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Chapter 609 - Different people in the same city

  The afternoon because of time constraints, Li Dong also did not go to see the house. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. A Beetle, a Bao Lai. Li Dong took a look and frowned: "You do business in this thing? I have said, no need to save money for me, you do not say so yourself, let Aunt Yang drive a Bao Lai, you hit me in the face, right?" Qin Yuhan hurriedly said: "The car is not just a means of transportation? It is useless to drive so well, not to mention that the car is a consumer product, and the elimination is also fast." "Then you can't drive this, it will make people laugh. I'm not in the capital, those cats and dogs also dare to hit you, drive a better car, at least let these guys a little self-awareness, not anyone can pretend!" Li Dong does not care about Qin Yuhan's objection, but pulled her to continue to look up. The car market in the capital is much more diverse than in Pingchuan, and many models that are invisible in Pingchuan can be picked up here. After a round, Li Dong finally picked a Porsche and a BMW. When he finished swiping his card and saw Qin Yuhan looking at himself, Li Dong waved his hand and said, "That's it, BMW and Porsche, which one you see suits you, if you don't like both, then buy more, I have plenty of money!" Qin Yuhan saw him playing the treasure, can not help but snicker. At this time, the people next to the car can not help but show contempt, Li Dong has long been fed up with these guys, see the situation said loudly: "I just have money! If you don't like it, you can buy it too!" The fat man next to him from the door to look at him with a look of dirt bag expression, but also from time to time lecherous peek at Qin Yuhan, Li Dong now his own fire is almost unable to hold. What's wrong? The capital is so bully! I came to buy a car, spend their own money, and not spend other people's money, one by one to show their faces to whom? This is the third time in his life he came to the capital, but this third time let Li Dong full of anger at this place. The imperial capital! At the foot of the Son of Heaven, within the City of Four Nine, the royal family and nobles …… these people think that he Li Dong is the countryside down to the landed proprietor, these people think that the poor countryside of Jiangbei is just a bump in the dirt. But what right do these people have to despise him? He Li Dong does not steal or rob, earn money and did not flaunt in the capital, do not spend money to buy a car still have to ask the opinion of others? Low-profile, Shen Xi wants him to low-profile, Qin Yuhan also wants to low-profile, Zhang Lan Yu also think low-profile is good …… but how he flaunted? He is in the way of others what? Why? Some people who are out there to pretend to be fat, the family is almost unable to uncover the pot, do not think of their own efforts to earn money, but also look down on him Li Dong? How can you look down on him? He Li Dong dare not say how much he contributes to society, but he feeds tens of thousands of people! The amount of tax he pays every year is beyond the reach of these people in their lifetime. He created wealth for the society, to say a big word, the country is strong by these people. Without them, expecting these people in the Forty-nine Cities, the empire can develop so well? Well, in the end, he Li Dong became a sinner. Don't spend money, keep a low profile, be hit in the face, it's your honor, others are not qualified to be hit in the face by those class nobles. If you are a grass, people do not even look at you, so Li Dong still have to be grateful to do! But Li Dong is that kind of person? Grateful, he is grateful to his eight generations of ancestors! The fatty glared hard, Li Dong was about to hit him again a few words, Qin Yuhan hurriedly pulled him out the door. Once outside, Qin Yuhan was a bit strange: "What's wrong with you?" Li Dong forced down his anger and said, "Nothing, I'm not in a good mood, that fatty is always staring at you, I want to beat someone up." Qin Yuhan smiled and laughed: "People look at what's wrong, you are still jealous, don't be upset, you see others are staring at us." "Staring is staring, I do not know them, care whether they look or not." Li Dong waved off a sentence, looked at the time and said, "I have to go back, tomorrow we will look at the house, you have class tomorrow?" "House ……" "Don't refuse, as you can see, I'm on fire now, I still have to keep buying things to put out the fire." Qin Yuhan couldn't help but lose his smile, so he had to nod and say, "I don't have class tomorrow afternoon." "Then let's go to see the house in the afternoon." Li Dong went straight to the car, Qin Yuhan that two cars can not yet drive away today, in two days the car company will send over. Send Qin Yuhan back to school, Li Dong once again rushed back to the hotel. …… into the hotel before, Li Dong paused for a moment. Today he is upset, like fire, later will have to restrain to do. Wei Hengzhi and he did not have a grudge, with a face to meet the guests, which is also disrespectful to the guests, this minimum etiquette Li Dong still understands. Slowed down the mood, Li Dong whispered: "Imperial City, sooner or later I Li Dong will also come here to eliminate your arrogance!"