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Chapter 615 - The unexpected ending

  This is the first time Shen Xi tears, Li Dong know the first time. Last time he was admitted to the hospital, I heard that Shen Xi had cried, but at that time Li Dong was in a coma, and when he woke up, Shen Xi did not shed tears in front of him. Seeing her in tears, Li Dong suddenly relieved, said softly: "Don't cry, it's me who took the bull by the horns." "No …… you listen to me ……" Shen Xi choked: "Really, I did not want to lie to you, nor did I want to get something in the far side, I Shen Xi is What kind of person, you should understand." "Everything I do is not for my own sake, nor for the Shen Group, nor for others." "I just feel that your burden is too heavy, the pressure is too great, and I want to relieve you of a little burden." "Before coming to the capital this time, my father and I had a deep talk, he felt that you are now going too fast and going too fast, and he was afraid that Yuan couldn't hold up such a scene. He told me that the Jiangbei government could strongly support Yuanfang's development, both in terms of loans and policies." "But Yuanfang is a private enterprise, and it is not convenient for the government to intervene directly. He told me that as long as you are willing to let the Jiangbei State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission take a stake, even if it is just a little bit of shares, the Jiangbei government will have the name to escort Yuanfang." "With the power of one province, Yuanfang can go faster and more steadily." "China Resources, Bailian, these companies, can do this, the government's support is indispensable. He promised that he would not interfere with your operation in Yuanfang, nor would he seize the controlling interest in Yuanfang, all the SASAC side needs is a reputation and political performance. In this way, both sides will benefit from the cooperation, and there will be an explanation for us, and for the government." "I know your nature, if I talk to you directly, you will definitely not agree. So I want you to come to the capital to try and wake you up a little, really, that's all I have in mind." "I didn't design anything, I just wanted things to go normally." "But I didn't expect Zhang Langyu to find Han Yu, and I didn't expect you to run into Yu Le, I was wrong, I just wanted you to experience the hardship of running into a wall, believe me, Li Dong, it was all something I didn't anticipate!" "……" Li Dong is full of bitterness, this is Shen Xi's idea? This stupid woman, thanks to him before he still think Shen Xi shrewd and capable! Now it seems that this woman is a big fool! The promise of Du Anmin is credible? Trustworthy my ass! The SASAC will not seize his controlling interest? Maybe at the moment, but a few years later, the middle distant side want to do, the SASAC side will certainly keep on financing, and the shares will not keep on increasing. Once Li Dong is used to relying on them, the final result is absolutely terrible, that is, Yuanfang will gradually transform from a private enterprise to a state-run enterprise. When the dust settles, I'm afraid it's also the day when Li Dong stepped down in disgrace. Of course, Shen Xi's words Li Dong believes, he believes that she is for his own sake, but this stupid woman will not think more? Zhang Lan Yu why will come to the capital to help, before Li Dong still do not understand, now he understands, this matter from beginning to end is a conspiracy. It may be exaggerated to say conspiracy, but Zhang Lan Yu is definitely not simply invited to come, this woman may be the same as Shen Xi, commissioned by some people. Don't forget, Zhang Lan Yu's father is also a major official. Li Dong did not know whether to be honored or distressed, a private enterprise only, actually attracted the attention of all the giants to calculate. Seeing Shen Xi's helpless face, a face of pain, Li Dong gathered his mood and said in a good mood: "Cry mourning it! You are a stupid, said that women have long hair and short vision, I did not believe before, now I believe! What does your old man do? He's an official, and you believe him! This old man used you to shade me this time, don't blame me for giving him something to do later!" Shen Xi was still a little sad, but by Li Dong scolded a sentence, Shen Xi instead smiled, rubbed his eyes, Shen Xi huffed his nose: "No scolding, in addition I'm not stupid, I'm just worried about it." "Worried about what?" Li Dong craned his neck and hummed: "Worried that I can't carry it? You think too much, these people are not hitting me one by one? Then I'll show them that I can still make a good living without them!" "Why am I focusing on supermarkets and logistics?" "Look, aren't these people beating me up now? That's because my influence isn't big enough!" "Now Yuanfang can only feed tens of thousands of people, when Yuanfang can feed 100,000 people, a million people, who will dare to easily beat me up then? When I build up Yuanfang's business empire, no one will be able to bully me casually!" "The stores of Yuanfang Supermarket are still less, after this year, hundreds of new stores will be opened, and Yuanfang's influence will increase step by step." "Soon I am going to set up the Yuanfang Charity Fund to expand the scope of Yuanfang's donations and help targets, I am just willing to smash money and won't let others tell me what to do!" "Your old man thinks beautifully, and actually plays dirty with me, I am not as good as he wants!" "……" Li Dong cursed and said a lot, Shen Xi did not retort, just looked at him obsessively. Li Dong scolded a few words, heart pain a lot, and then see Shen Xi stared at himself, and black face said: "And you, idiot one, next time not to make up your own mind! Or I'll let you leave Far Far Away, and your billion is gone!" "If it's gone, it's gone." Shen Xi pursed her lips and let out a laugh, Li Dong some disgusted: "face ugly dead, go wash!" Shen Xi also did not get angry, cried a, the face of the makeup did spend, see Li Dong disgusted, hurried into the bathroom to wash the face. After washing his face out, Li Dong also changed his clothes. Seeing that his spirits were once again lifted, Shen Xi hurriedly said, "Then the bond matter ……" "has been solved." "Solved?" Shen Xi was a little surprised and said, "How was it solved?" "Yu Han helped to find someone." Hearing Li Dong talking about Qin Yu Han, Shen Xi bit her lip, she felt as if she had done a big stupid thing this time. And thinking that if it wasn't for that bastard Yu Le, things wouldn't have turned out like this, Shen Xi was filled with anger. Seeing Li Dong packing his things, Shen Xi asked, "You're going back to Jiangbei?" "Well, things are almost done, why not go back." "No, there is still one thing left to do!" Shen Xi gritted her teeth and said, "Yu Le hit you in the face, that is to hit me in the face! This matter can not just forget, you Li Dong is not just anyone can bully!" Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "I look away, there is a saying, thirty years of river east and thirty years of river west, when I reach that point, this revenge I will naturally revenge back." "No!" Shen Xi quickly shook her head: "You must not think so, you Li Dong has always been unstoppable, always revenge is not overnight, a mere Yu Le let you admit defeat? Let's take revenge today, I'll show these bastards in the capital that you're not someone to be bullied!" After saying this, Shen Xi dragged Li Dong to go out. Li Dong saw the situation and said speechlessly: "What are you doing?"