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Chapter 618 - I'll tell you a secret

  Emperor's Court. The name is quite overbearing, in fact, and other private rooms are not too far apart. But the emperor's pavilion is indeed the most high-grade private room in the emperor's palace, the average person can not book this private room, but Yu Le and Sun Manman is the highest status of the people who come here, where they are naturally allowed to enter and exit. Last night did not sleep, at this time, Yu Le a few people are also ready to go out to go home. As a result, they have not yet moved, the door was pushed open. The crowd at first thought that the waiter into the door, did not care, and so the lights in the room were all turned on, the crowd was used to the dimness of the eyes were hastily closed. A few of them are a little more grumpy, but also cursed: "Damn looking for death, right! Who told you to turn on the headlights?" "Blind ah, Wang Canghai is not want to mix!" "What the hell, believe it or not I'll kill you!" "……" people cursed for a while, Yu Le also did not good: "What the hell, Wang Canghai so teach you?" As he spoke, Yu Le opened his eyes. When he looked clearly at the people in front of him, Yu Le's cursing stopped abruptly. Others have also opened their eyes at this time, Shen Xi they do not know, but standing at the forefront of Li Dong they have seen. Once he saw it was Li Dong, Sun Manman immediately dissatisfied: "Li Dong, what are you mad!" Li Dong glanced at her and said with a faint smile, "Are you Sun Wenhua's daughter?" Sun Manman frowned and said with some displeasure, "You directly called my father by his name?" Li Dong said strangely, "Isn't a name just for people to call? Is your father not Sun Manhua?" "Li Dong!" Sun Manman was a little annoyed: "You don't have to do this! Do you think that if you know that fool Hu Xiaorui, I won't dare to ……" "Wait!" Li Dong frowned and interrupted her words, smiling, "Who are you calling stupid?" Sun Manman suddenly felt a little bad, but she is used to being petulant which see Li Dong this face, indignantly said: "I said Hu Xiaorui stupid, she is originally a stupid, what, you still want to hit me!" "Which can ah." Li Dong smilingly said, "Hu Xiaorui is your cousin, right?" "So what if she is! You still want to climb friendship with me, dream on! I tell you, begging for mercy has an attitude of begging for mercy, and also play your prestige. You think this is Jiangbei, Jiangbei that place is really disgusting, you do, Hu Xiaorui is also like this, her father is also like this, I do not know how my second aunt looked at ……" Sun Manman probably has long been dissatisfied with Hu Xiaorui father and daughter, plus by Li Dong stimulated a while, suddenly recited up, face always With the color of dislike. Li Dong smiled and did not say anything, waiting for her to finish before smiling and saying, "Come here, I have something to tell you." Sun Manman frowned at him, next to Yu Le has not said anything, but stared at Shen Hang, who was hiding behind the crowd. Seeing that Sun Manman did not move, Li Dong beckoned and smiled, "Come here, really, I have a secret to tell you, about Hu Xiaorui." Sun Manman will be skeptical to come over, frowned: "What secret, you do not pretend to be a ghost, I tell you, today if you ……" "Pa!" Li Dong slapped down a slap, waved his hand and said indifferently: "I have never moved against a woman, today is an exception." At this moment, whether in the room or outside the room, everyone is dumbfounded. What just happened? Li Dong gave Sun Manman a slap! Inside and outside the room, the needles fell in a moment, whether it was Yu Le or Shen Hang or the director of the Imperial Palace were confused. The only one who had expected this was probably Shen Xi. If Sun Manman had only scolded Li Dong a few words, Li Dong would not necessarily be bothered with her. But Sun Manman open mouth Hu Xiaorui is stupid, but also in front of so many people, Li Dong can hold back only strange. Although there is nothing between Li Dong and Hu Xiaorui, but Hu Xiaorui helped Li Dong several times without asking for anything in return, the little girl's mind is clearly revealed. No matter what for, Li Dong will not listen to others call her a fool and indifferent. After beating Sun Manman, Li Dong smilingly said, "Is Rui still a fool?" Sun Manman stared at him blankly for a while before screaming, "You hit me!" "Don't you dare hit me!" "Li Dong, you're crazy! You hit me? Do you know what? No one has ever hit me since I was a kid, and today, because of a fool, you hit me!" "Pop!" Now the room was completely quiet, Li Dong shook his hand and frowned: "It is said that three generations of nobility, I see that you are not much more expensive. Foolish, you such assholes, also deserve to say that others foolish? Hu Xiaorui 16 years old into the juvenile class, the scholarship to get a soft hand. Now she has opened a few chain of dessert stores, not to mention the investment in movies has also seen the first results, career is booming, you just know how to drink with the night female gangster still dare to laugh at her? Who gave you such a big face? Who gave you the courage to call others fools!" Li Dong mocked a few words, and then laughed: "Go away, go back to your old man, I'd like to see what your old man can say! What the hell, Sun Wenhua looks like a human being, but he taught you such a waste of a daughter! Do you really think I'm afraid of you if I don't see eye to eye with you?" He dropped these words, Li Dong also did not care about her, but looked at Yu Le: "Brother Le, I came to beg your old man to be on the side, your old man think my brother on the road?" Yu Le gloomy face, did not look at Li Dong, but looked behind him Shen Hang said: "Shen Hang, you and I into the water does not offend the river water, you have to be against me today?" Shen Hang originally peeked out to see, and heard Yu Le mentioned himself, immediately stood out clutching his chest lazily said: "Yu Le, this thing you can not rely on my head. I just came to see a lively, you fight your own, this matter we Shen family do not get involved!" Yu Le stared at him without saying a word, Shen Hang said: "Look at me why, can't I watch the show!" Yu Le smiled and did not look at him again, but stared at Li Dong and narrowed his eyes and said, "Li Dong, do you want to tear your face off with me?" Li Dong said with a strange face, "Why should I tear my face with you? Besides, do you still have a face?" "Li Dong!" Yu Le could not hold his anger and said angrily, "Don't be an asshole! Do you know where this is? You just hit Manman, even if I spare you this time, the Sun family will not spare you! You think this is Jiangbei ……" "Jiangbei in the end how you guys!" Before Li Dong made a sound, Shen Xi said coldly: "Each one of you open mouth Jiangbei, shut mouth Jiangbei, Jiangbei how you? Tell me about it! A province with a population of 60 million is a barbarian land in your mouth, right?