area has changed its mind, and must be one billion, less than one point is not sold. I feel something wrong, and did not hesitate, directly signed the contract, because you said at the time that one billion can take, I did not ask you, this is no problem, right?" Li Dong stroked his chin and thought for a while before nodding: "One billion is one billion, it's all earned anyway." Saying so, Li Dong's teeth are about to gnash! If it wasn't for Du Anmin's shenanigans, his name would be written backwards! The old man is really ruthless, in the blink of an eye to pit him three hundred million, if this were someone else, Li Dong really have to curse his ancestors 18 generations to do. But even if the old Du, the old man's heart probably can not be angry, plus also to block the mouth of outsiders. After all, seven hundred million to take that piece of land, the price is a little too low. One billion at least on the double-digit, according to the current market, one billion inflated a lot, later even if someone questions, there is nothing to say. After all, the western downtown area did not sell land cheap, plus their Nangang Science and Technology Park plan is still just a plan, even the specific things are not agreed, where to build both sides is not even mentioned. This time Li Dong they took the land, and is not what speculation. Otherwise so counted, ninety-nine percent of domestic real estate developers are suspected of this, which large real estate developers have not invested in some of the higher appreciation of land. Seeing Li Dong no opinion, Wang Pengfei sighed with relief and said, "That's good, I was afraid you were too high." "Not bad, the reason why the price is high, probably related to the planning of the western downtown area and the high-tech zone. The two sides have roughly reached an agreement, may be the recent site selection, our piece of land they probably have some fancy, the results found that has begun negotiations with us. At this time they can not directly backtrack, want to increase the price so that we take the initiative to retreat, the results of your direct response, probably also out of their expectations." Wang Pengfei listened to it and said with excitement, "Really negotiated?" "Eight or nine is not far from ten, but now will not be in our site is difficult to say." Wang Pengfei hurriedly said: "Surely this is us! West downtown and high-tech zone cooperation, want to invest in a new science and technology park, we are the most suitable place! Other places, the first is not so large open space, the second is too far from the high-tech zone, are not very suitable. If they really set the plan, I think nine out of ten still need our land." "It is not easy to say, only that the possibility is quite large." Li Dong laughed and said: "Now forget about these, whether they choose to choose us here, anyway, we can not lose. I have heard, the new bridge airport program, this year is likely to pass." "Really?" Wang Pengfei is really excited at the moment, before Li Dong said, but his heart is still not quite at ease. But now Li Dong said the plan is likely to be passed this year, how can Wang Pengfei not rejoice. Li Dong nodded and said, "It's almost set, but the exact time is impossible to say, it may be delayed until the second half of the year." "That's okay!" Wang Pengfei said, "The second half of the year is nothing, in my opinion, if the plan can really be adopted, even if we boil for three to five years is worth." If we can survive for three to five years, the land will at least double in value. That is one billion, can earn one billion business, three or five years is nothing? The big real estate developers, who cares about the three or five years, some real estate companies hoard land a hoard is more than a decade, but I do not see them anxious. Anyway, all in the money appreciation, and did not lose money. The two briefly said the matter of the land in the western downtown area, then Wang Pengfei said: "the small real estate developers side of a billion is paid in cash, the first payment in the western downtown area I paid two hundred million. In addition, in order to take the two pieces of land in the hands of Munshen and Hongtu, I used another 500 million funds. The remaining two hundred million, I took in a few small real estate companies over the two not too small subway line land, now we are out of money. What should we do next for Beichuan Real Estate, Mr. Li to show the way?" Li Dong gently knocked on the table, thought about it and said, "What does Wang think?" "Me?" "Well, Mr. Wang can make Pengfei Real Estate to this point, it is not a little bit of their own ideas."