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Chapter 601 - Taking advantage of the topic

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The dessert house business is particularly good, the tables inside are full. Li Dong just looked around, then the corners of his eyes jumped and said, "Did I see something wrong?" Qin Yuhan said curiously, "What did you see wrong?" "Isn't that your mother?" Qin Yuhan rightfully said, "It's my mom, she's been in the capital for a while, didn't I tell you?" Li Dong was speechless and laughed bitterly, "When did you tell me?" Qin Yuhan was even more aggrieved than him and said pitifully, "You didn't ask either." "Okay, it's my fault." Seeing that she was aggrieved, Li Dong had to plead forgiveness. Only then did Qin Yuhan change her face and said with a smile, "That's more like it, this kind of thing you should have asked yourself, how inappropriate for me to say." "What's inappropriate." Li Dong muttered in a small voice, at this time Yang Yun also saw Li Dong and Qin Yu Han. Handing over the matter in her hand to the waiter, Yang Yun walked over and gave Li Dong a glance, before saying after a while, "Why are you here?" Li Dong said sarcastically, "Aunt Yang, look at what you're saying, I came to see Yu Han is not normal." Yang Yun glanced at him with a smile, because Qin Yuhan was next to him, Yang Yun did not say anything, but said, "There is a private room upstairs, the guests just left, you came just in time, go up and sit." "Forget it, there are so many people, I won't make a mess for you." "Let you go up and sit up, Yu Han opened the store, can not you give the gatekeeper?" Yang Yun attitude is not good. Li Dong looked embarrassed, next to Qin Yuhan hurriedly said, "Mom, just go up, why so fierce." Yang Yun glared at her, silly girl, I'm helping you to support the scene understand! Li Dong this little bastard, six months do not come to a trip, now it is easy to come, not knock knock knock how can. She used to serve in the Far Eastern Group, then Li Dong is her boss, she even if there is dissatisfaction is not good, now she left the Far Eastern, it is easy to find the opportunity to take offense, knocking a few sentences of their own silly daughter actually still protect. Seeing her daughter pulling Li Dong hurriedly upstairs, Yang Yun sighed softly, then began to work again. …… upstairs. Li Dong left Yang Yun's sight, some big gasp said: "Your mother was not so powerful before, ah, now that vision, staring at my heart are a little weak." Qin Yuhan smiled and said, "What are you vain? The first thing you need to do is to do something that is not afraid of a ghost knocking on your door. Li Dong felt as if there were words in these words, and did not take the straw, playing dumb: "Now and before is not the same, before I and your mother that is a colleague relationship, now meet, that is the mother-in-law, can not be false?" "Virtuous!" Qin Yuhan angered, and waited for the waiter to bring in two cups of juice, and only then let Li Dong go. The two of them were drinking their drinks while admiring the prosperity downstairs through the glass window, although they were only separated by a layer of windows, but it was like two worlds. Li Dong was immersed in this atmosphere, when a sudden clamor came from outside the door. Not long after, the door of the private room was pushed open. The young man was talking to Yang Yun, and when he saw the two people in the room, the young man first frowned, then relaxed and smiled at Yang Yun: "Auntie, you still say Yu Han is not here? You see, I said just looked as if it was Yu Han, it really is here." The young man turned to Qin Yuhan and Li Dong and smiled, "Sorry, I thought Yuhan was here alone, but I didn't think you were entertaining friends. I'll tell you what, you guys continue chatting, I'll go down and sit for a while, I'll come back later." Li Dong frowned slightly, his heart was a bit depressed. Before Qi Fangfang said that someone was pursuing Qin Yuhan, he didn't take it too seriously, but he didn't expect that he would run into it by himself. The other party said you continue to talk, and said he was waiting downstairs, this is not clearly tell Qin Yuhan, quickly beat himself? The corners of Yang Yun's mouth curled slightly when she saw this, and she stopped talking and said to them, "You guys talk, I'll go down and continue working." The youth hurriedly said, "Auntie go slowly, do not rush, I do not panic on my side." Li Dong cheeks straight twitch, this guy is quite thick-skinned ah, in front of their own face to their future mother-in-law attentive! In Li Dong depression, Qin Yu Han also slightly frowned, got up and smiled: "Zhao total ……" Zhao Kuan hurriedly said: "How many times have I said, what Zhao total not Zhao total, call me Zhao brother, or Zhao Kuan is okay, call Zhao total how How strange." Qin Yuhan some helpless, glanced at Li Dong, see this guy's nose is almost gas smoke, afraid of his fire, quickly said: "Mr. Zhao, you see today my side is not very convenient ……" "Nothing, nothing, you guys chat, I'm not in a hurry. It is the company staff working overtime, I give them a whole lot of late night snacks, aunt is helping me get it, I wait on it." At this time, Li Dong also heard a little pretentious taste, smiling, "Yu Han, this is the boss of which company ah?" Qin Yuhan winked at him, Li Dong just ignored it, and stared at the man and said, "Zhao is always right? I am Yu Han's boyfriend, you have something to say to me, is not the dessert have not satisfied, nothing, you can say to me, you need anything, I will get you, you see whether?" Zhao Kuan frowned slightly, and soon smiled again and said, "No, the desserts here are very good, our company staff and I like them very much. I just have a little thing to discuss with Yu Han, see if you can reserve a private room for me in the future, I often have to work overtime at night, I can't find a place to sit when I come over late, since you are busy, then I will leave first." Zhao Kuan said turned around and was ready to go, and suddenly seemed to remember something, turned to Qin Yuhan said: "Yuhan, last time you did not entrust me to ask where there is a suitable used car for sale? You also do not inquire, our company has just eliminated an Audi, other places no problem, is the rear bumper scraped, turn around I send you over …… "Li Dong brow suddenly wrinkled:" Thank you! But no need, used cars who want this thing, turn around I help Yuhan buy a new one on the line!"