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Chapter 611 - Bullying too much!

  Li Dong's side was discussing Wang Aijun's people, and the private room was also discussing them. Director Chen chatted with Wang Aijun for a few minutes, and when he knew that Li Dong and the others were from Jiangbei, he couldn't help but show a deep thoughtful look in his eyes. After a few words about Li Dong, Director Chen did not ask further questions. After a few moments, when the door of the private room was knocked, Wang Aijun's secretary hurriedly went forward to open the door, Wang Aijun and Director Chen did not go to meet, but also did not take a big, but stood up. Of course, this face is not given to Li Dong, at this moment Wang Aijun also do not know who Li Dong is. This face is given to Wei Henzhi, although Wei Henzhi is only a deputy division level official, but the position of low power, the general public really dare not underestimate him. The director of Chen is higher than the level of Wei Hengzhi, but the level of the Securities and Exchange Commission, compared to the Development and Reform Commission is still much worse, the two sides are not a weight class. …… Li Dong followed Wei Hengzhi into the door, Wei Hengzhi and Director Chen waved, then smiled and introduced, "Director Chen, this is Li Dong Li from Jiangbei, the chairman of the board of directors of Yuanfang." When Wei Henzhi finished his introduction, Li Dong hurriedly said politely, "Director Chen, I have eyes that do not know Taishan, I have not seen the real Buddha just now, do not be blamed." Chen Long smiled lightly and said, "You're welcome, Mr. Li." The mouth said polite words, but Chen Long frowned slightly, did not expect really this guy. The frown quickly calmed down, Chen Long smiled again and introduced to the two: "This is the chairman of the board of directors, Wang Aiqun Wang." Wang Aijun was a bit stunned when he heard that Li Dong was the chairman of the board, and when Chen Long introduced him, Wang Aijun calmed down the shock in his eyes and hastily reached out to shake hands with Li Dong and smiled, "Mr. Li, we are destined to be in the same boat for a hundred years, right?" Li Dong smiled and said, "Naturally, and I have a very good destiny with Mr. Wang, with a population of tens of millions in the capital, I think it is destiny for you and me to meet again." Seeing the others looking at him, Li Dong lost his smile and said, "I've made everyone laugh, but I do feel quite destined to meet Mr. Wang." Chen Long laughed lightly and said, "Fate is a good thing, then Director Wei and Mr. Li both sit down, let's have a few more drinks later." When the two sat down, Chen Long spoke again, "Mr. Li and Mr. Wang are both elite leaders in the retail industry, usually one is located in Jiangbei and the other is buried in Jiangcheng, since we met today, you have to have a good drink." Li Dong and Wang Aiqun were not pretentious, and they raised their glasses and drank a cup. The next four people toasted each other a few cups, mouth is naturally polite words constantly, a time the atmosphere is also cordial. Seeing that the atmosphere was good, Wei Hengzhi wanted to sell face to Li Dong, and mentioned in passing, "Director Chen, soon Yuanfang is going to issue a batch of bonds, and then the SFC will have to ask for your help." Li Dong also hurriedly got up and said, "This is really a trouble for Director Chen." The corners of Chen Long's mouth twitched gently, and only after a moment did he say vaguely, "As long as the materials pass, everything is not a problem." Wei Hengzhi's eyelids twitched menacingly, Li Dong did not hear it, mainly because he did not have much time to deal with people in the officialdom. Seeing Chen Long agreed, Li Dong immediately laughed and said, "Then, thanks a lot Director Chen, I'll drink first, Director Chen feel free." Li Dong drank his glass of wine in one gulp, but his remaining light noticed that Wang Aijun next to him shook his head faintly. Li Dong froze for a moment, but did not ask any questions. After finishing his drink, Li Dong and Wang Ai** exchanged business cards, and then followed Wei Hengzhi out of the room. …… Once out of the private room, Wei Hengzhi's face was gloomy. Li Dong frowned and did not speak, Wei Heng Zhi looked back, a trace of anger flashed in his eyes, lightly hummed: "Go, let's go back and talk!" Li Dong nodded, at this time Zhang Lan Yu also walked over, see the two did not look too good, Zhang Lan Yu said softly: "What's wrong?" "It's not convenient to talk here, let's go to your room and talk." Zhang Lan Yu is not stupid, see the situation did not ask further questions, followed the two people together towards the elevator. …… Once he entered Li Dong's room, Li Dong couldn't help but say, "Old Wei, what's going on? Wang Aiqun before the wink towards me, and you this attitude, what is this?" "You still don't feel it?" Wei Hengzhi shook his head and said, "Didn't you hear the last words of Chen Long? The material is not a problem, then it is not a problem. The other way around, that means as long as the material does not pass, they SEC will not release it!" Wei Hengzhi gently clenched his teeth and said coldly: "Chen Long is still playing this game with me! If I hadn't agreed at first, I wouldn't have had anything to say, but I had paved the way, and the old boy had half-heartedly agreed, but in the end, he actually set me up!" Although Wei Hengzhi is not a small-minded person, but in front of Li Dong was set up, also feel a small loss of face. He had made a big promise before that the SFC was just going through the motions. But who knew that a few glasses of wine, his face was hit by Chen Long snapped. Although Chen Long's level is higher than his, but Wei Hengzhi will not put him in the eyes, but this is the guy he does not put in the eyes, but today is a big loss of face for him. After Wei Hengzhi finished speaking, Li Dong and Zhang Lan Yu both frowned. Zhang Lan Yu said with some confusion: "Wei, what happened just now? Is it that Li Dong has caused trouble again ……" Her words did not fall, Li Dong black face irritated said: "Zhang Lan Yu, are you deliberately revenge? What do you mean I'm in trouble, so I'm in trouble in your eyes? Even if I wanted to cause trouble, I wouldn't bring Old Wei along with me!" Wei Hengzhi saw the two quarreled, and quickly persuaded: "This has nothing to do with Li Dong, Chen Long this old boy do not know what madness, it is reasonable to say that he does not refute me and Yuan Fang's face ……" said this, Wei Hengzhi eyebrows twitched slightly, eyes showing A touch of deep thought. Li Dong and Zhang Lan Yu did not bother him, the two waited for a moment, Wei Henzhi suddenly asked: "Did you guys reveal to Yu Le and the others last night about the bond issue?" Li Dong's eyes flashed with anger, he seemed to have understood something, shook his head and said, "No, I'm not familiar with them. But Chen Rui still has some contacts in Jiangbei, if he asks around carefully, it's not a secret that we are ready to issue bonds in Yuanfang." Yuanfang's application materials had been submitted to the provincial development and reform commission, and Duan Peng of the provincial development and reform commission seemed to have some friendship with Chen Rui before. If Chen Rui is willing to inquire, this can't really be hidden from others. Hearing Li Dong say so, Wei Hengzhi exhaled a long breath and frowned a little: "That's right, it's Yu Le who is messing up." "He? Chen Long is at least a deputy hall, can listen to him?" "I almost forgot about this before, Chen Long is Yu Le's cousin's husband, if Yu Le really asked, Chen Long will not necessarily refuse."