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Chapter 597 - Xia Yuhe on the shores of Daming Lak

  Li Dong heart although worried, but Zhang Lan Yu this time nominally or to help themselves, he is always bad to drive people away. Car driving on the road, looking at the farmland on both sides of the highway, Li Dong gradually fell into a deep thought. This time to Beijing, originally just want to see Qin Yuhan, now seems to be quite a lot of things. Development and Reform Commission side Li Dong is not too worried, can work on it, can not work even if, Shen Xi is actually too worried. He is not stupid, for good reason in the capital to find things why? Now Shen Xi got Zhang Lan Yu, but let Li Dong some uneasy, only hope that the journey is smooth, the best peace and quiet back to Pingchuan only good. When Li Dong was pondering, Zhang Lan Yu wanted to say something but stopped. After a long time, Zhang Lan Yu suddenly said, "Li Dong, do you have something to do with Chen Rui?" Li Dong frowned, turned his head and said, "Why do you ask that?" Zhang Lan Yu said softly: "Some time ago, Chen Rui asked a friend who used to play well to help inquire about you, and that person is also my friend, so he said something to me." "Inquiring about what?" "Just some of your recent situation, and ……" Li Dong saw: "inconvenient to say?" Zhang Lan Yu hesitated for a moment before saying, "Not inconvenient to say, just some accident, Chen Rui let help inquire about Governor Huang." "Governor Huang!" Li Dong's heart thumped, Chen Rui this kid really began to suspect. In fact, this is normal, after all, Lanshan Manor over Li Dong also lived for a period of time, plus the old Huang fell strange, Chen Rui suspicious is supposed to be. In just a year's time, Jiangbei two provincial party committee officials left in disgrace. This would have been a bit abnormal, not to mention the old yellow side, the fall of the unclear, so far no one knows because of what, Chen Rui is not a fool, naturally associated with his grasp of those things. Li Dong took a deep breath and did not reply. Zhang Lan Yu is originally a smart person, Chen Rui thought, she can also associate. In addition, this time the far side in the real estate fiasco to take advantage of, Zhang Lan Yu softly sighed: "you pay attention to it, business can be done at any time, do not have to go through the side door. Chen Rui at first is not to confiscate the hand, otherwise it would not be ……" "Thank you, I know in my heart." Li Dong returned a sentence, did not speak again. Zhang Lan Yu saw the situation did not persuade, just some understanding of Shen Xi. Why did Shen Xi look for herself? Not afraid of Li Dong boldness, this guy is really bold, some things should not be his businessman should get involved. But Li Dong bias is dry, it can be seen in his mind, some potential rules are not sacrosanct. However, in the country, in China, thousands of years to maintain the tradition has not been fundamentally changed. The people do not fight with the officials, the rich do not fight with the officials, this saying is not at all true. …… all the way without words. From Pingchuan to the capital, a thousand kilometers away, the driving time required is not short. This time, if not to talk about things, Li Dong will not choose to drive to. Twelve o'clock, the party just arrived in Quancheng. Seeing that the time is not early, Li Dong said to Tan Yong, who was driving, "Inform everyone to get off the highway and find a place to eat, not to do business today, it's okay to arrive later." Tan Yong answered, said a few words toward the headset, and then got off the highway at the next intersection. Along the winding road, drove a small half hour, the crowd before the city's bustle. Looking at the city in front of him and Pingchuan style is somewhat very different, Li Dong did not make a sound, next to Zhang Lan Yu softly murmured: "four sides of lotus flowers three willows, a city of mountains half of the lake." Li Dong laughed lightly at his words, "Literati like to use such exaggerated rhetorical techniques, how come I don't see four-sided lotus flowers?" Zhang Langyu glanced at him, as if some reluctance to be with this guy, and did not explain. Seeing this, Li Dong did not think so and continued, "I don't know about the four-sided lotus, but I know there is something here that is absolutely famous." "Spring water?" "That's not true." "What is it?" "Summer rain lotus ah!" Li Dong smiled and said, "Remember the summer rain lotus on the shore of Daming Lake?" "Pfft!" Zhang Langyu first burst out laughing, and then said with a black line on her face, "Can't talk to you on a point, you are really boring." "How am I bored?" Li Dong defiantly said: "I just ask you, is Daming Lake of Quancheng? Is the Xia Yuhe on the shore of Daming Lake from Quancheng? Is "Return of the Pearl" very hot, and did you forget about Xia Yuhe by Daming Lake?" "Boring!" Zhang Langyu grunted with a stern face, then forced a smile and said, "Less talk about these boring topics, get off, eat, I'm hungry." Li Dong shook his head and sighed: "I'm not bored, it's you who's too boring. A good joke didn't have the effect it should have had at all." "Keep your cold jokes to yourself, I don't need them." Zhang Lan Yu dropped these words, opened the car door and got out of the car. The few cars behind her also stopped at this moment, and when they saw Zhang Lan Yu get out of the car, the others also followed.