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Chapter 600 - The Five Roads

  Seeing Li Dong walking over, Qin Yu Han was a little curious: "Fang Fang looking for you to say what?" Li Dong said casually and perfunctorily: "Nothing, the old girl is thinking of spring, want me to introduce her to a boyfriend only. The net" Qin Yuhan some disbelief, but before she could continue to ask questions, followed by Qi Fangfang came over with a burst of anger: "Who is in love?" Li Dong skimmed his mouth and said, "Thinking of spring is thinking of spring, it's not something untoward, at least it's an old girl of more than twenty." "Who are you saying is old? Who's an old girl?" Qi Fangfang's chest burst with anger and said, "I'm only twenty-two, how old am I! Li Dong, you bastard, believe it or not I will tear your mouth!" Li Dong tsked his mouth and scoffed: "Look, with this attitude, I don't think you'll be able to find a boyfriend for the rest of your life." "Bastard!" Qi Fangfang was furious, at this moment she really wanted to go up and scratch Li Dong's face. Next to her, Qin Yuhan saw that she was angry, and quickly pulled Li Dong to run forward, while running, turned his head and said to Qi Fangfang: "Fangfang, don't be in a hurry to find a boyfriend, I'll let Li Dong pay attention to it." "I'm so angry! Qin Yuhan, you big-breasted, brainless fool, you really believe his nonsense! Seeing lust and forgetting righteousness, more lust than friendship, how did I make this friend of yours ……" …… behind Qi Fangfang cursed and yelled for a while, Li Dong and Qin Yuhan trotted all the way, both of them laughing. Have been running to the entrance of the capital gate, Qin Yuhan only gasped and laughed: "You deliberately angry with her why?" Li Dong smilingly said, "You are not also." "I was helping you to relieve the situation, back to Fang Fang certainly find me to settle accounts." Qin Yuhan muttered, then smiled and said, "But it's okay, Fang Fang she is afraid of tickling, this is a unique technique to subdue her." Li Dong laughed for a while, the two rested for a while, Qin Yuhan asked, "Still going to Wudaokou?" "Go, you opened a dessert house there, go see, by the way, business is good?" Hearing Li Dong asked about his business, Qin Yuhan immediately excited: "It's good, you do not know, every day is full, and also queues. Now the dessert house over there are operating until twelve o'clock before they close, just this one branch in Wudaokou, it tops the turnover of all the other stores of the dessert house, and a lot more." "So good?" Although Li Dong has always heard of the five road mouth, but in the past life and this life are in the news or network to see, I have not really been there. Seeing that Li Dong did not believe, Qin Yuhan said with conviction, "Then let's go and see, you do not even know, how popular there." "Okay, then I'll let Lao Tan drive ……" Li Dong did not have time to shout, Qin Yu Han stopped: "Do not drive, not much farther, let's walk. Besides, there are too many people there, and it's not convenient to drive." Qin Yuhan did not want to take the car, Li Dong also did not force, answered and then held her hand and walked towards Wudaokou. Beijing University is actually included in the Wudaokou shopping district, not too far from the center of Wudaokou. The two of them chatted and laughed for a while, and before they knew it, they arrived at the Wudaokou side. Only when they got to this side did Li Dong understand why Qin Yuhan said business was good to bursting. People, there are people everywhere! The pedestrian street in Pingchuan should be considered the most popular place in Pingchuan, but the gap is still extraordinarily obvious when compared with Wudaokou. Seeing Li Dong a little surprised, Qin Yuhan smiled and said, "This is nothing, you do not know, Christmas and New Year's Day two days here how lively." "Do you know how many universities are near Wudaokou? Beijing University of Science and Technology, Forest University, Beijing University, Sports University, Earth University, Beijing University of Foreign Affairs, Agricultural University, Mining University ……" Qin Yuhan reported a dozen universities in one breath before saying, "Scattered, if you add some primary and secondary schools, there have been thirty schools here, as well as from more than a hundred The people of all colors from more than a hundred different countries. Other people call this the center of the universe, so it's the norm to have a lot of people." Li Dong said with slight emotion, "I've heard people talk about this place before, but I've never had the chance to come and see it. I thought it was a bit exaggerated before, but now it doesn't seem to be exaggerated at all." Thirty schools and colleges, the number of students alone is a horrible number. Plus those parents and permanent residents, as well as traders, these mobile population, the place is not too big Wudaokou business district, the flow of people at least a few hundred thousand. Hundreds of thousands of people, in Jiangbei can catch up with the resident population of some small prefecture-level cities downtown. With so many people, it is not surprising that a bustling Wu Dao Kou shopping district is created. Following the flow of people for a while, Li Dong saw a lot of foreigners who are not often seen in Jiangbei, some black, some white, and some yellow people who speak broken Chinese. Seeing Li Dong's interest, Qin Yuhan explained while walking: "This place is close to the Capital Language University, and there are many foreign students, among whom there are most Koreans. So the yellow people you see here, in addition to our countrymen, are the most Korean, so if you listen carefully, you can hear at least a hundred times a night 'Smitten'." Li Dong heard her say so, can not help but listen to the surrounding sound, after a while Li Dong could not help but laugh: "really by you said." Qin Yuhan said with some pride, "Of course, I am more familiar with this place than you. You do not know, our store business is very good, and Korean people patronize our business is also particularly large, before others do not speak I could not tell, now I just need to pay attention to see, I know who is Chinese, who is Korean."