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Chapter 605: Reminiscence of the Past and the Grea

  Old Mo Restaurant. Heavenly Novel WwW. 』Peal3TXT.COM hall. Chen Rui and his group of men and women nearly a dozen people, the crowd is joking. Unlike in the past, Chen Rui, who used to be a follower in Jiangbei, is standing on the periphery of the crowd, with a smiling face. The conspicuous white head is also gone, but back to normal hue. The crowd is chatting, to a man and a woman, the two are not too old, the man is about thirty years old, the woman is a little younger, twenty-four or twenty-five years of age. The young man looks bland, and nothing remarkable, the only thing to say conspicuous, probably a few earrings in the left ear. As for the young woman, it is a lot more conspicuous than the man, a fiery red head, can be seen clearly from a distance. The two talked a few words, the red head woman turned her head some impatience: "Chen Rui, in the end, whether it works? No, let's change one, I'm still hungry, hurry up!" When Chen Rui heard this, he hurriedly smiled and said, "No problem, no problem. The person who booked the private room is my friend, just now you also heard, they have been eating for two hours, I asked her to give me a little, there is no problem." "That's good, save us an extra trip." The woman with the fiery red head chewed her gum and said carelessly, "I didn't see that you Chen Rui still has a wide range of friends, by the way, your old man is still in good health recently, right?" Chen Rui hurriedly laughed, "Yes, thank you for your concern." He was laughing when someone interjected, "Chen Rui, can you stop laughing like that next time, it gives me goose bumps. Also, sister Man asked, you can't bring a name, still think this is Jiangbei that pimple, can't let go of face?" Chen Rui's face changed, see the red-headed woman smiling at himself, dry smile: "Which can ah, I'm just used to it, sorry sorry, sister Man, you do not take offense." The corners of the red woman's mouth rose slightly, smiling, said: "See what strange, in fact, I'm afraid you call what sister Man, make with me how old like. And Chen Rui, you are more than thirty years old, call me sister, also strange awkward." Chen Rui said awkwardly, "Sister Mann, I am not yet thirty this year." The red woman's face suddenly changed and said with a stern face, "You're under thirty? Then I remember wrong?" At this point, Chen Rui was a little embarrassed, the others looked at him laughingly, and no one came forward to persuade. After a few seconds, the man with the earrings, who had not spoken, interrupted the atmosphere with a smile and said, "Come on, Manman, Chen Rui is just a bit old, why are you serious?" The red woman smiled and said, "I'm not serious, I'm joking with Chen Rui, Chen Rui, don't you think?" "Yes, yes, sister Man and I are joking." Chen Rui lowered his head, and a trace of resentment appeared in the depths of his eyes. A few people were talking when Zhang Lan Yu hurriedly walked over. The moment she saw Chen Rui, Zhang Lan Yu suddenly had a feeling of being in a different world. The moment Chen Rui was nodding his head and humbling himself back to the red woman, Zhang Lan Yu's brow suddenly wrinkled. Unlike his previous spiritedness, Chen Rui looks so downcast and humble at this moment. Zhang Lan Yu was stunned for a moment, this is Chen Rui? And Chen Rui, as if he sensed something, raised his head and glanced this way, and in an instant, Chen Rui felt the kind of disbelieving gaze of Zhang Lan Yu. At this moment, Chen Rui suddenly rose up with a strong impulse, he wanted to turn around and run! He wanted to give the red woman in front of him a fierce slap, telling Zhang Lan Yu that he was not this humble. He is Chen Rui! The leader of the second-generation circle in Jiangbei, the Chen Rui that everyone in Jiangbei is fawning over, not the Chen Rui who is as humble as a mole at this moment! But he couldn't, and he didn't dare. Chen Rui reluctantly gathered his mood and nodded towards Zhang Langyu, with a smile on his face that he didn't know whether to cry or laugh. At this time the others also saw Zhang Lan Yu, see Chen Rui's friend is actually a beautiful woman, many of them have a look of amazement in their eyes. The man with the earrings in the lead also froze slightly, then said smilingly, "Chen Rui, don't you want to introduce us?" Chen Rui smiled dryly, then introduced to the crowd, "This is my friend, Zhang Lan Yu." Said Chen Rui and said to Zhang Lan Yu: "Lan Yu, this is a few of my friends in the capital ……" briefly introduced each other, Chen Rui turned back to the subject: "Lan Yu, you have eaten on your side, right? " Zhang Lanyu frowned slightly, at this time she also knew what Chen Rui wanted, and also roughly guessed the identity of these people. If it was her own meal, she would have eaten almost everything by this time, and Zhang Lan Yu would definitely choose to give up in order to save Chen Rui's face. But the owner of tonight's meal is not her, she is only a companion. With a slightly difficult look at Chen Rui, Zhang Lan Yu was a little embarrassed and said, "Chen Rui, Li Dong is entertaining the guests tonight, why don't I go in and ask?" "Li Dong!" Chen Rui's eyes showed an inexplicable look, and then said, "Li Dong and I have not seen each other for a while, why don't we go in and talk?"