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Chapter 620: I am so arrogant!

  The sound of screaming in the room is still going on. The day the novel WwW.⒉3TXT.COM Li Dong slightly frowned and said: "Forget it, let the old Tan and them rest, no point." Shen Xi reluctantly said, "But ……" "Come on, I know you want to help me export, but it's almost enough." Li Dong laughed and said, "I know your little mind, don't be like a little aggrieved daughter-in-law, do you think I will hold a grudge against you?" Shen Xi puffed out her mouth and did not speak. Li Dong couldn't help but say: "Where's the Iron Lady who was just so powerful and valiant? What do you want to do?" "You're the one who's the aggrieved party!" Shen Xi couldn't help but be happy, turned her head and shouted: "Old Tan, let's go!" Not a moment later, Tan Yong led a few people out of the room. Seeing that he still had some blood on his hands, Li Dong frowned slightly and said, "Get it clean, next time don't listen to Shen Xi's nonsense." Tan Yong grinned, nodded and did not speak. Seeing that a few people have taken care of things, not far away Wang Canghai sighed and went up and said, "Mr. Li, then I'll go in and take a look." "Go ahead, give Mr. Wang a lot of trouble this time." Li Dong politely said and smiled, "Next time when Mr. Wang comes to Jiangbei, feel free to say hello, I, Li Dong, am not the kind of person who is ungrateful." "You're welcome, Mr. Li." Wang Canghai didn't say anything more and led the people into the private room. As soon as he left, Shen Hang, who had not spoken, hurriedly said, "Sister, you guys quickly pack up and go back to Jiangbei quickly." "What's the hurry." Li Dong did not panic and said, "I'm not leaving today, I'll see someone tonight and leave tomorrow." He did not speak okay, once he said Shen Hang could not help but angrily said: "Have you grown a brain? You hit Sun Manman, now not go ……" Shen Xi just wanted to fire, Li Dong waved his hand to block: "Let him say, this guy looks like he is very displeased with me ah." Seeing that Shen Xi did not make another sound, Shen Hang finally could not restrain his annoyance and said, "I am just unhappy with you!" "Li Dong, you are at least a man, can you have some ambition!" "You know what? Because of your recklessness, how much trouble you will bring us!" "Because of your recklessness, my aunt's side may lose everything!" "Because of your recklessness, my sister may be blamed by everyone!" "It's all because of you, you know?" "Now that you're done beating people up, what kind of dana are you pretending to be, and if you don't leave are you waiting for my sister to go down with you?" "……" Shen Hang was also held back hard, once the export was somewhat unstoppable. When he finished, Li Dong only smiled and said, "No more?" "Do you still want to shame!" Shen Hang looked at him angrily, hating to eat his look. Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "To face, of course. My Li Dong's face is worth more than you, worth more than your Shen family, understand?" "Kid, brother teach you a lesson today, don't use your narrow-minded gaze to see everyone, your brother I'm not something you can reach, do you understand?" "Calling you stupid is a compliment, you're an idiot." "What are you looking at me for? Want to hit me? Do you dare?" "Even if I cripple you, your Shen family wouldn't dare to say a word, if you dare to touch a hair on my head, you'll be ready to beg for food on the street!" Li Dong's words were arrogant, so arrogant that Shen Hang was a little confused. What makes this guy so arrogant? Why so arrogant! Looked at Shen Xi, Shen Hang seemed to understand, immediately said angrily: "Sister, look, he is this kind of person, you can still look at him? What else is in this guy's head but pretentiousness!" Shen Xi glared at him and said in no good mood, "Shut up, idiot!" "You called me an idiot?" Shen Hang said, "Listen, what the hell is this guy talking about! Who does he think he is? And crippled me, he dares to try his hand! Our Shen family ……" "Shut up!" Shen Xi barked and frowned, "How did you grow a brain?" "Shen family, what happened to the Shen family?" Shen Xi did not consider herself a part of the Shen family at this time, and slightly sneered, "Do you think the Shen family is very powerful? Do you think you're so powerful that you can't look at Yu Le Sun Man Man and the others?" "Do you think that you are qualified to look down on Li Dong because he is just a landlord?" "Idiot, is that what you see in the Shen family?" "Then if I tell you that the Shen family is just like this, will you be lost?" Shen Xi said with some pity, "My silly brother, stop being so ignorant, your ignorance will make me lose face you know?" "Do you know who Li Dong is?" "Do you know what the far side is?" "The Shen family in your eyes is so powerful, but it's only a family of merchants, and the radiation range won't even go past a capital city."