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Chapter 596 - Going to the Capital

  Since the decision to go to the capital, Li Dong did not delay. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Just out of the office door, a side of Bai Su some apprehension said: "Mr. Li, just I ……" Li Dong see her coy, slightly frowned and said: "Meng Qiping thing?" "Next time he comes, what to do still do, and not in school." After saying this sentence Li Dong was ready to leave, thought about it and turned back and asked, "dry still used to it?" Bai Su nodded: "At first there was some chaos, Ke often taught me, now quite used to it." "That's good, don't learn from the dead fatty, do a good job." Li Dong encouraged a sentence, and did not say more, in Bai Su face complex in the direction of Shen Xi's office not far away. …… heard Li Dong to go to the capital, Shen Xi also has little expression. Just said: "The company bond has now begun to prepare, yesterday I communicated with the change department, through the provincial side of the problem should not be big." Li Dong nodded and said, "That's good." "But ……" "But what?" Li Dong frowned and said, "There are difficulties?" Shen Xi thought for a moment before organizing the language and said, "The CCB side agreed to provide us with a full unconditional irrevocable joint and several liability guarantee, but they also set out the conditions, the CCB assumed the lead underwriter of our bond line this time. Because the face value of the bonds is over 50 million, we need to form an underwriting group, and the other institutions of the underwriting group are also chosen by CCB, so we have no right to refuse. Also, the CCB side only provides us with bond underwriting, not underwriting ……" Li Dong listened for a while, frowned slightly and said: "I don't know much about what you said, but I understand it in general. Also underwriting and reselling, how big is the difference?" Shen Xi sighed lightly: "Most of the difference, underwriting also means that the bonds of our bank at the beginning of the line, will be purchased by the underwriters with their own funds in full, and then sold to the public. At that time, even if they do not sell, the underwriting group will eat all of our bonds. But the underwriters will only sell for us, and they will not be responsible for how many they can sell. You know, I am very worried about this …… "Li Dong rubbed his temples, some annoyance said:" CCB is not trust us?" "Not really, after all, this time we are ready to line a relatively large amount of bonds. If they underwrite, it is likely that they will eat more than two billion worth of bonds. And I'm afraid that Fargo's risk resistance …… has not met their expectations." "Fuck!" Li Dong burst out a foul mouth and hated, "Still not looking down on us! How long have I been working with them? Every year, the flow of water in the construction of the bank how much, o6 up to ten billion funds! Now it's only two or three billion bonds, can't I even afford to pay back this amount?" After cursing and complaining a few times, Li Dong asked, "What about changing the underwriter?" Shen Xi shook her head and said, "If we change underwriters, there may not be any banks or securities institutions willing to provide us with an unsecured guarantee. "So there is only one way to choose the underwriter now?" "Hmm." Shen Xi answered and added, "This means that even if everything goes well for us and we pass the audit, we still have to rely on our own efforts to make the public accept our bonds. Otherwise it won't sell, then we can't raise much money not to mention that we will also waste a large amount of the initial budget funds. Also as I told you before, once our bonds are blocked, it may cause a chain reaction." Li Dong shook his head and said, "I am not too worried about this, you also attended the New Year's Day meeting, the current debt of Yuanfang is actually not high. And the money for goods and shopping coupons, I also did not use much, the money has not been counted in the company's flow. Even if the collapse effect is really born, Yuanfang's liabilities are only about two billion in addition to the four billion that will be due. When the time comes, I'll be able to get this money together even if I have to sell my iron." Li Dong comforted her a few times, and then said, "Then what should we do next?" "I'll arrange the next thing, arrange for auditors and credit agencies to review the rating, these two points are not a big problem. The main thing is the audit problem, the provincial reform commission side, the problem is not too big, Duan Yong you also know, I mentioned a word with him, Duan Yong said to go back to ask his father, called me in the morning and said that as long as the declaration material is not a problem, through the province inside nine out of ten. The rest is the National Reform Commission side, I'm afraid it's a bit of trouble." "Didn't you say that Uncle Du has friends over there?" Shen Xi gently sighed: "My father does not agree with our line of bonds, this to find his help, not much hope." "Why don't you agree?" Li Dong said with some anguish: "It's okay that the province does not give us support, and now we are trying to solve the problem ourselves, he also does not agree, so according to his intention, we have to take our time to develop step by step?