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Chapter 623 - Eighteen Billion

  Thousands of kilometers, a long car journey. When you came to be Zhang Lan Yu as a companion, when you go back to become Shen Xi. Along the way, Li Dong said a lot less, Shen Xi is also, the two are each thinking about something. Lunch, but also just a casual meal in the service area, saving a lot of time, around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the convoy returned to Pingchuan. Just entered the territory of Pingchuan, Li Dong's cell phone rang. Looked at the number, Hu Ming called. Li Dong just picked up, there came Hu Ming's muffled voice: "Thanks!" "No, I'm not doing it for you." "I understand, but I still want to say thank you." "You're welcome." Each other silent for a while, after a while Hu Ming only said: "Sun family side you do not worry, will not find you trouble. In addition, we have time to get together, I want to discuss something with you." "Okay." Li Dong also did not ask what the matter, simply answered a sentence and hung up the phone. Once the phone was disconnected, Shen Xi said, "Hu Ming?" "Mm." Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "I think the Sun family has a good show this time, the smiling tiger is not smiling this time, I think it is really moving the fire." Shen Xi snickered, "Inevitable." "What do those idiots in the Sun family know! Hu Ming holding the Nanrui Group, control of billions of assets, is not a Sun Manman can underestimate! Especially Hu Xiaorui, that is the flesh of Hu Ming's heart, Sun Manman dares to call Hu Xiaorui stupid in public this time, wait for a good show." "Although the two Hu Ming divorced, but this matter will certainly reach an agreement. Next, if the Sun family's old man is not handled well, Nanrui and Tengxiang two groups, I'm afraid will say goodbye to the Sun family completely." Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "Is that possible?" Nanrui and Tengxiang can have the current scale, the Sun family still contributed a lot of efforts. Now Hu Ming and the others will completely fall out with the Sun family over this matter? Shen Xi nodded and said: "Possible, or very likely. Sun family is already the sunset, these years Hu Ming and Hu Xiaorui's mother has laid their own roots and contacts, there is no need to rely on the Sun family. Once the Sun family's old man did not mediate, the two mouths will certainly not agree. The two families who hold the financial power of the Sun family if they flip, you wait and see, if Sun Wenhua does not beg for mercy by then, it is difficult to say whether he can take over a complete Sun family." Li Dong shook his head and sighed: "Every family has its own hard lesson to learn, the old man Sun is not young, I did not expect to have to wipe his ass for his descendants." "That's what he asked for!" Shen Xi sneered: "There must be cause and effect, I see Sun Manman's attitude towards the Hu family is not a day or two, the Sun family is not only Sun Manman is this mind, others are afraid that they have long coveted the financial power in the hands of Hu Ming." "But they also do not use their brains to think, if they can take back the right to property, Master Sun and Sun Wenhua will sit back and watch?" "After all, Hu Ming is only a foreigner, and now also divorced from the Sun family, a sweeping son-in-law, but also in control of the South Rui Group, Hu Ming is not as simple as it seems." "Sun Manman scold Hu Ming are fine, scold Hu Xiaorui, I see Sun Wenhua head is also not good, later can still rise, I see hanging." Li Dong heard Shen Xi say so, but quite agree: "Sun Wenhua this person's ability may be a bit, but compared with the provincial ministry I have seen several leaders, the gap is still relatively obvious. The city is not deep, may not have experienced these, if the future is still like this, I think this position is almost to the top." Although Sun Wenhua is not too old, but Li Dong does not see this guy. From the first meeting is so, Sun Wenhua looked down on him, he also felt that this guy is not interesting. Really deep in the city, would not the first time to see Li Dong talked about family history. That faint sense of superiority in Sun Wenhua is very obvious, so many years, Sun Wenhua have not eliminated this sense of superiority, no wonder it has been only in the capital did not devolve. The second generation, the real top of the group, who is not fighting at the local level at this time. Just like Han Yu's husband - Jia Wenhao! Thinking of Jia Wenhao, Li Dong's eyes could not help but narrow, this is the real elite people. Jia Wenhao this person he has dealt with several times, the depth of the city, even if it is not as good as Du Anmin, I'm afraid it is not worse than Wu Changguo a few people. He kept a low profile as if there was not the slightest presence in Jiangbei, but the people who know, but there is no one who does not say he is powerful. A Suan New City open, that is Jia Wenhao's greatest political achievements. Jia Wenhao as long as survive these years, and so Suan New City a good build, that further is inevitable. And Jia Wenhao also understands the trade-offs, now only concerned about the new city, other rights are almost put down, which also allows many people ready to pick the peach to give up the idea. On the one hand, he knows what he is doing, on the other hand, Jia Wenhao is not small after all. Thinking of Jia Wenhao, Li Dong could not help but ask Shen Xi: "Do you think the governor Jia is involved this time?" Shen Xi frowned slightly, she understood Li Dong's meaning, slightly thought for a moment, Shen Xi shook her head: "Not very likely, probably Han Yu took matters into his own hands. This woman looks bland, but in fact ambitious, people who really understand have a number in their hearts." "You see her in the capital around to make contacts, unwilling to come to Jiangbei is evident." "But Han Yu this time or anxious, prematurely exposed, but let us be wary. If she took her time planning, this time we are not so easy to get out in the capital." Li Dong's eyes flashed a trace of coldness, lightly humming: "I am not afraid of what she is planning, the dog that bites does not bark. Compared with Jia Wenhao, Han Yu is too young, or these second-generation in the capital are a little young, the really powerful either I have not seen, or is not in the capital." "Even Wei Henzhi, to put it politely, is also general. If Wei Hengzhi came to Jiangbei, I'm afraid he won't last more than three months." "On the contrary, Jia Wenhao, as long as he does not move his mind, I will not go to provoke him. Jia Wenhao is scary, compared to the Sun family and the Yu family, Jia Wenhao alone can top them all." Shen Xi heard him say that, as if relieved, nodded: "That's right, Jia Wenhao we better not to provoke. This guy's mind you can not guess, even my father said Jia Wenhao this person is powerful, the future is broader than him." "Secretary Du really said so?" "Well." "It seems to be gold can be light everywhere, in the future and Jia Wenhao dealings, have to keep a few more eyes on the right." The two said a little Jia Wenhao, the Far Eastern Group has arrived. Out of the car, walking on their own turf, Li Dong suddenly felt a lot more relaxed in his heart. In the capital he said not too afraid of what, but after all, the foundation is shallow, there is a thin ice feeling, only really back to Jiangbei, Li Dong felt solid. The Yuanfang Group in front of him, is the foundation of his life. Once there is no Yuanfang, Li Dong is nothing, with what and others fight. Slightly emotional, Li Dong said to Chen Ke: "Notice, tomorrow morning to hold a meeting, in addition to the annual meeting preparations also keep a close eye on me, this year's annual meeting I have something to announce, the more grand the better. In addition to the provincial and municipal invitations, say that I invited them to observe the ceremony." "Got it." Chen Ke nodded hastily, and Shen Xi next to him was a bit surprised, "What do you want to announce?" Inviting the province and the city to observe the ceremony, this is not ordinary, if there was not something particularly important, Li Dong would not have made such a big deal about it.