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Chapter 610 - A Prophecy

  Li Dong was talking with Wei Hengzhi, when a loud laugh suddenly came from behind him. Because it was a restaurant lobby, Li Dong didn't turn around to look. Across from him, Wei Hengzhi stared slightly, then got up and greeted him with a smile, "Director Chen, how are you?" Only then did Li Dong know that Wei Henzhi had met someone he knew, so he also stood up and turned his head to look. When he saw a few people behind him, Li Dong froze for a moment. Just come to the pedestrian quite a few, men and women nearly ten people, if only the number of people, it is not worth letting Li Dong froze. He was a little surprised that a few of them he knew. The middle-aged man standing at the front is the same middle-aged man Li Dong met at the hotel when they came to the capital and passed through Quancheng. At first Tan Yong also said that this group of people also came to the capital on business, did not expect such a coincidence, actually met again here. Li Dong recognized the other party, the other party naturally also recognized Li Dong. The middle-aged man's face first showed a touch of surprise, then he nodded towards Li Dong with a smile on his face. Li Dong also returned the salute, because it was only a one-sided encounter, and the two did not know each other's names, so they did not say hello. But standing next to the middle-aged man, a thirty-something Chinese face heard Wei Henzhi's greeting and quickly smiled, "Director Wei, hello, hello, what a coincidence, I never thought I would meet Director Wei here." Wei Hengzhi lightly laughed: "Accompanying friends out to dinner, Director Chen want to sit down for a drink?" "Forget it, next time, I just happen to talk to a friend about something, why don't Director Wei come in for a drink later?" Wei Hengzhi did not refuse, said: "Then you are busy first, later when you are free, I will go in and ask for a drink." "What am I busy with, Director Wei is always welcome." Director Chen laughed for a while and looked at Li Dong and Zhang Langyu, seeing that they did not know each other, before walking with the middle-aged man crowd towards the private box not far away. The middle-aged man nodded once again toward Li Dong as he passed by, and Li Dong responded with a smile. Only when their figures entered the private room did Wei Henzhi smile, "Li Dong, do you know General Wang?" "Mr. Wang?" Li Dong immediately reacted to who Wei Hengyi was talking about and shook his head, "I don't know him, I met him once in Quancheng when I came to the capital." "That's a coincidence." Wei Hengzhi smiled and lamented, "Recently the retail industry is really winding up, pieces down soon, you people have really good noses, this smells." Li Dong was a little surprised: "Old Wei, what do you mean by that?" "It seems that you really do not know, Wang Ai Qun heard of?" Li Dong shook his head in confusion, which he knew who Wang Aijun was, but listening to the meaning of Wei Hengyi, obviously also engaged in the retail industry. The first of Wei Heng Yi said with a speechless face: "The city of Yuanfang is not small, you do not do research and analysis of some large domestic retail enterprises?" Li Dong rightfully said, "Yes, but we mainly study the enterprises that threaten us, such as China Resources, Bailian and Sugo, as for other enterprises, a general understanding is enough." Wei Hengzhi slightly froze for a while before giving a thumbs-up: "High vision! But also, the far side to this point, also do not need to look at other people in the eyes, but that was before, this time if the matter is done, you have to keep an eye on the future." Seeing that he said half a day did not say who Wang Aiqun in the end, Li Dong some crying and laughing said, "Lao Wei, do not sell, this Wang Aiqun in the end who is?" "The chairman of the China Hundred Group." "Zhongbai!" Li Dong's pupils shrank slightly, thinking of Wei Hengzhi's previous words, a strand of forgotten memory suddenly flashed in his mind, and hurriedly said, "What is Wang Aijun doing in the capital?" Seeing Li Dong's initial disbelief to the current change of face, Wei Hengyi said with amusement, "Have you heard something?" "I've heard a little." Li Dong didn't sell himself short and recalled for a moment before saying, "If I'm right, Wang Aiqun should be here for Jiangcheng Business Association?" Wei Hengzhi is now really impressed with him, once again thumbs up: "Bull! Your sources of information, but wider than us, this is still planning, Jiangcheng is not close to Pingchuan, so soon you know?" Li Dong smiled and did not explain, but frowned slightly and said, "Then he is not in Jiangcheng at this time to stay, come to the capital for what?" Zhongbai Group is a large city chain group in Jiangcheng, and its status in E Province is a little worse than Yuanfang's in Jiangbei, but it is not much worse. And Li Dong just remembered the matter is also related to the Zhongbai Group, the previous life seems to be in these few years, in order to respond to the central call to increase the competitiveness of several retail enterprises in E province in Zhongbai. Just at this time, the Jiangcheng State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission began to plan the restructuring of its three listed retail groups. In addition to Zhongbai, there are also two large groups, Jiangcheng Zhongshang and Ewu Shang, which are also engaged in the retail industry, participating in the restructuring. Previously, although the three are controlled by the Jiangcheng State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, but the three commercial cooperation is not much. Now planning to reorganize, once the reorganization is completed, the collection of the strength of the three listed groups, the newly established Jiangcheng Shanglian strength will be the more distant side in one fell swoop. Of course, the more here refers to the city of Yuanfang, and does not include Dongyu real estate. Wei Hengzhi wants Li Dong to pay attention to it later, I'm afraid this is also the meaning. However, Li Dong is not too worried about this point, the previous life of the three groups in the hundred, several failed to reorganize, has been dragged to his rebirth that time did not reorganize successfully. Nearly ten years, the leadership has changed a number of batches, but the three groups are still three groups, which can be seen how powerful the struggle for power and profit. At this time the Jiangcheng side should have started the restructuring plan, and this time the Zhongbai head actually not in Jiangcheng to fight for greater power, but came to the capital, which makes Li Dong some confusion. Seeing Li Dong's doubtful face, Wei Hengzhi laughed lightly and said, "Do you know who that director Chen is just now?" Li Dong shook his head, and Wei Hengyi whispered, "The deputy director of the Department of Row Supervision." "Department of Row Supervision?" Seeing that Li Dong didn't quite understand, Zhang Lan Yu next to him smiled and explained, "It's a subordinate agency of the Securities and Exchange Commission." "Oh." Li Dong nodded, then thoughtfully said, "Then Wang Aiqun at this time to find the relationship of the Securities and Exchange Commission to do what? Could it be that ……" Li Dong's eyes flashed shrewdly and said softly, "This guy is not trying to stop the restructuring, right?" Weihengzhi and Zhang Langyu both froze for a moment, and only after a while did Weihengzhi say with some confusion, "Why so guess?" "It's simple, Wang Aiqun is no match for the head of EWM, and after the reorganization, he may lose his control over Zhongbai. Jiangcheng side of the Ewu merchants look more important, but in fact, whether in performance or scale, are slightly better than Ewu merchants.