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Chapter 614 - It's not what you think!

  Out of the teahouse, Li Dong looked up at the sky. The sky is a bit gloomy, and Li Dong's mood is not much worse. Without waiting for Zhang Lan Yu, Li Dong got into the car and was ready to leave. This time Zhang Lan Yu caught up, slightly complained: "How to leave without saying a word, so easy to get an appointment, you so …… "Li Dong stopped moving, turned his head to look at her, there is no ripple on his face, just faintly said. "Who do you represent?" Zhang Lan Yu face slightly stiffened, then it bitterly smiled: "You think too much! I now you have persecution paranoia ……" "Maybe." Li Dong smiled to himself and said again, "No matter who you represent, I still have to thank you. Whether it was Dongyu Real Estate before or this time you accompanied me to the capital, you have brought me a lot of help, thank you, I really mean it." Zhang Lan Yu's face stiffened even more. Seeing Li Dong about to get into the car, Zhang Lan Yu hurriedly said, "You really misunderstood." "There is no need to look deeper into some things, misunderstanding is misunderstanding." Li Dong dropped these words and turned around and got into the car, and the Maybach soon drove away from the original place. Zhang Lanyu's face changed for a while, and at this time Han Yu also came downstairs. Seeing that Li Dong's car left and Zhang Lanyu remained in the same place, Han Yu said lightly, "Lanyu, it seems that your gentle policy is just useless." Zhang Lanyu looked at her and frowned, "I'm not like you!" "Not the same?" Han Yu dropped a sentence with a smirk, didn't say more, and went straight to a Land Rover next to her. The bookish Han Yu, with the overbearing Land Rover, looked a bit mismatched, but when Han Yu stood next to the Land Rover, it seemed logical. When people are gone, Zhang Lan Yu sighs softly, his face is full of fatigue. …… Jiangbei. Received Zhang Langyu's call, Shen Xi did not say a word, hang up the phone, Shen Xi also sighed the same. …… Beijing University. Li Dong and Qin Yuhan sitting on the withered grass, did not care about a suit was pressed out a crease. Li Dong looked up at the sky, maintaining this posture for a long time. Qin Yuhan quietly accompanied him, did not make a sound to disturb. I don't know how long it took before Li Dong craned his neck and leaned on Qin Yu Han and whispered, "Is it true that nothing can be trusted in this world except for interests?" Qin Yuhan did not know what he was stimulated by, and quickly said, "Don't be so paranoid, you are too tired these days, why don't you go back and rest for a while?" "No, I'm not tired, just a little tired at heart." Li Dong murmured, sometimes he felt that he was really quite stupid and naive. He thought he was in control of everything, he thought he knew everyone, but in the end, it turned out that some people he did not know at all. Seeing his negative attitude, Qin Yuhan's eyes showed a touch of worry. After a while, Qin Yuhan asked, "Did the bond thing not work out?" "No, I don't want to line up, there's a lot going on over in Jiangbei, I'll probably go back tomorrow or the day after." "Li Dong ……" Qin Yuhan hesitated slightly and thought about it before saying, "If there are really difficulties, I may be able to help a little." "You?" Li Dong's mood suddenly a lot better, wrapped his arms around her kiss and said, "or my daughter-in-law know how to love me, but this you forget, study hard, be an intellectual. Your husband I am uneducated and uneducated, being fooled like a group of fools. When you have the knowledge, have a culture, remember to teach our children how to shady people, how to revenge for his old man. I'm just a big old man, I can't play with intelligence but you high IQ people." Qin Yuhan gave him a white look, and said with good humor, "What nonsense. In addition, what I just said is also true, you said at the beginning of the line bond I said do you want my help, you still look down on me. Now you have a problem, I really want to help, and you refuse me." "Help, how to help? You will not tell me, in fact, you have a very powerful grandfather or grandfather …… "Qin Yuhan a black line interrupted:" you think too much, our family is the authentic farmers! But ……" "But what?" Qin Yuhan said somewhat smugly: "But I am a student of the Beijing University!" "Yes, I know Beijing University is very powerful, but even more powerful, you are only a student." "Stupid!" Qin Yuhan could not stand him any more and said in exasperation, "Think about it, Beijing University is a first-class academic institution in China, besides being a gathering place for academic bullies, who else is it?" "You mean?" Li Dong faintly stared, Qin Yu Han saw that he seemed to have thought, then smiled smugly: "Yes, it is the choice after the powerful and noble. And I, Qin Yuhan, although I am not after the powerful and noble, but our dormitory, but there is a powerful person." "Qi Fangfang?" Qin Yuhan hurriedly shook his head: "Fangfang is not, Fangfang is the real school bully." "That is ……" Li Dong thought back for a moment, Qin Yuhan dormitory plus her together with four people, Qi Fangfang is not, then there are only two people.