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Chapter 608 - Sun Wenhua's attitude

  Li Dong's face was ugly all the way out of the hotel. The day 『』籁小说WwW.⒉3TXT.COM looked around, Li Dong saw Chen Ke waiting in front of the hotel, and quickly asked: "Where is Mr. Zhang?" Chen Ke said with some panic: "Gone, Mr. Li, Mr. Zhang just cried, what's wrong with this?" "Let's talk about this later, where did she go?" Chen Ke said with an apologetic voice: "I don't know, Zhang went out the door and called a cab and left, I wanted to follow, Zhang did not let." Li Dong did not ask further questions, took out his cell phone and called Zhang Lan Yu. The phone rang for a long time but no one answered, Li Dong dialed again, this time someone answered. As soon as the phone rang, Li Dong heard Zhang Lan Yu slightly tired and said, "Don't worry about me, I'll go out for a while, I'll be back soon." Li Dong looked at the time and frowned, "It's after nine o'clock, where are you going now? Give me an address, I'll go find you." "No really, I'm hanging up." Zhang Lanyu directly hung up the phone, Li Dong called again, but this time no one answered. After several consecutive calls, Zhang Lan Yu refused to answer the phone, and even later directly turned off the phone, Li Dong suddenly smashed his fist on the stone pillar in front of the hotel. Chen Ke and Tan Yong saw the situation and hurried up to check, see Li Dong fist broke a piece of skin, Chen Ke hurriedly said: "Mr. Li ……" "Nothing!" Li Dong waved his hand, a flash of anger in his eyes. Tonight is really too stifling! The thing did not work out, but also by a few second-generation mockery humiliated a while, in addition is Chen Rui side, this guy actually asked for money from himself. Not to mention that Li Dong now would not have much cash, even if there is, he will not give Chen Rui. Chen Rui said the money is his own, but this money is not their father and son hard-earned? This kind of money is a minute of greed, why should Li Dong give him. But look at Chen Rui that way, obviously hates himself, still do not know what this guy is going to make a mess. Now Zhang Lan Yu and ran out of shadow, she is a woman, at night, if something happens, how to explain themselves and Shen Xi, how to explain to Minister Zhang? Thinking of these, Li Dong fiercely gritted his teeth! Power! The power is great? Shen Xi told him to come to the capital to keep a low profile, Li Dong is not low profile enough? But some people have to find you trouble, do you still have to put up with it? Li Dong forced down his anger, looked back at the restaurant, and said to Tan Yong: "Let everyone look around, mainly the bar, I'm not comfortable with Zhang going out alone at night." Tan Yong slightly hesitantly said: "Then your side ……" Li Dong just offended those guys, now in the capital they are so little manpower, if they go out to find Zhang Lan Yu, Li Dong's safety how? "I will accompany you guys to find." Li Dong dropped these words, directly to the car, for a long time before gradually easing the anger in his heart. …… That night Li Dong and his party kept finding people in the early morning. The capital is too big, no one knows where Zhang Lan Yu went in the end. Li Dong almost did not sleep all night. When Zhang Lan Yu returned to the hotel the next day, red-eyed and angry, Li Dong said: "What the hell! What the hell is Chen Rui, worth your life? He's just a loser, what else can he rely on but his father? Now that his old man has fallen, he is worse than a dog, this kind of person is still worthy of your love? You are a big man in Jiangbei, why do you trample yourself like this?" Zhang Lanyu looked at him blankly for a while before saying, "Don't worry about it, I'll take care of my own business. Also, cursing behind your back is not in line with your status." "What identity! Identity is some bullshit thing!" Li Dong waved his fist and said angrily: "I'm a peddler, so what? I'm a peddler, so what? Identity, identity, don't talk to me about this! You all take your status more seriously than your parents, so if I don't have money, I won't make friends?" "You all think you're so great, don't you? Without you, the earth still does not turn? Zhang Lan Yu, in the future, less talk to me about identity, if you look down on me you go back to Jiangbei, class, the Qing Dynasty died, do not talk to me about these things! I don't believe it, I can't live without my identity nowadays!" Zhang Langyu was subdued by Li Dong's sudden fire, froze for a long time before frowning and said, "Pay attention to the line, someone is watching!" "I'm happy!" Li Dong is also angry, this woman did