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Chapter 616 - Shen Xi's cousin

  The two of them were ready to find Yu Le in a rage. The fastest update two people aggressively killed out ready to find Yu Le to find the field, the result of the car to the halfway, the two people remembered that they do not know where Yu Le them. After looking at each other for a moment, Shen Xi said somewhat awkwardly, "It has been a long time since I came to the capital, some do not know the way." The corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched, which is not know the way, this woman just clearly was overwhelmed by anger, simply do not know the place. After a while, Shen Xi said sarcastically, "Then how about I make a phone call?" "Call Yu Le?" "Ahem ……" Shen Xi was choked, some crying and laughing: "You really dare to think, call a cousin of mine, he is familiar with this side of the capital, fox friends are also more, let him show us the way. " "Your cousin?" Li Dong frowned slightly, he was really afraid to deal with the Shen family. Seeing Li Dong some reluctance, Shen Xi explained: "Let him lead the way, otherwise we count on ourselves, it is not always possible to find Yu Le and them. This group of people is like a rat, full of the capital city everywhere, we have no time to play hide-and-seek with them." Shen Xi is also right, want to know where Yu Le they are, ask people is not difficult. Whether it's Wei Hengzhi or Han Yu, or even Zhang Lan Yu may know, but asking these people is better than finding out for yourself. After weighing the situation, Li Dong nodded and didn't refuse again. Shen Xi saw the situation and made a phone call out, briefly said the address and hung up the phone directly. …… Shen Hang came quickly. Cousin's phone, Shen Hang did not dare to delay, put down the phone and rushed over at the speed of racing. The red Ferrari almost drifted to a stop not far from Li Dong, Shen Hang got out and shouted, "Sister, I'm here!" Shen Xi got out of the car with a black face and walked up and gave him a slap on the head without saying a word. This slap is not light, next to the same get out of the car Li Dong see some pain, good guys, more than twenty years old young man, head was knocked with a wooden fish like. Shen Hang cried, a face of aggression said: "Sister, you hit me why?" Shen Xi glared at him and said, "Who told you to race the car! Is it handsome? You play another one to show me, believe it or not I will break your legs, so you can not drive for the rest of your life!" At this time, Shen Xi is really powerful, and does not speak like scary. Anyway, Li Dong listened to the tone, think Shen Xi really have broken this guy's legs in mind, this tone he has never heard in Shen Xi this. Shen Hang a sarcastic face, also dare not refute, carefully said: "sister, I am not in a hurry, next time do not dare." "Humph!" Shen Xi hummed and frowned, "Get in the car and lead the way!" Dropping these words, Shen Xi directly got into Li Dong's car. Shen Hang scratched his head, looked at Li Dong again, and followed somewhat confusedly into the car. When he got into the car, Shen Hang just wanted to sit down, Shen Xi said: "Go to the passenger side, where did you go last night? Body a smell of alcohol, drinking and driving, this time forget it, next time if I also met, you consider the consequences!" Although Shen Xi said quite fierce, but Li Dong still feel out, Shen Xi should be quite concerned about this cousin. People like Shen Xi, if she does not care about you, even if you die in front of her, she will not even blink an eye. Now hitting and scolding this cousin, obviously caring for him. Shen Hang probably also understands his cousin's temper, showed his teeth and smiled, and wheedled his way to the passenger seat. When he sat down, Shen Hang turned his eyes to Li Dong's head and stared at him and asked Shen Xi, "Sister, this is?" "Li Dong." Shen Xi simply said a name, and did not introduce more, and to Li Dong Dong: "My cousin, Shen Hang, nothing good, know the name on the line, less deal with him in the future." Shen Hang smiled and said with a face of aggression: "Sister, in front of outsiders to damage me, I am still your brother ah?" After complaining, Shen Hang stared at Li Dong Dong with interest, "You are Li Dong?" Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "I am Li Dong." "I've heard of you." "An honor." "Don't you ask where I've heard of you?" Before Li Dong could say anything, Shen Xi said impatiently, "Which is so much nonsense, I'm not looking for you to nag, lead the way and find Yu Le and the others for me!" "Yu Le?" Shen Hang was a little confused, thought for a while before saying, "Which Yu Le?" "The one from the Ministry of Water Resources." Hearing Shen Xi talk about the Ministry of Water Resources, Shen Hang thought for a while before saying, "The guy who often plays with Sun Manman?" "Well, that's him." Next to him, Li Dong listened to the conversation between the two, and he didn't know how he felt in his heart. Apparently in Shen Hang's eyes, Yu Le was not a big deal, he didn't even remember who the other party was. Among Yu Le's party, the one he really remembered was Sun Manman instead. Although the level of Sun Manhua is not high, but the other party's status is not ordinary, plus the old man of the Sun family is still alive, although he has retired to the second line, but as long as people live is a banner.