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Chapter 624 - Ambitious

  The next day, Li Dong went to the company first had a meeting to arrange the recent events, and then went to Lanshan Manor…… The fastest update because it is not a day off, little stone and Tian Xiaoyu are not in. Wang Jie is breastfeeding his child in the living room, and when he saw Li Dong coming, he was about to get up, when Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Don't move, you'll scare the child." Said Li Dong came forward to look at the little one white and white, Li Dong took a look at it and lamented: "This change is really fast, the last time just born with the rat like ……" "You're the rat! " Wang Jie heard a discontent, showing teeth giggled. Li Dong rolled his eyes, not good: "Your grandfather, this on the protection, I'm still his godfather, you guys now have a son to turn the other cheek ah." Wang Jie said happily: "You have a son is the same, of course, the son is closer than the brother." "You're just a thug." Li Dong laughed and teased the child before saying, "I was not even invited to the full moon wine, my face was slapped by you, did you blame me for not remembering our son's full moon?" Wang Jie shook his head and said, "No, you went to the capital at that time, I heard that you were on business, so I didn't bother you." "The next time will not be an example." Li Dong said, fished out a piece of jade from his pocket and threw it to Wang Jie. Wang Jie hurriedly received the hand, and so touched to try the feel, Wang Jie immediately cursed: "Holy shit, this you are casually thrown, more money is it, smashed how to do!" He is not an idiot who does not know anything, once the jade pendant arrived, the feel of the hand is different. In addition, Li Dong this guy has money, naturally will not get inferior products to fool. Li Dong did not bother to pay attention to him, while teasing the child while laughing: "For my son, but now too small, a little older to wear, jade can nourish people can also ward off evil, you do not swallow." "Fuck off!" Wang Jie laughed and cursed, and did not say no, directly put the jade pendant tucked away. Seeing that Li Dong is still teasing the child, Wang Jie laughed: "Like to have one yourself, it's not like there are no women willing to help you give birth." Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Do not talk about this, like to like, really born, I still too annoying." "When you have a child, you will not think so." "Let nature take its course, I'm not in a hurry anyway." Not to dwell on the child, Li Dong changed the subject and said, "The stock market is still rising, I will probably hold it for a while. But no later than June, I am ready to exit the market. There are a few things to tell you about today, think about it yourself." "Go ahead." "First, I got a house in the provincial party committee compound, ready to let Xiaoyu and the girls move there, you guys go with or not?" Wang Jie thought about it and said, "If you withdraw from the market in June, there is not much time left, we will not move it." "This is up to you." Li Dong is not worried about their safety, Xu Jianghua wants to get himself again, will not be bored to take out Wang Jie and the others. After saying this, Li Dong added: "Second, when this side of the stock market is over, what do you want to do next?" "Me?" Wang Jie some hesitation, Li Dong nodded and said, "Brother or that, how about coming to help me out?" "But ……" "You kid just know to open an online store, open an Internet cafe, so tossed down, maybe you can get rich, but you can guarantee that it will be a success? You do not forget that you now have a wife and children to support, not a single person." "Follow me to do, I have a bite to eat, there is no less you a drink." "You think about it." Wang Jie said with slight hesitation, "But what can I do? I'm just a high school student ……" "Less bullshit, high school students college students, is not that." Li Dong waved his hand and said, "What you do I gave you a good idea, first to the old week to give a hand, after a few years you take over." "Supervision Department?" "Well." Wang Jie frowned slightly and said, "Is not too that." "Do not think too much, anyway, for the time being, you think about it yourself, and then discuss it with Mei Zi. I have arrangements on Old Zhou's side, so you don't have to worry about him either." "I'll think about it then." Li Dong nodded, then did not talk about business, but went into the house to see Wu Mei. Wu Mei was a little weak and had been recuperating these days. After talking to Li Dong, Wu Mei's head was sweating a bit, Li Dong did not dare to disturb and hurriedly retreated. Just out the door, Wang Jie whispered: "Dongzi, I'll work with you from now on." Li Dong looked suspicious and said, "So soon decided?" Wang Jie said with some heartache: "Mei Zi has suffered a big loss this time, I can see, if you had not invited experts to consult, and hired a sister-in-law and nanny to take care of, Mei Zi is afraid that it is not so easy to get through this." "But all of this costs money, if I were on my own, I really can't hold up." "I also have no great ability, if …… anyway, I think about it is quite scared, their own business does not know whether they can support the two mothers, you just said, you can not less I a bite to eat, then I have nothing to hesitate, with you to do is." "You kid is now finally bowed, it seems to have a family of men is different." Wang Jie laughed: "How is this called bowing down, before I did not promise, that is because I do not want to give you trouble, now promise, that is ready to let you help me raise my son, I should say that I have become wise." "You ah!" Li Dong laughed and shook his head, next and Tang Kuan a few people briefly chatted a few words. When Tian Xiaoyu and Little Stone returned from school at noon, the two girls pestered Li Dong to make out properly until they went to school in the afternoon, and only then did Li Dong take off and leave the Lanshan Manor. …… just out of Lanshan Manor soon, Li Dong's cell phone rang. The phone call, the person inside then said: "The door cafe waiting for you." "Damn you! Next time you spy on me, I'll have to find you to settle the score!" "Bullshit, I need to spy on you? You're so flashy, you drive a Maybach all day long, who doesn't know you. You pushed our villa, once you entered Lanshan Manor security guards are like enemies, I know you came is strange?" "Too lazy to argue with you about this, what's the matter?" "You come to say." "……" Li Dong hung up the phone, looked around, got out and went to the cafe next to it. An unknown piano tune was floating in the …… cafe. Xu Shengzhe sat against the wall, through the glass window, squinting his eyes are enjoying the sun shine. Li Dong came, the guy did not say anything, pressed the hand to continue to immerse themselves in the world. Li Dong saw the situation and said: "Do not pretend, pretend what elegant, ready to hook up with which little girl?" Xu Shengzhe shook his head and sighed, "vulgar, vulgar unbearable!" "I'm vulgar what, you bite me?" "You guys are like eating a cannonball all day long, just your bull temper, you deserve to be frustrated in the capital."