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Chapter 598 - The Dana who accosted

  The capital. When Li Dong and his group arrived, it was already more than seven o'clock in the evening. This point in time, naturally, can not do business, Chen Ke has long booked a hotel in advance, but also do not need to deliberately find a place. Because the main department to run this time is the Development and Reform Commission, Chen Ke set the hotel in the Xicheng District, not far from the capital stadium. Settling everyone down, Zhang Lan Yu said to Li Dong Dong, "I'm going out for something tonight, you don't have to wait for me, we'll do the business tomorrow morning." Li Dong frowned slightly and said, "Go see him now?" Zhang Lan Yu rolled her eyes and said, "Can you stop worrying about this? Besides, it's already dark, where can I go to see him. In the capital, I have a few classmates from college here, so I made an appointment to get together in the evening before coming here. Li Dong said sarcastically, "I am relieved what, you are not a child, I can still control you. But I think it, Chen Rui can not see or the best ……" "Li Dong!" Zhang Lan Yu is not too happy, take the handbag while walking out, said: "I this thing you do not care, you take care of your own on the line." Seeing her walking fast, Li Dong stared at her back and said helplessly: "I do not want to care, the key is not to deal with Chen Rui ah!" After a few sentiments, Li Dong went into the house and said to Chen Ke who was packing his luggage, "I'm going out, you guys are free to arrange, you can go out and around if you want, just don't lose yourself." Chen Ke hurriedly smiled and said, "Don't worry, Mr. Li, we will arrange ourselves well." "That's good, Lao Tan, let's go." Tan Yong sullenly stood up, then several bodyguards in the room also got up, Li Dong saw this and said, "You guys just don't go, I'll go to Beijing University for a trip, there is no danger." Several bodyguards did not say anything, Tan Yong said softly: "Mr. Li, or take it with you. Now is not like the past, safety is most important." Li Dong saw the situation and did not persuade, this is not than in the past naturally does not mean that Li Dong is now in danger, just a different status. Last time when Li Dong came to the capital, he was just a small boss who was not known, thrown on the street, no one knew him. But this time to the capital, he is already a wealthy man with a fortune of more than ten billion, security is naturally much more important than before. …… from the West City to Beijing University, the drive does not take much time. It is also less than twenty minutes of work, Li Dong and his entourage stopped at the entrance of the Beijing Gate. Because it is a foreign car, and no pass, Li Dong naturally can not drive into the door, can only walk into. The good thing is that the Beijing University is used to these outsiders to visit, this aspect is not too high requirements, a simple registration of ID cards will let Li Dong and his party into the campus. As for Li Dong followed by a few bodyguards, the University's security guards have long seen strange. Beijing University is the top university in China, every year to visit the big shots do not too many, on Li Dong a few bodyguards, in their encounter with the tourist tourists is not really open. …… night of Beijing University, there is a different kind of charm. Walking on the campus path, Li Dong suddenly had a faint nostalgia, turned his head to the Tan Yong next to him and said, "Is the night view of Jiangda University also so beautiful?" Tan Yong stammered and did not know what to say, Li Dong lightly sighed: "I think I missed a lot." In a flash, it has been a few years. From the end of freshman year, Li Dong has not been much into the campus of Jiangnan University, busy all day long two points and one line. Although this life is only the early twenties, but looking at the students coming and going, looking at their faces that overflowing youth and happiness, Li Dong suddenly feel really old. A sense of exhaustion arose, this busy day, in the end is not worth it. He gave up revisiting campus life, gave up experiencing the beauty of youth, and only focused on making money, doing big business, and expanding far away, but what about himself? Busy, very busy, especially busy …… this is his life, at his age should have enjoyed the tranquility and peace of the campus, but now, busy Li Dong even long forgotten that he is actually still a student. A slight emotion for a while, Li Dong face once again back to smile. Each person has their own choice, since it is their own choice of road, then firmly go on, why sad wind and sad autumn. Qin Yuhan's dormitory Li Dong came once, and remembered where she lives. After walking for seven or eight minutes, Qin Yuhan's dorm arrived. The girls' dormitory downstairs, many small couples reluctantly parted, there are also many couples smiling just started their nightlife. Li Dong stood downstairs and looked up for a while, but because he had been here so few times, he didn't know which dormitory with the lights on upstairs was Qin Yu Han's dormitory. Taking out the phone, Li Dong dialed Qin Yuhan's number. As soon as the phone rang, Qin Yuhan's surprised voice came from the other side: "Have you arrived in the capital?" Li Dong touched his nose and said sarcastically, "Can you not be so smart, every time you guess what I want to do, I am very depressed, women are still stupid to be liked." "Hmph!" Qin Yuhan proudly hummed, and smiled again: "Then do you want me to continue to guess, where you are now?" "Guess?" Li Dong said smilingly.