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Chapter 606 - A fallen phoenix is worse than a chi

  After staring at several people, Li Dong narrowed his eyes and asked Chen Rui, "Brother Chen, your friend?" Chen Rui slightly embarrassed, nodded: "My friend. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. It just so happens that you also and old Wei know, then it goes without saying, Jiangbei to the right, after coming to the capital, something to report brother Le's name." Li Dong forced a smile and glanced at Wei Henzhi. Wei Hengzhi gave a light smile and got up, "Mr. Li, let's talk later, I don't think we can talk today." "Old Wei, I came and you left, it's too disgraceful, why not stay for a drink?" Wei Hengzhi said lightly: "Forget it, I just drank a lot, you guys drink." "That's fine, take your time, do not send." Yu Le anti-customer, smiled and said, then to Li Dong Dong: "Li …… Li Dong is it, do you want to stay and sit for a while?" Li Dong's face changed abruptly and said coldly: "If I remember correctly, this is the private room I booked, right?" Yu Le frowned and looked at Chen Rui and said, "Chen Rui, this friend of yours seems to be a bit unfriendly, huh?" Chen Rui smiled and gave several glances to Li Dong, who did not look at him, let alone at Yu Le, but went up to Wei Hengzhi and said, "Wei, I'm sorry, look at what happened today ……" Wei Hengzhi laughed lightly and said. "It's okay, tomorrow I'm off, we can continue to talk." Said Weihengzhi glanced at Yu Le a few people, inaudible said: "A few dilettantes, do not take care of them." Dropping these words, Wei Henzhi did not stay long, directly out of the room. Once he left, the atmosphere in the room became a bit awkward. Li Dong stared at the crowd and swept a glance, then looked at Chen Rui and said in a muffled voice: "Mr. Chen, I'm entertaining guests, this is a bit inappropriate, right?" Chen Rui looked embarrassed and did not rush back to him, but said to Yu Le: "A few people, sorry, my friend just came to the capital, I'll go out with him for a few minutes." Yu Le lazily said, "Then you guys go, in addition, let the waiter come in and clean up, let's start dinner, hungry." "Good ……" "Good what!" Li Dong's face was icy cold, glaring, "You guys try moving a little? The old man's meal is not over, I see who dares to move!" He originally wanted to have a few words with Chen Rui, but these bastards are too much! He has not yet left, but actually want to directly remove his seat, if this is in Jiangbei, just a few people came in that time, Li Dong will have to fire. Now he is already hard enough to hold, this bastard also poured oil on the fire. Yu Le crowd heard Li Dong foul, first froze, and then several people's faces are not very good look. The red woman stared at Chen Rui and said, "Chen Rui, what's going on?" The corners of Chen Rui's mouth twitched for a while, and only then did he remember Li Dong's reputation, this guy is unrecognizable when he's on fire, who cares what their status is. He said, "I'm sorry, my friend is joking, let me talk to him for a few minutes." Chen Rui said Chen Rui came to pull Li Dong, Li Dong a hand to shake off his hand. Chen Rui whispered, "Swiss francs!" Li Dong's movements stagnated for a moment, then he glared at him and said, "Okay, then let's go out and talk!" After saying that Li Dong turned his head and stared at the crowd and said, "The meal I put here, I did not come back, you guys try to move despite, how is the capital, do not take themselves too seriously, less and I Li Dong play cross!" With a grunt, Li Dong also ignored them and went straight out of the room. At this time Zhang Lan Yu has also arrived, at the door looked at Li Dong, a face of apology said: "Sorry ……" "It's okay." Li Dong heart is not happy, to Tan Yong a few people: "Keep an eye on these guys, I'll be right back, I did not come back before, I just said the words you heard?" "Yes!" Tan Yong and a few people hastily answered, then five or six black-clad bodyguards poured into the room in a rush. Yu Le people look at the situation, they all look at each other, feelings or a tycoon, no wonder so arrogant. They think Li Dong arrogant, but do not know that if it were not Chen Rui, Li Dong has long wanted to give these bastards a hard time! …… outside the private room. Li Dong and Chen Rui walked for a while, looking for a quiet place, Li Dong stared at Chen Rui and said, "Chen Da Gongzi, what's the matter, you've come to smash my venue today, right?" Chen Rui silent, looking for a while to find a pack of cigarettes from his body, pulled out a hand Li Dong, and then also lit one himself. Li Dong frowned slightly, did not light a cigarette, just look at him. Chen Rui smiled self-deprecatingly, inhaled a cigarette before exhaling and said, "Li Dong, I'm really sorry about tonight, I originally thought it was Lan Yu's dinner, thinking that she has also eaten for a while, it is almost time to disperse, so I wanted to borrow a private room to use, I did not expect ……" "Didn't expect it to be me?"