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Chapter 594 - Li Dong's Fear

  Far Far Away Building.? After thinking about Liu Tang, Li Dong began planning to hold Pengfei real estate. Delivered to the door of the cheap, not to take advantage of white. Li Dong's office. Hearing Li Dong said Wang Pengfei initiative door to door to ask for far-side holding, everyone is a face of disbelief. Is there really a good thing that falls from the sky? Wu Shengnan froze for a moment before asking, "Mr. Li, is there some kind of conspiracy?" Li Dong smiled and said, "No, I know the reason for this, so don't ask, what we are discussing now is whether to hold Pengfei Real Estate or not?" "Of course we do!" Wu Shengnan hurriedly shouted, hurriedly said: "If this thing is true, it is a great good thing! Although Pengfei real estate influence is not good, but also a commercial street in the opening, not yet occupy all the shares, but when this commercial street opened, Pengfei real estate's fame will also have. In addition, Pengfei real estate strength is not weak, and our Dong Yu teamed up, dare not say the more Long Hua, but over the Rain and Men Shen teamed up or possible." Li Dong narrowed his eyes and smiled: "There is more than one Pengfei real estate." Wu Shengnan is a little confused, others are also confused to look at Li Dong, what do you mean? Is Li Dong still ready to continue to acquire other real estate companies? But now Yuanfang has reached the limit, and then merge other companies, then the pressure would be too much. What's more, the company has no money now. Li Dong saw the situation and said without panic: "Have you heard of Beichuan Real Estate?" Someone in the office was confused, but someone's face changed, and Wu Shengnan, the controller of Dongyu Real Estate, was even more surprised: "I've heard of it, it's a new real estate company that has risen. In this reshuffle, many small real estate companies went bankrupt and closed down, but this Beichuan real estate emerged, and immediately took a lot of good land. Even the door Shen and Hongtu side, then in order to ease the crisis, but also by the North River to take advantage of the two residential base in the Guanhai District was taken by them. These two pieces of land in fact, I have long noticed, because these two pieces of land and a residential land in Greenland linked together. I was about to discuss with you to see if we can talk to the Beichuan side to take these two pieces of land. If we can get it, then our three pieces of land together, we can completely open a high-end community in the city center. Before you said that we do not have a decent upscale neighborhood in Dongyu, I think this is a good time for our Daqin series to appear." "And what if I say that this holding of Pengfei real estate, including this Beichuan real estate?" The people are confused, what do you mean? How is Pengfei Real Estate linked to Beichuan Real Estate again? Seeing Li Dong pretending to be profound, the others are full of confusion, next to Shen Xi said funny: "Do not sell it, you see the Wu General They are anxious. Beichuan real estate company is actually a joint venture between Mr. Li and Wang Pengfei to establish a real estate company. Before the company transferred out five hundred million funds do you remember? It is that time, we and Pengfei partnership established the Beichuan Real Estate, so that the Beichuan Real Estate is actually considered our industry. And the far side in the North River real estate occupies 65% of the shares, this holding Pengfei real estate, but also with the North River real estate as capital, otherwise Pengfei real estate market value of more than one or two billion, where we have the money to hold." The others suddenly realized, and then they all showed admiration. Especially Wu Shengnan, a face of emotion said: "Mr. Li, you have given me a huge surprise. I didn't expect that Beichuan Real Estate was actually our holding company, thanks to which I was worried that they wouldn't be willing to sell." Li Dong laughed, "This is also a coincidence. This time, as Mr. Shen said, we will take a stake in Pengfei Real Estate with Beichuan Real Estate, and what Wang Pengfei means is that as long as I take out another 500 million to inject into Pengfei Real Estate, we will be able to take 51% of the equity, what do you think?" "Five hundred million?" Wu Shengnan was first happy, then some doubts: "Li, I still can not figure out, even if we take a stake in Beichuan Real Estate, we can not get so many shares, right? What exactly does Wang Pengfei think?" "This you do not care, you just say 500 million is a good deal?" "That's for sure." Wu Shengnan nodded: "Not only Pengfei, there is a Beichuan real estate, in fact, is a billion are cost-effective. Together with the 500 million we took out before, a total of 1.5 billion, to take a controlling interest in two real