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Chapter 621 - Hello Li Dong!

  Li Dong terrible not terrible, Shen Hang still can not experience…… The fastest update he only knows that the day Yu Le was hospitalized, the injury is not light. However, the capital was calm that day, the Sun family did not move, the Yu family also did not move, as if everyone had forgotten about this matter. Of course, he did not know does not mean that there is really no movement. In the hotel, Li Dong was a little surprised when he received a phone call from Sun Wenhua, he thought this guy would not call him. When the call was answered, Sun Wenhua opened his mouth and said, "It's a bit too much." Li Dong lost his smile and said, "Excessive? What does Director Sun mean by that?" "Hitting people is not hitting them in the face, even if Manman's words are inappropriate, you should not slap her in front of everyone, the Sun family's face was trampled under your feet this time!" "Director Sun, are you sure you're really speaking in person?" "What do you mean?" Sun Wenhua said with some dissatisfaction. "So your Sun family's unproductive daughter can step on my Li Dong's face and not take it seriously, I still have to give her face? Director Sun, it's better to put more thought into your daughter, it's almost ruined you know?" Li Dong snickered: "I almost forgot to tell you, Sun Manman in the clubhouse cursed Xiao Rui and Hu Ming is stupid, this can not be hidden. Your old man should think about how to solve this, I'm afraid your daughter will have to have a few more marks on her face." Sun Wenhua probably didn't know about this before, and when he heard Li Dong finish, his face changed and he said coldly, "Don't make rumors and create trouble!" "Oh, I Li Dong guilty of rumors? I'm waiting to see the show now, I hope I can see the good show when I'm leaving." "You!" Sun Wenhua's eyes flashed with anger, did not speak again, and hung up the phone straight away. …… what kind of chaos will erupt in the Sun family Li Dong lazy to care, anyway, he knows Sun Wenhua now is no time to bother with him about this. Sun Man Man scolded Hu Xiaorui in public, the Sun family, even to preserve the reputation of loving granddaughter, this time can not spare Sun Man Man. As for Sun Wenhua, this guy is afraid that now he does not have the heart to fight with Li Dong. The Yu family side did not move, Li Dong also do not care, Yu Le this guy is a dude, Yu family even if the heart is not comfortable, a moment for him will not come out to find Li Dong trouble. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. At the table, Wang Jun Yu looked at Li Dong across the table and said, "Brother, we're not familiar with each other, we've only met once, why are you inviting me to dinner?" After saying that, Wang Jun Yu was a bit wary and said, "I returned the thousand dollars to Qin Yu Han, ask her if you don't believe me!" The Qin Yuhan next to Li Dong smiled and said, "Who is talking to you about money, you are not happy to invite you to dinner?" "Nothing to offer ……," Wang Jun Yu hadn't finished speaking when his petite girlfriend pulled him a little. Wang Jun Yu blushed sarcastically and said, "Anyway, if you don't say anything, I don't feel at ease eating, do you have something for me?" "Good." Li Dong also did not beat around the bush, narrowed his eyes and smiled: "I think you are a talent, how about working with me?" "Work with you?" Wang Jun Yu said with a smile, "Brother, can you stop joking. Okay, I know you have some money and your family probably has some business, but who am I, Wang Jun Yu? You know what, I gave a brief to Google a few days ago, and I'm already in the interview process, and now you want me to work with you, this ……" Li Dong smiled and said, "Of course I know, but although Google is a cow, but you get in, can you be a supervisor? Can be a senior? Still not a small soldier, interesting?" "You have the ability and ambition, so you're willing to be a soldier for life?" Wang Jun Yu said, "Who said I would be a soldier for life? Step by step, as long as you have the ability, there will always be a day when you can get ahead." "How long is that day? In a big group like Google, are you sure people will notice you? Are you sure they will give you the space to show your ambition?" "That's better than working with you." Wang Junyu didn't have any worries, after all, Li Dong wasn't too old, and he didn't take it too seriously. Li Dong laughed at himself, "Grandma, I'm being looked down upon again, do I look like such a fraud?" Wang Jun Yu gave a heated laugh and didn't say anything. Li Dong was a bit helpless, so he had to say, "My name is Li Dong." "Well, hello Li Dong." Wang Jun Yu joked in passing. "My name is Li Dong!" "Yeah, I even said hello." "Pfft!" Qin Yuhan, who came along next to him, couldn't hold back and laughed out at once. Li Dong was full of black lines and said bitterly, "Brother, do I really have no popularity at all?" Wang Jun Yu, still full of confusion, shook his head and said, "Brother Li Dong, just say what you have to say, I really don't know which one you are. After all, there are many people with the same name, you can't ask me to find out about everyone, right?" "Do you know how to chat?" Li Dong helplessly said, "At least give a face into it, even if you don't know, can't you satisfy my vanity?" Wang Jun Yu smiled and said, "Brother, you are really quite interesting. Don't get me wrong, I'm serious, if you were a little more mature, maybe I would have done it with you, but you ……" "Hey, forget it, it looks like I overestimated myself." Li Dong got up and reached out his hand, "Formally meet, my name is Li Dong, chairman of the Yuanfang Group." Wang Jun Yu stood up with a dumbfounded face, shook hands with Li Dong, and then reacted, "Yuanfang Group?" "Have you heard of it?" Wang Jun Yu thought for a moment before he said suspiciously, "Is it the Yuanfang Group in Jiangbei, the one that does supermarkets?" "Not bad." "Really?" Wang Jun Yu did not believe it and scratched his head, "Brother, don't lie to me. You say so I do remember who Li Dong is, ten billionaire is not it? Two years ago, he also bought part of Baidu's equity, and after that, he made it to the top of the rich list, is that you?" Li Dong laughed: "It should be me, if there is no second so bullish Li Dong." "But …… but ……" Wang Jun Yu looked at a loss for words, looked back at his equally dumbfounded girlfriend, and then at Qin Yu Han, the corners of his mouth twitched and said. "You guys aren't playing with me, are you?" "What do you think?" Li Dong lost his smile and said, "If you don't believe me, you can check the internet, I think you should be able to find my picture online." "But …… but how do you and Qin Yuhan ……" "I am from Jiangbei, so is Yuhan, we are classmates, she is my girlfriend, is it strange? " "But ……" Wang Jun Yu did not know what to say for a while, although he thinks highly of himself, but he also knows that Li Dong's achievements are not comparable to his.