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Chapter 622 - Farewell, Capital City!

  Wang Jun Yu didn't think too long about it. The next day, when Li Dong and his group were packing their bags to go back to Jiangbei, Wang Jun Yu, who had dark circles under his eyes, came to the hotel early. Seeing that Li Dong and his group were packing, Wang Jun Yu was a bit embarrassed and stood aside without saying anything. Li Dong put down the task at hand and came over and smiled, "Have you thought it over?" Wang Jun Yu first nodded his head, then shook his head again. Seeing Li Dong looking at himself, Wang Jun Yu said sarcastically, "I thought about it all night and thought a lot about it, maybe you'll say I'm ignorant and think I'm a pretentious person ……" He said that, and Li Dong thought it was a lost cause. Slightly regrettable, but Li Dong is not prepared to persuade again, on the rush is not a sale. Just as he was regretting, Wang Jun Yu again said to himself, "I do think so, I can go to a distant place, but I have two conditions, I hope you can agree." Li Dong listened with slight interest and said, "Speak." "First, I hope that Lan Jing can accompany me, that is, my girlfriend. You do not misunderstand, I do not mean to blackmail you or what, I know I do not have the qualifications. I admit that I have a personal interest, but Blue Crystal is actually very good at it. The reason why I became interested in IT is entirely under the influence of Lan Jing, when I studied hard to pursue her. The far side is far away in Jiangbei, I go there alone, my heart is a bit uncomfortable, so I hope you can grant me this request." Li Dong smiled and said, "Why do I feel that this is not a request, but to send me talent? The talented girl from Beijing University will be welcomed in any company, right? Are you sure your girlfriend is willing to go to Jiangbei?" Wang Jun Yu smiled slightly proudly and said, "Lan Jing listens to me." Li Dong lost his smile and nodded, "As long as your girlfriend agrees, I welcome it with both hands." "Then thank you, Mr. Li!" Wang Jun Yu was slightly relieved, some big companies were not supportive of office romance. Although Lan Jing also studied at Beijing University, Li Dong did not show his intention to recruit her last night, so Wang Jun Yu was afraid that Li Dong was not too willing. Now that Li Dong has no opinion, Wang Jun Yu is naturally much more relaxed. The young man and woman who are in love can't afford to be separated from each other. Seeing that he was relieved, Li Dong asked, "What about the second?" "The second ……" Wang Jun Yu was not as coy as before, but had more energy and pride, tilting his head and saying, "I know this request is a bit pretentious, but I still hope that Mr. Li will agree. That is, Mr. Li should not let me enter the far side directly, I hope I can enter by myself. Mr. Li also does not have to give me any special care, I prefer Mr. Li to pretend that he does not know me. As for how far I can go and whether I can make it to management, as long as the Yuanfang system is fair, I think I, Wang Junyu, can!" Li Dong burst out laughing, causing everyone in the room to look sideways. This time in the capital, we rarely saw Li Dong laughing so freely, what happy event did he encounter today? Chen Ke several people looked at Wang Jun Yu who was talking to Li Dong, a touch of curiosity appeared in his eyes, who is this guy? Li Dong laughed for a while and nodded once again, "OK, I agree to this request!" "But I hope you can understand one thing, no matter what company, newcomers going in will not be rehired. Since you've decided to rely on yourself, be prepared to hit a wall in the early stages, so you don't come crying to me or run away." Wang Jun Yu proudly said, "Never!" "Since you insist, then I won't say much more." Li Dong laughed for a while and asked, "When are you planning to go to Jiangbei?" "After the year." Wang Junyu thought about it and said, "I haven't finished my graduation design yet, plus I still have some things to take care of, so I can only go after the year. Besides, I can't get my diploma at this time, which means I only have a high school degree now. "Yes, there is, but as long as you have the ability, what can you do if there is a threshold. If you can't even get into Far Far Away, then I think you can go back to the capital and continue to be a programmer." Wang Jun Yu skimmed his mouth and said with a slight look of intent, "Since you said that, then I, Wang Jun Yu, can't let you look down on me. When you and I meet again the next time, I think it will be at the Yuanfang Group." "I'm looking forward to it!" Li Dong and Wang Jun Yu chatted for a while, and seeing that Li Dong was busy on his side, Wang Jun Yu didn't stay much and soon left. Just after he left, Qin Yuhan went upstairs and said, "I just saw Wang Jun Yu, he agreed?" "Sort of." Qin Yuhan was still a bit confused at this point and asked, "Are you too high on him? Although I think Wang Jun Yu is quite powerful, but you don't need to think so highly of him. Especially since you're asking him to go to a faraway place to do IT, can he really do that?" "Let's wait and see, I can't guarantee if it will work or not." Li Dong laughed, he really did not quite dare to guarantee. After all, in a different environment, it is not a matter of whether Wang Junyu can still be the same as in his previous life. In his previous life, Wang Junyu was able to create a pea pod because of Google's environment. Of course, the cattleman naturally has a cattleman's capital, and Li Dong thinks Wang Jun Yu should be able to make his mark even if he has not experienced Google.