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Chapter 595 Arrangement

  In the evening, Li Dong returned home. Parents have not yet returned, the home seems a little cold. Li Dong turned on the TV, leaned on the sofa and continued to walk away. I don't know how long it took, the door opened, Li Dong hurriedly turned his head, Li Chengyuan and his family came back. Seeing Li Dong watching TV, Li Chengyuan was a little surprised, "Why do you have time to watch TV today?" Li Dong welcomed him and smiled, "I'm a little tired lately, so I'm relaxing tonight." Cao Fang smiled and said with concern, "If you are too tired, give yourself a vacation, the company is so big, you are not the only one in charge, just leave it to others." "Mom, this is my own industry, how can I feel comfortable leaving it to others." Li Dong said and said: "Not to mention me, you are still the same, the hotel is now on the right track, you two should be relaxed to relax, do I still lack the money? The profit of your hotel for a year may not be as much as what I earn in a day. Your son I have the ability, can still starve you? Don't be too tired, look at this, it's already a few minutes ago, you're only back at this time, you're more tired than working." Li Dong chattered a few words, and said to Cao Fang, "Mom, I'm a little hungry, you can get me something to eat, I'll talk to Dad." Cao Fang didn't think much about it, once she heard that Li Dong was hungry, she hurriedly put down her bag and said, "You didn't tell me earlier, I should have known that I would bring you something to eat at the restaurant. I don't know if there's any food at home, I'll get you something simple." "Okay, as long as it is food can, I am not picky." "You!" Cao Fang laughed and hurriedly went into the kitchen. When she left, Li Dong greeted Li Chengyuan and said, "Dad, let's talk, I haven't talked to you for days." Li Chengyuan lamented, "You are busy, your mother and I are also busy, it's been a while since we've talked." The two walked to the sofa, Li Dong handed Li Chengyuan a cigarette, Li Chengyuan hurriedly waved his hand and looked at the kitchen before saying, "Your mother is not allowed to smoke at home, in addition I am now starting to quit smoking. You are young, also smoke less, not good for the body." Li Dong froze for a moment, then laughed: "Quit smoking is good, I'm also quitting recently. Just sometimes too annoying, smoke a refreshing." "Don't be too annoyed, I know that the Yuanfang Group is doing very well now. Dongzi, Dad is proud of you, but money is not as important as your body, if your body collapses, then everything is a waste. In this life, how much more money can you really spend? You have come this far, to be honest, has made Dad feel incredible, but Dad is proud to have you as a son, not some distant group. When you are tired, rest, don't put all your thoughts on business ……" Li Chengyuan seldom says inciting words, but today's words are heard by Li Dong emotionally. For a while, Li Dong nodded gently and said, "Dad, I know." After a few words, Li Dong hesitated slightly before saying, "Dad, Yuanfang Group recently prepared to restructure and set up a joint-stock company." "Hmm." Li Chengyuan answered, although he did not know much about these, but after all, he had opened the hotel for so long, he also simply understood some. When Li Dong finished, Li Chengyuan said, "Yuanfang is going to have new shareholders?" Li Dong nodded, thought about it or lit the cigarette in his hand, took a drag before saying, "I gave you and Mom each 5% of the shares, on the one hand, because the share system needs shareholders, on the other hand, later, but there is an accident, it is not ……" Li Chengyuan The face changed, looked at the kitchen, lowered his voice: "What's wrong? Is something wrong with the company?" Li Dong saw his face worried, waved his hand and said, "Not this matter, I just do a precaution. As you know, my business is now so big, there are always some people red. Of course, you do not have to worry, these years some small domestic tycoons have had accidents, but like my family, how many accidents? I just in case, as they say, cunning three caves, you are my parents, but also the most trustworthy people, I give you some shares, can you still oppose me in the future?" "Don't talk to mom about this, I'm just saying hello to you, I'll let Liu Qi be your shareholder representative in the future, usually you have more contact. In addition, you also know Lao Zhou, who has been with me since the beginning, for several years. But the old Zhou side I still need him for the time being, I will arrange for the red soldier to be your driver, after all, you are old, driving yourself is not safe. Red Bing has two skills under his hands, he is in, my side of you can also be less concerned, you do not refuse …… "Li Dong rambled a lot, Li Chengyuan silent, after a while he also took out a cigarette and smoked up. For a while, see the kitchen side of the fire, Li Chengyuan said: "Dad can not help you anything, you now also have a success, do what is more than Dad also have a sense of proportion. Other I do not understand, and do not want to understand, you remember, before doing anything have to think about me and your mother. We have only one son like you, what is the use of more money? I'm not going to say anything else, I'll take the shares, but these shares, I will never use them in my life. As long as …… as long as you are there, are dad and your mom still afraid of not having money to spend?" Li Dong let out a laugh, see Li Chengyuan mood is a bit low, is ready to say a few words, next to suddenly sounded a roar: "have said no smoking in the house! You guys think my words are just a whisper, right? Li Chengyuan, do you think you have too much pocket money, believe it or not I will confiscate it all?" Li Chengyuan suddenly said with a bitter face: "Dongzi handed me ……" "Dongzi handed you and you smoked? Dongzi is busy with business, there is no other way, and you? And Dongzi, no smoking at home in the future, not married yet, teeth are black, how to find a wife!" Li Dong cried and laughed, he is still afraid of not finding a wife? Not to mention the black teeth, is a person is disabled, there are people who want to enter the door. But the old mother is furious, Li Dong also do not refute, hurriedly put out the cigarette and said: "Mom, it was Dad who smoked first, I go to eat first, you guys take your time to talk." "Li Chengyuan!" The corners of Li Chengyuan's mouth twitched and he gave his son a look with a black line on his face, then he said helplessly, "Okay, I was wrong, next time I won't smoke at home." "And next time!" "……" In the kitchen, listening to mom and dad bickering, Li Dong was dumbfounded and laughed. Then again, he felt that this is the taste of home, he still neglected his parents too much before. …… The next day, shortly after Li Dong arrived at the company, Chen Ke entered and said, "Mr. Li, just received an invitation." "Where is it from?" "The opening celebration of the branch of Tanglong Group, you are invited to attend." "Tanglong ……" Li Dong reached out and took the invitation and glanced at it, asking, "Who sent it?" "A vice president of their company, Secretary General Liu received it and is still waiting for your reply." "Well, got it."