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Chapter 619 - Have a drink and make friends

  Shen Hang is now also anxious to get rid of suspicion, hit Yu Le he does not care too much, but Li Dong into the door first to Sun Manman two slaps, this is a little unbearable. The Sun family is a great protector of shortcomings, this matter if the Shen family to carry down, the trouble that is big. Although Shen Xi is his cousin, his relationship with her is also good, but this really can not let him bear down. Shen Xi and Li Dong is not afraid, these two guys hit and run, back to Jiangbei with Du Anmin cover, the Sun family, the old man will not give Shen Xi Li Dong a few slaps on the door? Not to mention that Du Anmin answer or not, the old Sun head and not really Alzheimer's. The door to beat Du Anmin's daughter, that is and Du Anmin will not die a deadly feud, who will do such a thing. As for Sun Manman being beaten up, she deserved it. If old man Sun knew that his granddaughter was outside calling Hu Xiaorui stupid, calling Hu Ming waste, maybe he would give her a hard time again. These people in the Sun family know what, these years if not Hu Ming support, on the Sun family this group of people, can not starve to death on the good. Which can still maintain the current scenery! Even if Sun Wenhua despise Hu Ming, but also dare not say to his face, the former brother-in-law, Sun Wenhua really see the face, but also do not know how polite. Sun family people do not really like Hu Xiaorui like? Bullshit! After all, it is a foreigner, which has so much love. Mainly for the sake of the Hu Ming couple, the Sun family's finances are now counting on these two, even if the two divorced, it's still the same. And the two on Hu Xiaorui so a baby girl, who dares to say Hu Xiaorui is stupid, the two really dare to fight with you. In this case, Sun Manman scolded Hu Xiaorui in front of so many people, go back to the Sun family, I'm afraid there is a good show. These thoughts are in Shen Hang's mind flashed, Sun Manman back to what trouble he is now too lazy to think, but even if Sun Manman back to suffer a loss, that the Shen family can not bear down. Old man Sun may be afraid of Du Anmin, but will never be afraid of the Shen family. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good idea of what you are doing. …… see Shen Hang shrugged off, Wang Canghai could not help but put his eyes on the two Li Dong. Li Dong also looked at him, looked for a while before laughing: "Mr. Wang, this matter seems to have caused you trouble. But this is our personal grudge, so if there is any inconvenience, please forgive me, Mr. Wang." Wang Canghai looked at him for a few moments and frowned slightly, "What is your name, sir?" "Li Dong." "Li Dong ……" Wang Canghai muttered, then seemed to remember who Li Dong was, and then thought of Shen Hang accompanying them, and couldn't help but turn his gaze to Shen Xi. When he got a good look at Shen Xi's face, Wang Canghai's eyes couldn't help but narrow. It's really her! Before Li Dong spoke, Shen Xi has been sitting low and silent, Wang Canghai almost ignored the past. Now see the other party's face, Wang Canghai immediately knew that this matter is beyond his control. A frontier official, a capital city famous family. Both sides are not something he can just mess with, plus there is a Li Dong, then he can not get involved in this matter. Other people may be more important to Shen Xi some, but Wang Canghai these businessmen, Li Dong's weight is much heavier. Du Anmin is powerful, now also can not control their heads. But the strength of the far side is real, Li Dong this guy in the business world and has the name of crazy cow, vengeance is notorious. He may be a bit shrinking to clean up the officialdom, can be far from the capital, this guy if you do not care, forcibly sniping them, then the trouble is big. Thinking of these, Wang Canghai looked at Yu Le and Sun Manman again. Today this is really an unwarranted disaster ah! These two guys were blocked in his place, what should he do? After a moment of hesitation, Wang Canghai smiled and said, "Mr. Li, why don't you give me a face, let's sit down and talk about this matter, there is no hurdle that can't be overcome, why make such a stalemate." Li Dong shook his head and said, "If you had come a step earlier, there would still be something to discuss, but now, it's too late!" Wang Canghai's face changed, and he naturally knew what Li Dong was talking about. If Li Dong did not hit people before, then we sit down to talk about this matter, and perhaps can still be resolved. But now that Li Dong has done it, it's not that simple. Wang Canghai forehead seeped out fine sweat, the master, how this thing happened to let himself meet, damn it this! Exhaled, Wang Canghai looked at Yu Le and Sun Manman, see the two looked at themselves, Wang Canghai some headache. He can't just ignore it, if Sun Manman and Yu Le had an accident here, it would be more trouble. Thinking of this, Wang Canghai said to Li Dong: "Mr. Li, give brother a face. This happened today on my brother's field, otherwise you guys make a fuss, I don't bother to care. But since it happened to me, then I can't just ignore it. What do you think?" Li Dong rubbed his chin, at this time Tan Yong said softly: "Mr. Li, the wine is ready." Li Dong smiled at the words and said, "Wang's face still has to be given, I will not make it difficult for you guys, drink the wine and forget about it. What do you think?"