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Chapter 604 - Lao Mo Restaurant

  In this area of the Xicheng District, to say the famous restaurant, it is necessary to mention the Moscow restaurant. The new Moscow restaurant, which was redecorated in 2007, has lost a lot of its flavor, and in Li Dong's eyes, it is not much different from an ordinary star hotel. When he got off the car, Zhang Langyu said while walking, "The deputy director tonight is called Wei Henzhi, a local of the imperial capital, so I purposely picked to treat in the Moscow restaurant." "Moscow Restaurant is a place where the children of the compound used to come to gather for dinner, and Wei Hengyi, too, grew up in the compound." "You do not even know how difficult it is to book here, the hall is okay, Moscow restaurant private rooms are not many, a total of only eight, there are still a few people long-term package, just for this private room, I spent a lot of favors, back you have to mention a mouth with Shen Xi, or Shen Bingshan still think I did not contribute." Li Dong laughed: "Okay, I'll take credit for it and compensate you later." Zhang Langyu rolled her eyes and said, "What do I want you to compensate me for? I have to let Shen Bingshan remember this favor, you keep your own favor." Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "What, my favors are not as good as Shen Xi's?" "You don't understand even if I tell you, it has nothing to do with you anyway, so you need to make less trouble." Zhang Lan Yu lazy to explain to him, perfunctory sentence and no longer care about him. Li Dong some speechless, really is a woman's mind you do not guess, guess and guess can not guess a clue. Two people talking, people have arrived at the restaurant. Chen Ke, who came a step ahead, was waiting at the door, and when he saw the two coming, he hurriedly greeted them and said, "Mr. Li, Mr. Zhang, the room has been arranged, because Director Wei has not yet come, the dishes have not been ordered, Mr. Zhang, do you think you should order first or wait for Director Wei to come?" Zhang Lan Yu said, "Let's wait until someone comes, it's not that bad." Chen Ke asked Li Dong for his opinion with his eyes, and Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Listen to Mr. Zhang." Wei Hengyi is Zhang Langyu's relationship, and listen to Zhang Langyu's tone, or a big courtyard children, this kind of people obviously Zhang Langyu more than their own understanding of their style. Seeing that Li Dong agreed, Chen Ke added: "Then should we go to the private room first or welcome here?" Li Dong turned back to Zhang Lan Yu, who said softly, "If you don't mind, let's wait a little bit." Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "Don't worry about me, can't I even put on this face? To say the least, I'm the one who gave you trouble with this, he's a deputy director, he can bother you, the minister's daughter, to receive him personally and give him a face lift." Zhang Lan Yu said with a bitter smile, "Forget about the minister's daughter, local officials are not worth much in the capital. The entire Jiangbei, I'm afraid that only Secretary Du and Governor Qin in their eyes is considered a dish, as for others, not to mention Wei Hengzhi such a lowly and powerful department level, is some of the section chiefs of the clear water government offices do not see eye to eye." "Bullshit!" Li Dong said: "I really do not believe it! A section-level minion still dare to look down on a vice-ministerial-level officer? Even if the capital is good, how can you be ten steps lower than an official?" Zhang Lan Yu saw his face of disbelief, smiled and did not make a sound. Although she said some exaggerated, but this kind of thing is really not unprecedented. The rumors will not say, Zhang Lan Yu but know a real thing that happened, it was several years ago, when a vice governor of Jiangbei went to the capital on business. As a result, when he entered the department, he waited for more than three hours at the reception. And the vice governor, to see just a director, but people did not even show their faces, and finally a section chief under him received the vice governor. And that comrade section chief, also did not take too seriously, three or two sentences to beat away the big man, even a cup of tea was not poured. The vice governor is no one else, it is now the government of Jiangbei No. 1. This matter was known at the time but a lot of people, Zhang Lan Yu small circle are spread all over, and then the governor of Qin has been low-key, some say it is because of the impact of this incident. Of course, the first half is true, the back of the governor why Qin chose to lay low, it is not easy to guess. The two were each thinking about their own thoughts when a twenty-seven or twenty-eight-year-old youth walked in hurriedly at the door with a briefcase. The youth had a small flat shaved head and looked very spiritual. At first glance, you will feel that this person is very good to deal with, and if you make friends, this kind of person is also particularly suitable. As soon as he saw the youth enter, Zhang Lan Yu hurriedly shot a wink at Li Dong, then he whispered, "Here we are, let's welcome." Li Dong froze for a moment, he had previously thought that the other party was a middle-aged man, but he did not expect that it was actually the young man in front of him. Hearing Zhang Langyu speak, Li Dong did not slow down and followed Zhang Langyu together. …… Weihengzhi has obviously seen Zhang Langyu, see Zhang Langyu welcome up, quickly reached forward and said: "Miss Zhang, too polite, look, but also to bother you, I have long said, just find a roadside stall is no problem, the taste of the roadside stalls in Siku City is actually better. " This kind of polite words Zhang Langyu naturally will not take seriously, smiling and Wei Hengyi shook hands, Zhang Langyu then then introduced: "Wei Division, this is Li Dong Li, the head of the far side." When Wei Hengyi heard this, he immediately said with respect, "Mr. Li, although this is the first time we meet, I have heard of your name for a long time. Today I have the chance to meet you, so I have to dip into your immortal aura." Wei Henzhi spoke very politely and was not as unruly as Li Dong imagined, the man in the palanquin was carried, Wei Henzhi gave face, Li Dong naturally did not slow down, and shook hands with him while laughing: "I am ashamed of what Wei said, in the capital, what am I, Li Dong. What's more, the business world is not like the official world, to say that admiration, it is also me to admire Wei. It's not easy to have such achievements at this age." Wei Hengzhi suddenly said modestly: "Mr. Li overestimates me, to say that I'm not afraid of you laughing, just this kind of person, thrown into the city will not even splash. I'm a man who will soon be three years old, and I'm still wasting away in the deputy department." In the capital, like Wei Hengzhi's age can reach the deputy department level of many, and even higher are. Sometimes it's not just the level that counts, but also the status. The level of the Qing Shui Yamen, and the status of important departments such as the Reform Commission is naturally worlds apart, especially Wei Henzhi is also an important department of corporate and securities audit figures. The two of them each bragged a few words, Zhang Lan Yu acted as a middleman, and soon several people did not have the rustiness at the beginning. After chatting for a few minutes, Li Dong smiled and said, "Mr. Wei, let's go into the private room and talk?" Wei Hengzhi nodded and said, "Okay, it's been a long time since I've been here, and it's changed a lot since I was here." Zhang Lan Yu laughed and said, "Then later you, a connoisseur, must come out with some real skills, so that we can see the characteristics of Moscow restaurant."