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Chapter 612 - Doing things without asking for help

  After beating away the reluctant Zhang Lan Yu, Li Dong wandered in the room for a while. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The first thing you need to do is to get back to your family. But how to retaliate, this is a problem. Capital is not Jiangbei, Li Dong also did not have the impulse to go to the door to beat them up, this kind of pedestrian things and general people play it, against people like Yu Le obviously not useful. Can not door to door to beat people, that can only be the momentum of the situation. The key is that Li Dong has no contacts in the capital, how to press? Wei Hengzhi don't look and he chatted with the pain, Li Dong old Wei called, in fact, they have only met twice. The thing is that Wei Hengyi may help him a hand, sell him a favor. But this and Yu Le turn the other cheek, do not have to think also know Wei Hengzhi will not come out, and Wei Hengzhi before also refused to be very obvious. Without Wei Hengzhi, who else can he find in the capital? Li Dong clenched his fist, he is still too weak, so weak that even a Yu Le does not put himself in the eyes. What is Yu Le? Nothing! But people simply card him once, Li Dong extinguished the fire, it can be seen that these days want to mix well, people still need to have connections. Previously, Li Dong has been thinking of letting Yuanfang get rid of the influence of political factors, so that Yuanfang becomes a purely commercial clean land. But this incident today is a loud slap in the face to Li Dong, business clean land? There is no such thing as a clean slate in this world. People have to live in this society and accept reality. The far side has not reached that point, then he has to submit to the goose. He wants to get rid of the political influence, in fact, this is a dead end that can not get rid of. In Jiangbei Yuanfang development smoothly, it is because Yuanfang in Jiangbei deep roots. In addition to Du Anmin, Li Dong has a lot of contacts, senior level like Wu Changguo, Zhang Aimin two old seniors, lower level, such as a few mayors of Pingchuan City Hall. A little lower, like Yaohai side of Hu Sicheng, Wu Jianguo …… in addition plus through some second generation like Zhang Langyu and Zhou Lele these people, Li Dong also counted and several other high-level tacit understanding. Half of the Jiangbei Provincial Committee and Li Dong have relations, his distant side want to develop not smoothly can not. And the Jiangzhe side, and the Sunan side, are Li Dong spend money to smash out. These two years, Li Dong big investment, big expansion, to the local government has brought benefits, they do not mind the smooth development of the protection of the Yuan Fang. But the capital, Li Dong has nothing on this side. There is no operation in the first period, and no investment in the later period, plus the imperial capital cattle and snake gods, Li Dong came to the capital to do business, encounter trouble is actually normal. This time, if not for Zhang Langyu's help in getting through to Wei Hengzhi, perhaps Li Dong would not even be able to pass this hurdle. After thinking about this, Li Dong some disillusioned, he really is still too little experience. People are useless, people are really useless? If you have a strong backer helper in the capital, a district Yu Le dare to card himself, dare to ask for benefits with himself? Yu Le is not considered the top of the group of second-generation children, the offspring of a ministry deputy, not too many in the capital, this kind of people actually mixed in the capital is not much better. But even if the mix is not very good, clean up Li Dong is also enough. Of course, this is only in the capital, if Li Dong no business in the capital, can not give a damn about him. But the bonds are all ready, now just a foot away, let Li Dong give up, Li Dong is really not willing! So what should we do? Li Dong murmured for a while, his mind flashed through many things, the Shen family, the Sun family …… in fact, these people can help him, the Shen family and the Sun family in the capital for many years, a Yu Le or not in their eyes. But soon Li Dong shook his head vigorously, looking for help who can not find these two help. In Yu Le this loss of face is not even, if he went to the door for help, I'm afraid that these two people will be laughed to death. When in Jiangbei, Li Dong but refused the Shen family's shares, also sarcastic Sun Wenhua a while, not to say that people help him, even if they help, Li Dong will not accept. Sometimes losing face is a small matter, losing face in front of special people, it is better to be Yu Le bullying forget. In addition to these two, who else do they know in the capital? Li Dong meditated on it, and by the way, he called Sun Tao to consult with these people to see if they had any contacts. A phone call down, Li Dong only did not play is Shen Xi's phone. Nothing else, can not afford to lose that person! In Jiangbei Du Anmin help even if, came to the capital, but also let the Shen family help, then he became what. And in Jiangbei Li Dong actually rely on more than just Du Anmin and Shen Xi, which gives him a little comfort in his heart, now begging the Shen family, then he would rather not bond this time. …… Just when Li Dong was thinking about how to suppress Yu Le. Yu Le they are also talking about Li Dong. The company is still the same group of people yesterday, but the place changed into a kTV. wait for Sun Manman ghostly howl finished a song, Yu Le lazily said: "Manman, next time singing you do not sing, my ears are about to give birth to a child." Sun Manman said with a reluctant face: "Do not like to listen to do not listen, you think you are better than me to where?" Yu Le snickered, did not take the straw, back to the topic: "Just my brother-in-law called me, Li Dong guy actually met with him this evening, you say coincidentally?" "And what did your brother-in-law say?" Sun Manman hurriedly said. Yu Le smilingly said: "How can I say, Li Dong is a bird! The Far Eastern Group, even if it is a foreign company, he can still play rough in the capital? My brother-in-law is not looking for trouble for no reason, that guy is looking for Wei Hengzhi is not trying to fix the loophole? Now as long as you catch the loophole, clean him up that is not a reasonable thing, he can still jump feet?" Sun Manman smiled and said, "It's true! Thanks to my father said ……" "What did your father say?" Yu Le asked in a hurry. Sun Man Man glanced at him and shrugged: "My father told me not to fool around with you, and said that Li Dong this guy is a little capable, probably means this." Yu Le snorted, obviously feeling that Sun Manhua was making a bit of a fuss. Sun Man Man saw this dissatisfaction said: "Why are you laughing so? Be careful I tell my father that you laugh at him!" When you think of Sun Wenhua's position and that perpetually dark face, Yu Le immediately smiled and said, "Don't, I'm laughing for fun, which is laughing at Uncle Sun. This is the first time I've seen a Maserati, and I'll buy it for you later." The first thing that made Sun Manman's face happy was that she then grumbled, "Forget it, I wouldn't dare to drive it even if I bought it." Her father is a member of the Discipline Inspection Commission, she drove a luxury car out to show off, I'm afraid that without her father's request, someone will have to clean her up. Hearing Sun Manman say so, Yu Le did not think: "What is there, but the account to your name is it. If you are still not sure, then usually drive to play, do not drive home at night, just put my side." Sun Manman was somewhat moved, hesitantly said: "Is this good?" "No problem, trust me."