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Chapter 617 - Here comes the picking!

  See Li Dong went in, Shen Xi and Tan Yong crowd also hurriedly followed…… The fastest update Shen Hang saw these people aggressive, immediately felt strange, this scene he has seen a lot, clearly provoke trouble to ah! Thinking of this Shen Hang hurriedly chased up and pulled Shen Xi said: "Sister, what are you doing?" "You care about me?" Shen Xi glared at him, a face of displeasure. Shen Hang face anxious, nervously said: "Not I care about you, but you ……" "What's wrong with me?" "What are you adding to the mess at this time!" Shen Hang at this time also do not care about a lot, hurriedly said: "aunt husband will soon go to the capital, you make trouble in the capital at this time, is not to make aunt husband look bad? Yu Le is not to provoke you, if you provoke you tell me, I will find a chance to pick him up. But you can't come out, if you come out, this thing was caught and not released, that aunt ……" Li Dong, who was walking in front, also stopped at this moment and looked at Shen Xi. Shen Xi glared at Shen Hang and said: "You are quite wide! And lecture me? How do I do still need you to teach?" "But sister ……" Shen Hang was anxious, and turned his head to look at Li Dong, annoyed: "Is it you who invited the matter?" Shen Xi's person Shen Hang knows, he this cousin to many things are very light, plus Shen Xi identity here, Yu Le certainly do not dare to provoke her. Since it is not Shen Xi, plus Li Dong and here, even if Shen Hang does not know what happened, also guessed that probably who caused the incident. Li Dong did not deny, smiled lightly and said: "It's really me, it's not I was bullied, looking for your sister to support me." "Are you still a man!" Hearing Li Dong say this, Shen Hang was furious, with an indignant face: "You are a big man being bullied, why are you looking for my sister! Don't you know that my aunt's husband is in a critical period? Do you know, this matter if my sister to step forward to get into much trouble, you this eat soft ……" "Pah!" Shen Hang covered his face and looked at Shen Xi incredulously! His cousin had beaten him, scolded him, but never slapped him, slapped that is not playful, that is really angry. Shen Xi coldly stared at him, gloomy face said: "Who said this to you? And, my father off the critical period do not need to worry about you! I recognize you as a cousin, do you only recognize your aunt's husband?" Shen Hang suddenly felt that if he had a bad answer today, his relationship with his closest cousin might be broken from now on. Frozen for a moment, Shen Hang said with some resignation, "Sister, am I that kind of person? But this is related to auntie's future, you know, auntie is 60 this year! If you miss this opportunity, auntie may stay in Jiangbei for life, auntie is also your father, am I still wrong!" Shen Xi stared at him without saying anything, and only after a while said, "This matter does not need to worry about you, I know better than you! And, next time, mouth to me a little door, and then talk nonsense, I knocked your mouth full of teeth!" Shen Hang covered his face and nodded, and looked at Li Dong. Li Dong looked at him with a smile, this kid wanted to provoke himself, but unfortunately, he was ready to pit Du Anmin. Of course, it is not a pit. In fact, Li Dong understands better than they do, Du Anmin actually will not be too affected by this kind of thing. This is the direction of the country's top brass, will be because of Shen Xi's a risky move there will be a change of heart? Of course, this possibility is not absent, by the son or daughter pitted by the father more than. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. And then step back, even if it really shakes, Du Anmin can not enter the capital, so what. Old Du's future Li Dong clear, into the capital as the second-in-command, a dry is many years, the second-in-command in the capital is really stronger than the Jiangbei No. 1? If the capital one, that is different, old Du is considered a promotion, but the second-in-command, at most, even a level transfer. Since this is the case, it is better to stay in Jiangbei and continue to be his frontier officials. If you can serve two more terms, the old Du may be able to step in place, not necessarily worse than this time to the capital. Maybe Du Anmin himself will have dissatisfaction with Li Dong, but as long as Shen Xi is still there, the old Du will not really put Li Dong how. These cause and effect relationships, Li Dong has long thought through. Shen Hang wanted to scold him for eating soft rice, Li Dong was on fire at first, but soon put out the fire. This time to the capital, he encountered more things, Li Dong is now also considered to exercise over. The whole Shen family is afraid of this attitude, even Yu Le in their eyes is not a thing, and Yu Le and let Li Dong suffered a loss. So a comparison, Li Dong is even worse than Yu Le, how can it be in the eyes of the Shen family. But after Shen Xi gave Shen Hang a slap, Li Dong no longer think about these things, Shen Xi is Shen Xi, the Shen family is the Shen family, he and Shen Xi and not next to each other, why bother how others see themselves. Shen Hang saw that Li Dong did not speak, immediately eyes showing dissatisfaction. But just received a slap from Shen Xi, at this time Shen Hang also dare not speak again.