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Chapter 607 - Either Friend or Foe

  Li Dong felt that he gave Chen Rui face, not and Yu Le they are considered their own generosity. The day of the music said WwW.⒉3TXT.COM but in the eyes of Yu Le several people, the old man surnamed Li is also too wild! What's wrong with having money! These days, there are many rich people, Yu Le has seen the rich people not a thousand also have 500, but it is the first time encountered directly to their faces do not take seriously the rich people. Not to mention that this guy is still a foreigner, foreigners to the four or nine city is still so arrogant? …… private room. Yu Le stared at Tan Yong a few people looked for a while, lazily said: "The posture is good, what, still dare to hit me?" "Do you believe it or not, you move me a head silk, I let you can not get out of Sijiu City!" Yu Le snickered, a face of disdain. Several of his companions also mocked one by one, these foreigners are really ignorant, a few bodyguards can be rampant? Not to mention a few bodyguards, you bring a train of bodyguards to the capital, not even a splash. Yu Le clutched his chest, swept a glance next to the dazed Zhang Lan Yu, slightly teasing: "Miss Zhang, how about sitting down together later to chat a few words? The old guard is not very nice to talk to, but if you serve me well, your brother Le can still help a little." Zhang Lan Yu looked up at him, and only after a while said softly, "Thank you, but I don't think I need to serve anyone!" She came to the capital to ask for help, but it was for Li Dong to ask for help. Even if it was really yellow, what did she have to lose! But who is she? She is the daughter of the provincial party committee of Jiangbei, as long as she does not come to the capital to do business, a few capital second generation is nothing? Are these guys still capable of influencing the appointment of the provincial party committee level, to be true, then Chen Rui can still get involved with these people? Before afraid of spoiling Li Dong, Zhang Lan Yu did not want to tear the face just. But this guy actually molested himself, these people, who are not from the bones with an arrogance, Zhang Lan Yu at this time that still care about what Li Dong Shengyi not business. The loss is Li Dong and not her, these guys dare to speak obscenely again, Zhang Lan Yu really dare to let them see on the spot what is called tough, as long as out of the capital back to Jiangbei, on these few fops do not want to move her a hair. Hearing Zhang Lanyu's soft words, Yu Le and Sun Manman both frowned slightly. Just when they were brewing how to continue talking, Li Dong and Chen Rui had already appeared at the door of the private room. Li Dong and Chen Rui's faces were not very good, especially Chen Rui's, his face was so gloomy that it was almost dripping water. It was only after a while that Chen Rui reluctantly regained his smile and said, "Brother Le, Sister Man, I've talked to my friend, let's eat." Li Dong also ignored them, waved at Tan Yong a few people, and said to Zhang Lan Yu, "Let's go first." Zhang Lanyu picked up her handbag and prepared to go out, when Yu Le suddenly said, "You guys are just leaving?" Li Dong turned his head to look at him, Yu Le hands clutching his chest, said lightly: "Before you spoke out of turn, should always give an explanation, right?" Li Dong was laughing, playful: "Then what do you want an explanation?" Yu Le sneered: "I am a person we all know, nothing else, is righteous enough! It is said that at home rely on parents, go out rely on friends, today we make a friend, you drink this glass of wine, we are friends from now on!" Yu Le side of the conversation, his followers have been busy working up. Li Dong and Wei Hengzhi drank some wine left, these guys skillfully poured out the remnants of wine. Then they began to add condiments to it, and as long as the table could be used, these people used it all. Fish sauce, beef sauce, remnants of soup …… several people gleefully stirred, and then handed the full bowl to Yu Le. Yu Le narrowed his eyes with his hand inserted into the rotation for a while, and then himself also licked his fingers, with a stimulated look in his eyes: "Taste good, Li boss, drink! Drink this cup of wine, in the four or nine city, you are my Yu Le's friend!" "Old Wei does not help you to do things, as long as you can afford to pay the price, I Yu Le is known for being helpful!" Yu Le said meaningfully, reaching out to hand the bowl to Li Dong. Li Dong has been watching their actions, and did not stop, Yu Le handed over the bowl, Li Dong did not go to take. So stared at him for a while, Li Dong suddenly laughed, after laughing Li Dong said: "Brother Le, right? I now you have a big face, do you think that in the capital, you are the master? Let me drink okay, I piss you to drink, we forget about this matter today, what do you think?" Yu Le's face changed, and the others were even more indignant and cursed. Yu Le waved his hand to stop the cursing and looked at Li Dong Dong with narrowed eyes, "Boss Li, are you sure you don't want to make me a friend?" At this time Chen Rui also can not stand, quickly stood out and said: "Brother Le ……" "Shut up!" Yu Le face change, glared at him and said, "Here where you have a part to speak!" Chen Rui a sarcastic face, he is used to it, but the first time to see such a scene Zhang Lan Yu is red in the face, said angrily: "Who are you cursing?" Yu Le laughed and did not speak, he stood next to the red woman is also Sun Manman flirted: "Yo, this still protects on? Love adultery fever ah!" Zhang Lan Yu angry chest constantly heaving, turned his head with a face of anger to look at Chen Rui.