estate companies, Pengfei and Beichuan, we do not lose at all." "Since you all think it's a good deal, then I'll go back and talk to Wang Pengfei. Five hundred million is actually not used, this guy now has something to ask me, and the money I am not in a hurry to give, holding the Pengfei, although we are not as strong as Longhua, but should be over the Rain and door Shen. Rain in the Jiangbei side of the investment although a lot, but also equivalent to the previous Greenland, Dongyu plus Pengfei, compared to the current door Shen to be stronger right." After saying this, Wu Shengnan reported, "Mr. Li, the property market has been picking up recently." "Is that so? How is the market situation?" Wu Shengnan looked happy and said, "Not bad, as the real estate sector stabilized, Longhua took over a number of properties, we took over some, and Munshen and Yurun took over a number, and now the tension in the market has eased off. With the small real estate developers being cleaned partly this time, the remaining real estate companies have some strength, so the previous massive sell-off is gradually gone. The shortage of housing, coupled with the close of the year, many people began to rush again. I think if we can cover the plate for a period of time, the price can not only restore the previous price, but also can rise a lot. Recently, the property market around the market is good, in addition to the property market in Pingchuan, Fucheng and South Lake side, into the month of January, home prices rose by more than 1o%. To buy a house people are not stupid, other places have gone up, Pingchuan is the provincial capital, soon must also go up, I see the end of the year we put out a batch of houses, the price is right then soon should be able to get out." Li Dong said with a happy face: "Good, then let's release a batch at the end of the year. It is best to empty the houses on the Longhua side, our own is not urgent. In addition, your side of Dongyu, the recent talks with several real estate companies, we sold out of the batch of houses should also be recovered. Now that the situation is stable, I think we should also see the situation clearly. We are not in a hurry on Longhua's side and Munshen's side, now that we have taken over Greenland, and will probably take over Pengfei soon, we have already recovered some of the properties. You contact a few other real estate companies to take back the houses in their hands, as for Longhua and Munshen, I'll talk to them myself when I have time." Wu Shengnan nodded, but was a bit worried, "What about the funding?" "Didn't you say that a batch of properties were offered before the year? Just use this money." "But didn't you say before?" Li Dong knew she was worried about the loan and land payments, waved his hand and said, "This will be said when the time comes, and we took the house back, it is not impossible to sell, wait after the New Year to see the market, if the property market is good, then continue to open for sale. You keep an eye on this matter, I'm afraid this side of Dongyu is a little busy, if you feel that there are not enough people to recruit a group back." "Okay, I know." Wu Shengnan nodded, the recent real estate company is indeed very busy. Before that time, the staff of Dongyu real estate are idle to death, at that time everyone would like Li Dong can give more attention to the real estate company. But since the opening of two properties, Dongyu real estate is getting busier and busier. First, the acquisition of the Greenland, immediately have to hold Pengfei, but also to recover the property, as well as prepare to continue to open, before the end of the year it seems that everyone is not idle. After talking about the real estate company, Li Dong looked at Sun Tao and said, "Mr. Sun, there is no movement on the Sugo side, right?" Sun Tao shook his head and said, "No, if there is movement I can not sit still. This time we took Greenland, you are safe and sound, but also to many people to deter some. Before the foolishness of China Resources and Bailian several retail companies have also shrunk back." "That's good, they do not move, we do not care about them." Li Dong admonished, silent for a while before speaking out: "There is also the matter of the board of directors that I mentioned before." The others looked frozen, in fact, they had long guessed that Li Dong would announce the list of board members in the near future. After all, Sun Tao Wang Yue and the others are busy people, at this time Li Dong did not let them go, but kept them in the headquarters, must be in order to set the board of directors down. Now Li Dong mentioned this, the faces of the people were serious. "Board members, I'll set it at 7 for now. I am the chairman of the board, is this point okay with everyone?" Sun Tao a few people quickly shook their heads, what a joke, Li Dong is not the chairman, do they become?