not come back all night, he was really angry almost want to give her a slap. The phone is off, the person is also no shadow, came to the capital together, if something happens, Li Dong how! Not to mention himself, Zhang Lan Yu is not the head into the water? Although the capital is the imperial capital, but she is a beautiful woman, out alone at night drinking, do not know the dangers involved? The more he thought about it, the more he got angry. Li Dong said with a black face to Chen Ke who came in a hurry: "Pack up and send Mr. Zhang back to Jiangbei! Back to Jiangbei, I don't care how you trample yourself!" "Back to Jiangbei?" Zhang Langyu smiled and hurriedly said, "The matter of bonds ……" "Do not bother you! I'll solve this matter myself, if I can't solve it, I won't bond, a living person can still let the urine suffocate?" Li Dong dropped these words and went upstairs, Zhang Lan Yu saw the situation and said, "Where are you going?" "To sleep!" Seeing that he went straight to the elevator, Zhang Lan Yu was a bit speechless and said to Chen Ke: "This guy is now angry, don't pay attention to him, I'll talk to him later when he wakes up." "But ……" Zhang Lan Yu rolled her eyes and said, "But what? I'm not an employee of Far Far Away, if I don't go, can you force me to go? Besides, if he has a problem with his head, you also have a problem with your head? If I leave, he will turn around and fight with others. I can still help a little bit in the capital, but if I leave, who will help you?" When Chen Ke heard this, he and Tan Yong looked at each other, and then respectfully said, "Mr. Zhang, I'm sorry for your trouble." Yesterday, Chen Ke heard about Li Dong's confrontation with a few capital gentry, and she was worried about it. Zhang Lan Yu's father is at least one of the big officials, in the official circles or some contacts, better than they come. Otherwise, Li Dong's temper, really fighting with people, it may end up having to fall in. The capital is not like Jiangbei, where a big commotion, even if Li Dong finally okay, the impact is not good. …… Li Dong is also exhausted, plus last night drank a lot of wine. I woke up in the afternoon, and when I woke up, Qin Yuhan was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at him with his chin. Seeing Li Dong open his eyes, Qin Yu Han hurriedly said: "Sleep well? Chen Ke said you didn't eat this morning, I just bought you some millet porridge, want to drink some?" Li Dong laughed and said, "It's just a late night, it makes me look like I'm recovering from a serious illness." "Bah, don't talk nonsense!" Qin Yuhan angrily said, and cautiously asked, "Is the talk not going well?" "Not bad." "Still hide it from me, big brother Tan and Chen Ke and their faces are not looking good, it must not be a deal, right?" Li Dong speechlessly said: "I know and still ask, but you do not worry about this, can not get together forget it, I will try again later, can not even." Li Dong put on his clothes and got up from the bed and said, "I'm not doing anything today, didn't I say I was going to buy you a car before? Later I eat after we go to the car dealership to see the car, in addition to go to see the house, the five road mouth over to buy a house is quite cost-effective, save you rent." Qin Yuhan hurriedly said: "No, your business now ……" "I said not to worry about it, I said lack of money, lack of big money. The kind of billions, buy a house can be worth a few money, your man I am now a ten billionaire, others are buying land to build their own castles, do I even buy a house of money are not? You also too underestimate me." Qin Yuhan wanted to say more, Li Dong waved his hand and said, "I am now angry in my heart, buy something to let off a little, you refuse again, I hold this breath can not get out will have to find you out!" Qin Yuhan blushed and scolded, "Go to hell! Can't say something serious." "How is it not serious? You are my daughter-in-law, isn't it normal for a man to have sex with a woman?" "How dare you say that!" Qin Yuhan blushed even redder and was angry to pinch him. Li Dong exaggeratedly screamed before she could get her hands on him, Qin Yuhan was afraid of being heard, and glared at him furiously for a few moments before she stopped. The two of them joked and laughed for a while, Li Dong finished washing up and drank several bowls of millet porridge before catching his breath and saying, "Comfortable!" Qin Yuhan while helping to clean up, while admonishing: "Do not drink so much wine in the future, and also, stay up less late, not good for the body. Smoke less, when I came in the morning, the room was full of the smell of smoke."