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Chapter 602 - Qin Yuhan's Class Theory

  Because of the matter of Zhao Kuan, Li Dong two people did not stay too long in the dessert house. After simply drinking two drinks, the two of them went downstairs. Once downstairs, Yang Yun smiled and said, "Li Dong, it's getting late, Yu Han and I will go back first, you're not leaving tomorrow, right? If not, you can go around again tomorrow." Li Dong looked confused and said, "Aunt Yang, you're going back with Yu Han?" "Yeah, I rented a house over here, and I just want to talk to Yuhan tonight, so I won't let Yuhan go back to the dorm." "But ……" Yang Yun interrupted with a smile, "Don't but, don't worry, I will call Yu Han's classmate." "But I ……" "What's wrong with you?" Yang Yun said pretending to be strange. Li Dong was full of grief and anger, glanced at Qin Yuhan who snickered at the side, gritted his teeth and said, "Nothing, then you guys be careful on the road, or I'll send you back?" "No, it's not far, just a few minutes. You still have to go back to the hotel at night, right, go back early, don't play too late." Li Dong muttered, "What else am I going to play, I'll play with myself!" Both Yang Yun and Qin Yuhan heard his mumble, and they couldn't help but laugh. Qin Yuhan was about to speak when Yang Yun glared at her and said, "Yuhan, go back with mom, big girl, don't run around all day, okay?" Qin Yuhan spat out her tongue and said to Li Dong with a smile, "Then we'll be in touch tomorrow." "You're really leaving!" Li Dong blurted out, aside of Yang Yun narrowed her eyes and said, "Yes, the time is late, of course we must really go." Yang Yun picked up her handbag and said to Qin Yuhan: "Yuhan, let's go back." Qin Yuhan hurriedly waved towards Li Dong, Li Dong hurriedly ran over, thought this girl conscience found, but did not want Qin Yuhan playful smile: "sleep early at night, remember to send me the hotel address and your room number, tomorrow I go to see you." Li Dong's face depressed, not good-naturedly said: "I do not sleep early what else!" "Bye!" Qin Yuhan giggled and waved goodbye to him, and then went out with Yang Yun. Li Dong thought about it and chased after him, Yang Yun saw him chasing after him and wondered, "Something else?" Li Dong snapped, "I'd better send you guys, by the way, see how you live in the house, after all, I've never been to ……" "Forget it, it's inconvenient at night, tomorrow. That's it, you go back early, we'll be home in a while." See two people really head not back to go, Li Dong rubbed his cheeks, this mess! Needless to say, it must be Yang Yun knocking himself out. The key is that Qin Yuhan actually also cooperated, which is depressing, it seems that this girl still has Shen Xi in mind. …… Li Dong back to the hotel, Zhang Lan Yu has not yet returned. Although Zhang Lanyu let himself do not care about her, but Li Dong which can really do not care, not to mention that the other party is entrusted by Shen Xi to help themselves, is on the other side of the old son can not let Zhang Lanyu in the capital out of trouble. After two phone calls, Zhang Lanyu never answered. Just when Li Dong was about to send someone out to find someone, Zhang Lan Yu came back somewhat drunk. Seeing Li Dong standing in front of the hotel, she said curiously, "What are you doing here?" Li Dong said with a black face, "Why didn't you answer your phone?" "You called me?" Zhang Lan Yu took out her cell phone from her small bag and looked at it, then she was embarrassed and said, "It was probably too noisy, I didn't hear it." Seeing her bypassing herself and walking towards the hotel, Li Dong followed and said, "Sister, next time you go out, can you keep your phone open at all times, are you helping me or adding to my mess?" Zhang Lan Yu said perfunctorily, "I know, don't nag me, okay? I was in a good mood just now, but once you nagged me, I'm in a bad mood again." "Then ……" "Li Dong, you are a big man how to be like a housekeeper. Stop talking nonsense, go to bed early, tomorrow afternoon I have an appointment with a deputy director of the Securities Division, let's have a meal together to talk about the bond issue." "Deputy director?" Li Dong said with some suspicion: "Does the deputy director work?" Zhang Langyu stopped and stared at him, "Remember to lower your attitude, the approval body for issuing bonds is the Finance and Finance Department of the Development and Reform Commission. However, our first or most important hurdle is the Securities Division, we must first pass the Securities Division approval before our application report can be submitted to the Department of Finance. And as long as the Securities Division passed, the Department of Finance side of the problem is not big. Now you should understand what a deputy director means, right? As long as he is taken care of, our bond issue is not too big a problem, in your opinion billions of bond issue as if it is a big deal, and in their view, this kind of thing is too much to handle, it is not really worth paying attention to. Never underestimate any person, just you just that attitude, I'm really afraid that you bad." Li Dong said somewhat sullenly: "What's wrong with this today, I just don't know how to casually ask? One by one, they all think I am fed up with it, what have I caused? Each and every one of them gave me a face, who did I invite to mess with!" Complained a sentence, Li Dong indignantly went directly to his room. Behind him, Zhang Lan Yu saw some confusion and only after a while said to himself, "Who did this guy lose on?" …… The next day. Li Dong got up early and simply washed up in the hotel, Qin Yu Han wrapped in a thick down jacket and knocked on the door and entered the house. Seeing Li Dong glaring at himself, Qin Yuhan said with a foggy face, "What's wrong?" Li Dong also did not say anything, a tiger pounced on her on the bed, feigning anger: "You say what is wrong? Stinky girl, did you do it on purpose yesterday?" Qin Yuhan giggled, and only after a while gasped, "What deliberate, my mother asked me to go with her, I can't not go, right?" "Then why are you flirting with me!" "Shame on you, who teased you!" "And you said you didn't!" Li Dong stretched out his big hand and grabbed a few times, Qin Yuhan's face turned red and said, "Pervert, let go, what are you doing in the morning?" "Do not let go! Unless you don't go with your mother tonight!" "Okay, stop it, I'm not going to stay with my mom tonight, okay?" "Really?" "Really." "You know what you're doing, or else you won't be able to leave this door today." Li Dong put a harsh word, Qin Yu Han could not help but laugh: "just know bragging!" Not waiting for Li Dong's anger, Qin Yu Han said: "I think I just saw your secretary, why did you bring her too?" Li Dong smiled a little embarrassed and said, "This time I came to the capital, by the way, to do some business." Qin Yuhan also did not complain, just said: "Is it important?" "It's okay, but the company is a little short of funds, I'm going to raise some money." Qin Yuhan frowned and said, "Shortage of money? Lack of how much, or I will give you some on my side, recently several stores are beginning to profit ……"