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Chapter 603 - Not a Monk!

  Li Dong and Qin Yu Han did not run much farther, a day in the West City this piece of time to play around. The two of them went to Xidan and Beihai Park in the morning, and then at noon they casually got in the Guoguoji Snack Street. The two of them went to Xidan and Beihai Park in the morning, and after turning around, the two of them casually got some snacks in the Guoguoji Snack Street to deal with it. In the afternoon, they went to the Shichahai side and waited until about three o'clock, Qin Yuhan proposed: "You still have things to do at night, let's go back to a place, you go back first." Li Dong asked, "Where to?" "Fayuan Temple." "To the temple?" Li Dong some interest, in his previous life he did not believe in God and Buddha, but in this life he has some faith. Once again, no matter what the reason is, but subconsciously Li Dong felt that there are gods and Buddhas in this world. Perhaps the gods and Buddhas pity him too much loneliness in his previous life, so he gave him the opportunity to start again, no matter how, Li Dong is still willing to believe with an attitude of reverence. He wanted to see the scenery of the famous Protectorate Temple over there before, but unfortunately, the Protectorate Temple is now only a wreck, and can no longer see its original glory. Now Qin Yuhan proposed to go to Fayuan Temple, Li Dong is quite interested. The two simply packed up, and did not take a car, but walked to the Fa Yuan Temple side. …… Fayuan Temple. Being in the downtown area, but seems a bit out of place, seems to have been forgotten by the bustling city. There are no imaginary tourists, and very few incense-bearers. Li Dong when they arrived, coincided with the temple evening class time. The unknown sound of Buddhist scriptures chanting let just step into the courtyard door of Li Dong's heart immediately a quiet, subconsciously slowed down the pace. Tan Yong, who was not far behind him, was about to catch up when Li Dong gently waved his hand, slowed his breathing and walked deeper into the temple with a slightly reverent look. The large monastery, there are really few people. Because it coincided with the evening class time, even the monks are difficult to see, only a few pious incense-bearers slowly walking in the courtyard. A wall outside the courtyard is the bustling imperial capital, but here, the rush and bustle of the outside world is not felt. Everyone's face is quiet and calm, without the fretfulness and embarrassment outside the temple. When walking to the Vishnu Hall, the couplets on both sides of the hall door caught Li Dong's eye. "Always clear and always quiet sex sea without waves sail is full, not to come to the heart with a wish moon has been full." Savoring the meaning contained in the couplet, the clutter and worries in Li Dong's heart were gradually cast away. Accompanied by the sound of bells and wooden fish not far away, Li Dong's spirit gradually wandered, this is the first time he heard so many monks chanting, as if from the heaven. Just when Li Dong was lost in thought, Qin Yuhan next to him had a huge change of face and shook Li Dong's body vigorously. I don't know how long it took, Li Dong's ears faintly Qin Yu Han's urgent voice, Li Dong opened his eyes to see Qin Yu Han teary-eyed hugged him crying: "What's wrong? What the hell just happened to you! You scared me to death you know? I was wrong, I shouldn't have brought you here, Li Dong, don't go, okay, sob ……" Li Dong full of fog, at this moment the monks in the hall also heard the commotion, a monk dressed in yellow robes came over, towards the two gave a salute, then showed a suspicious look, and did not speak. Li Dong saw many incense-bearers not far away were looking at them, but other monks were still piously chanting Buddhist scriptures, immediately realized that the evening class was still continuing, some apologies returned a salute. The yellow-robed monk saw this and said softly: "The monk has a destiny with Buddha, you can come often in the future." The corner of Li Dong's mouth twitched, I have a destiny with Buddha? You are persuading me to become a monk? Just when he did not know whether to fire or helpless, Qin Yuhan, who was sobbing next to him, instantly turned into an angry vajra, fiercely glared at the monk and pulled the bewildered Li Dong out. All the way out of the monastery, Qin Yuhan only choked: "Do not be a monk, okay?" Li Dong's face is full of black lines, some crying and laughing: "Which ear did you hear that I want to become a monk? My head is not in the water, good when the monk why." "But you …… but you just ……" "Just what?" Seeing Li Dong's face unaware, Qin Yuhan tried, "You really don't know?" Li Dong vaguely sensed that something was wrong and asked, "Know what?" Qin Yuhan heartily glanced at the temple door already behind him and whispered, "Did you just fall asleep?" Li Dong scratched his head, then he frowned: "No, I feel the chanting sound is quite nice, listened for a while more, what is wrong with you?" "Then look at what time it is." Li Dong raised his hand to look, and then his face changed, if he remembered correctly, he arrived at the Fa Yuan Temple at about four o'clock. But now, it is already five o'clock. In other words, he just wandered that moment, almost half an hour has passed, no wonder Qin Yuhan anxious are crying.