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Chapter 592: How can a bird know the will of a swa

  The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem. Only after a long time did Li Dong say, "Are you saying that someone wants to forcibly take a stake in Pengfei Real Estate?" Wang Pengfei said helplessly, "Well." "Then you, Wang Pengfei, admit it?" "I can't help it." "I'm particularly uncomfortable with your words, you can't help it? You Wang Pengfei at least is also a Chuanshu huge wealth, casually invest in Jiangbei, the investment amount is up to more than a billion, you now tell me that someone forced into your Pengfei real estate, you actually have no way to refuse?" "I'm serious, if I had the means, I wouldn't want you to hold shares in Pengfei Real Estate. I would rather give you a shareholding, after all, I know that you Li Dong at least not so black-hearted, and can still give me Wang Pengfei a mouthful of soup. But if he took a stake, I'm afraid I don't even get to drink soup." Li Dong took a deep breath and said, "What is the origin of this Liu Long? You Wang Pengfei actually scared like this, I Xu Shengzhe dare to directly top back, who else can scare you like this?" "Hey, I'm not afraid to tell you a joke, Xu Shengzhe I'm really not very afraid. Long Hua is twice the size, it is also a square business, even if you play some trickery, it is only controlled within the control. Jiangbei's business world is much better than I thought, but Liu Long is different, he is actually a person I am not afraid of him, the key is his brother, I am really a bit afraid." "His brother?" "Liu Tang, Jiangbei side may not know him, but in Sichuan Shu, do not know him less people. This person has no bottom line, although I Wang Pengfei is not weak, in Sichuan Shu also have a few family business, but if really fight with him, I'm afraid I will not see the sun next year." "So exaggerated?" "It is so exaggerated." "Liu Tang …… Liu Tang ……" Li Dong eyes reveal a touch of doubt, this name why some familiar. For a while, Li Dong pupils shrunk slightly, subconsciously said: "Tang Long Group's old boss?" Wang Pengfei was surprised: "You know? He is actually a relatively low-key person, in addition to some fame in Sichuan Shu, in the field seems to be not too famous." Li Dong took a breath and nodded after a while, "I've heard of him a few times, he's a character. I did not expect, did not expect even you Wang Pengfei fear him, this guy is really so scary?" Wang Pengfei nodded and said, "Not scary, but black, really black. Since I am in the real estate business, I dare not say I have a good heart, but I am not that reckless and black. Compared to him, I am a big witch. In Sichuan Shu side, because we do not have much time to deal with each other, so there is little entanglement between each other. But this time, Liu Long to Jiangbei exhibition, know that I am here, this guy immediately put the idea to my head as a hometown. He did not explicitly say, but his meaning is also relatively obvious, if I am not willing to let him into the stock, then my base in Sichuan will be affected. The Sichuan side is my foundation, and I do not dare to take the risk. But I am not willing to let him into the stock, after all, Liu Long this guy is not too clean under the hands, he is not as black as his brother, but also not good. With him, sooner or later I will be swallowed by him clean. Not I thought of you, you have strong roots in Jiangbei, Liu Long dare not mess with you. And Sichuan Shu side, you have no base there anyway, also not afraid of Liu Tang guy how to you, so I am willing to let you hold Pengfei real estate." Since it has been said, Wang Pengfei does not mind to tell the whole thing. At this time, he can keep the base business of Jiangbei, on the. And he is also real money to give up a large number of interests, contributing one billion Li Dong, holding Pengfei real estate, even if he does not do anything, but also earned several hundred million. Not to mention that there is still something to discuss, even if a little more blood, Wang Pengfei is also willing. Li Dong has been pondering, after a while before saying, "How Liu Long suddenly came to Jiangbei?" "His in-laws transferred over." "In-laws?" "The one who has just been transferred to take over Boss Huang's position." "He!" Li Dong suddenly some emotion, this is really a coincidence, thinking of this Li Dong asked: "Liu Long does not have a son, what is called Ake?" "You mean Liu Ke? Mr. Li, you know him?" "Surely!" All the doubts in Li Dong's mind were cleared up, so the ones he met last night were Liu Long's son and Chang Yuanshan's daughter. And Liu Long, in addition to Chang Yuanshan, his in-laws, there was actually a brother over in Sichuan Shu who was more famous than him, Liu Tang, which was not a nameless person. Less than ten years in the future, this Liu Tang has made a big name in the country. Li Dong has heard of this person, heard many times, also know this person bold as well as ruthless. This kind of person, Li Dong is generally not willing to provoke. Although the Jiangbei business community feels more chaotic, but in fact the Jiangbei side is actually relatively good, at least no Liu Tang such people. Whether it is Longhua or other large enterprises, even if there is some small darkness, but also do not dare to be too open and domineering. Li Dong can mix in Jiangbei like a fish in water, and this is not unrelated, otherwise his character in Sichuan Shu exhibition, has been chased countless times. Now Wang Pengfei wants to pull himself against Liu Long's entry, if Li Dong has no desire to go to the Sichuan Shu exhibition, then he is really not afraid of anything. What happened to Liu Tang? Again bully, that can only be in Sichuan Shu a piece of arrogance, really to come to Jiangbei, is the dragon also have to dish! But Li Dong is ready to enter Sichuan this year, now if Liu Tang to offend, then when the time will certainly be retaliated. Although Pengfei real estate is also a big fat, but Li Dong really have to weigh the value is not worth doing so, too dangerous, the benefits are not as big as imagined. Looking up at Wang Pengfei, see his face full of expectation, Li Dong hesitated for a moment and said, "Wang, I'm afraid I have to think about this." Wang Pengfei immediately showed disappointment, some do not understand said: "Li, I am forced to, it is because my roots in Sichuan Shu. Your side is different, what do you have to hesitate? If you think the price is too high, we can discuss it again. If you find it difficult to get 500 million, we can hold off, and I can even wait for the land in the western downtown area to go up, and then we can follow the market valuation at that time.