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Chapter 613: Caution

  After taking a shower and coming out, Li Dong regained his calmness. "M. Similarly, Zhang Lan Yu also regained his previous calmness. The two depressed moods seemed to be better after a vent. Putting on a straight suit, Li Dong's spirit was renewed, and the whole person's energy was sufficient. Zhang Lan Yu saw the situation and laughed lightly: "Clean up a little is more than before eyes." Li Dong also ignored her, tidied up the collar and asked, "Who to see?" "Sister Yu." "Sister Yu? The one who helped us introduce Wei Hengzhi this time?" Zhang Lan Yu nodded, "That's her, their family and ours are considered family friends. But my father has been in the local area, while her family has been in the capital ten years ago." "What is her old man's position?" Zhang Langyu shook her head and laughed lightly: "Her father's position is not high." Li Dong some strange glance, Zhang Lan Yu lightly said: "The reason why she has a wide range of contacts in the capital, relying on not her father, Uncle Han is only the Department of the Bureau of the main position." "That?" "Sister Yu's husband is less than forty this year, the beginning of the year down the local, and my father the same level." Li Dong suddenly solemn, less than forty years old, and Zhang Lan Yu's father the same level, that is, the provincial party committee standing committee level. And still go down from the capital, this kind of people gold-plated component is greater, once in the local stay for a few years, and then back, the level is afraid to rise again a step. To this level also go up a step, that can be and Du Anmin these people the same level. And how old is Du Anmin this year, the year of the flowering armor! Others are more than twenty years younger than him, in a few years the two sides may be the same level, it can be seen that the other party is afraid that both the ability and background are extraordinary. Li Dong did not ask the other party husband in the end who is, just said: "She is willing to help me solve this trouble?" "It's not easy to say, try it." Zhang Lan Yu shook her head, this kind of thing even she did not dare to guarantee. Although the two families were family friends, but that was relative to Zhang Lan Yu's father and their generation, in fact, Zhang Lan Yu did not deal with each other many times. The first time I was able to get Han Yu to introduce Wei Hengzhi to the middle, which has used up Zhang Lan Yu's face, and then let Han Yu help out, I'm afraid this matter is not so easy. Li Dong smiled and did not say anything, finishing his clothes and turned around and said, "Let's go." Zhang Lan Yu nodded and followed along out of the room. …… Han Yu is not too old, after all, her husband is only forty or less. Plus well maintained, Li Dong's first look square, think the other party afraid just thirty. And imagine some different is, Han Yu body not too heavy noblewoman breath, there is only bland as water and elegant. Saying that a woman is elegant may feel a bit awkward, but Han Yu did give Li Dong such thoughts, or that is a bookish origin to have the temperament. The phrase "the belly has a poetic book," is very apt for Han Yu. The place where the two sides met was not a cafe, nor a club restaurant, but an old teahouse. Han Yu was sipping tea, waiting for Lan Yu and Li Dong, Han Yu elegantly put down her tea cup, then she got up and smiled, "Lan Yu, Li Dong, have a seat." It was not strange that she could call out Li Dong's name, after all, Zhang Lanyu had already approached the other party once before. Li Dong and Zhang Lan Yu greeted her and each side took their seats. As soon as they sat down, Han Yu smiled and said, "What kind of tea do you want?" Zhang Lanyu casually said, "The same as you." Li Dong smiled and said, "Whatever I want." As soon as Han Yu heard this, he knew that the two people were not tea drinkers, smiled and did not say much, whispered to the waiter and continued to taste tea. Zhang Lan Yu saw the situation is ready to speak, Li Dong gently shook his head. After about four or five minutes, Han Yu then put down the tea cup, Dong Dong: "I know some of your affairs, is it too sinister feeling the capital? Is there resentment in your heart, feeling that everyone is against you? Is it because you feel that there are no good people in Hongtong County?" Li Dong stared at her did not make a sound, Han Yu also do not care, pursed his lips lightly smiled and said, "You do not answer, I also know." Wiped his mouth with a handkerchief, Han Yu said: "Mr. Li, this trip to the capital, what do you think?" "Nothing to think about." "Then it's a bit of a pity." Han Yu shook his head slightly and lamented, "I think you should have some feelings, now you still don't understand." Li Dong frowned slightly and said, "Then what kind of feelings does Miss Han think I should have?" Han Yu laughed, did not answer Li Dong's words, just sighed: "Many years have not heard people call me Miss Han, usually everyone calls me Sister Yu, at first a little uncomfortable, did not expect to suddenly hear a different name now, but a little uncomfortable." She does not say the main topic, Li Dong is not in a hurry. When his own tea on the table, Li Dong poured a cup and took a sip, first frowned, and then slowly tasted up. Han Yu face changed, waiting for him to finish a sip before laughing: "Is it very bitter?" Li Dong first nodded his head, then shook his head and said, "It's not bad." "This is the first bitter then sweet, human life, encounter some setbacks that is inevitable, did not experience the bitter, how can experience the sweet." Li Dong smiled lightly, did not say anything. Han Yu taught him the truth of being a human being, these are unnecessary, he does not need. Who does not understand the reasoning? The key can do well, can not do, it varies from person to person. Seeing that Li Dong did not think so, Han Yu shook his head again and sighed lightly: "You still don't understand." Hearing Han Yu speak in the clouds, Zhang Lan Yu quickly interrupted and laughed: "Sister Yu, you are a high intellectual, we are common people, you do not say so profound, say something simple." Han Yu lost his smile, and only after a while did he say to Li Dong: "Then I will simply say a few words." "What happened to Yuanfang in the capital was actually inevitable in my case. Even if there is no Yu Le, there may be Zhang Le Wang Le first-class, or even more. Mr. Li did not ever consider this matter?" Li Dong frowned slightly and said, "That's because Yuanfang doesn't operate enough in the capital." "No, you are wrong!" Han Yu seemed to be a little disappointed with Li Dong's understanding, shook his head repeatedly, thought for a moment and then said, "Many large groups, also have no business in the capital, and the same has never operated, but when others come to the capital for business, why would they not encounter these things?" Li Dong frowned tightly and said softly, "Miss Han please speak frankly if you have something to say." "Ai!" Han Yu sighed, a disappointed look, Dong frowned and Lan Yu was emboldened. She was really afraid that Han Yu this look irritated Li Dong, this guy is in a bad temper these two days. Li Dong is not as easily stimulated as Zhang Lan Yu imagined, just stop asking questions, silently drink tea. Han Yu only at this time a deep glance, lightly laughed: "Mr. Li does not seem to be too anxious?" "Anxious or not, it's like this, it's not possible for me to give up this time line bonds, without this money, far away or far away, it's not a big deal." "But this time give up, what about next time? Mr. Li can't be like this all his life, right?" "From what Miss Han said, do you think I'll still be treated like this next time I come to the capital?" "Pretty much, if Mr. Li doesn't make some changes." "Changes?" Han Yu nodded, "Yes, that's right, changes." "Mr. Li may have walked into a blind spot, or the onlooker is clear, there are some things that Mr. Li should be more mindful of, instead of being so self-centered now."