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Chapter 593 - Three heads and six arms are not afr

  Wang Pengfei's matter is not difficult to say, easy to say is not easy. Li Dong just need to simply inject capital into Pengfei real estate, the holding, the first-time Liu Long certainly do not dare to call the shots with Li Dong. With Li Dong's holding, Wang Pengfei can naturally reject Liu Long's share request in name only, after all, Pengfei Real Estate is no longer under his control. But this is bound to be Liu Long's grudge, after all, Li Dong messed up his big plan to make money. If Li Dong is not out of Jiangbei, then Liu Long can not set off any waves, even if the grudge Li Dong, he can not do anything about Li Dong. But if Li Dong into Sichuan Shu development? The Liu family's ability in Sichuan Shu, the whole an outsider method not too much, even if you can not take Li Dong himself, but also to his business can bring heavy damage. "Business ……" is wandering Li Dong pupils suddenly shrunk, business! He seems to have gotten something wrong, right? He entered Sichuan Shu is for business? Is it to make money? This period of time to earn money themselves silly, actually mistaken the main priority. He let the far side into Sichuan Shu, a lot of trouble is not to earn a little money, nor is it to and Wang Pengfei said what the large encirclement strategy. His original intention is very simple, do their best to save one is one, save talent is his purpose. In other words, he marched into Sichuan and Shu, would have been ready to post money. What happened to Liu Tang? Liu Tang again vicious, is it because of this matter to Li Dong's life? Not to mention that Li Dong is not a good stubble, just say Liu Tang is not such a brainless person, really no brain, people will not choose him to cooperate. That is to say, Li Dong this time to help Wang Pengfei, the most serious consequences are only Liu Tang's own business crackdown. Thinking of this Li Dong's eyes suddenly lit up, he was really faint! Business crackdown on their own how? When the time comes, you can use this opportunity to justify the blood of the matter, such as spending huge amounts of money to donate some schools, and for example, in order to prevent others to find fault, the newly invested in real estate and shopping centers will also carry out the highest level of seismic measures. In the view of outsiders, Li Dong is goaded, is afraid of Liu Tang to find their own trouble. But only Li Dong himself knows what he is doing this for. In this way, on the contrary, it is a bit more feasible than his previous plan, after all, there is no external blow, he went to donate some schools for a good reason, do not others suspect? If you are so kind, then how do other places not donate. Jiangbei is still his home, Jiangbei side you do not donate money to build schools, but run to thousands of miles away to build schools in Sichuan, is this idle? The earthquake did not happen okay, once it happened, there will always be some traces exposed. But now the opportunity has come! He helped Wang Pengfei crack down on Liu Long, offended Liu Tang, and then for the sake of their own big encirclement plan, Li Dong pain bleeding, to please the local government, reasonable ah! The more you think about it, the brighter Li Dong's eyes, this is considered sleepy someone sent pillow? He was thinking hard about how to minimize his suspicions, and now it seems that Liu Tang is not the best excuse! And in order to ensure that Liu Tang will hit himself, Li Dong not only to offend Liu Long, but also have to offend some hard to do. Of course, it can not be too much, at least to master a degree, both will let Liu Tang strike himself, but also can not make Liu Tang crazy. …… Li Dong has figured it out, but someone still can't figure it out. For example, Liu Ke. Tang Long Group, Jiangbei Branch. Branch because just established, people come and go look a little chaotic. Liu Ke looked at the messy office area through the one-way see-through glass and complained, "Dad, why do you rent this kind of place, how embarrassing!" "Our Tang Long Group is a big group, not to say buy a building office, but to rent a better office building can always be, right? Now, we rent an old building, not to mention that it's just this big, I'm embarrassed to say that our company is here." Liu Long, who is in his early fifties this year, has a rich face and is standing leisurely in front of the window admiring the beautiful scenery downstairs. When he heard his son complaining, Liu Long turned and glanced at him, frowning, "Overly ambitious! The road is a step by step, renting high-grade office building does not cost money? Also, Tang Long Group is your second father's! What does it have to do with you? Our foundation is here now! Don't look at us with the sign of Tang Dragon, but in fact it has nothing to do with your father's Tang Dragon, but our own industry. Let me tell you, don't think I don't know what you think. But your second father has a son and a daughter, Tang Dragon is not your turn to inherit, so you give me honestly in Jiangbei development. Your father-in-law will stay in Jiangbei for at least five years, and if you are lucky enough to take over at the end of next year, it is likely that this life will be rooted in Jiangbei. Now spend every penny, that is our own, your second father knows in his heart, I want to come to Jiangbei, he gave me a start-up capital, which is all we have father and son.