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Chapter 625: The Formation of the Consortium

  On the way back, Li Dong was still thinking carefully about Xu Shengzhe's proposal…… In fact, when Xu Shengzhe said his plan, a word consortium flashed in Li Dong's mind! Not bad, Xu Shengzhe said this alliance, more like a consortium prototype. In foreign countries, it is very common for several large groups to join together. Over time, this kind of alliance will naturally develop towards a consortium. First, involving various industries, and finally cross-shareholding, and then if you can pull some financial institutions to participate in the internal formation of a complete system, that is the real consortium. But at present, it seems that to form a new consortium in the country, things are not as simple as Xu Shengzhe said. Back to the company, Li Dong checked some information and documents, and his brows were always frowning together. When it was time to leave work, when Shen Xi entered the door to find him, she saw that Li Dong was still pondering and asked, "What's wrong?" Li Dong exhaled and shook his head, "Nothing, it's just that I met with Xu Shengzhe today, and there are some things I can't decide." Seeing that Li Dong was a bit indecisive, Shen Xi was curious: "What did he say?" "He wants to set up a second Delong Department! Become the second Tang Wanxin!" Once Li Dong said Tang Wanxin, Shen Xi immediately understood what he meant. The myth of the Delong Department was busted, the impact in the business world is by no means ordinary. 04 years, the Delong Department control of funds up to 100 billion, almost involved in all financial industries. Once known as the first private enterprise Delong Department, is the object of all large private enterprises are bound to study, to study how they rise, how to step into destruction. This is a mountain in front of the domestic consortium model, the fall of the Delong Department, almost all private enterprises once let the formation of a consortium **. Success also consortium, defeat also consortium, Tang Wanxin's disastrous end, to countless private enterprises in charge of a great impact and wake up. Xu Shengzhe wants to do this time, is also once Tang Wanxin is doing. Of course, there are some differences between the two sides, but according to Xu Shengzhe's mind, the end of both sides are the same, and finally the companies will be combined together to become a giant consortium. Shen Xi frowned tightly and said with a grave expression, "Tell me more about the situation." Li Dong didn't hide it from her, and repeated what Xu Shengzhe told himself this afternoon. Shen Xi listened to ponder for a while before saying: "At present, it seems that Xu Shengzhe may have this intention in it, but I'm afraid he himself knows that the possibility of success is unlikely. After all, the core of the consortium is the banking or insurance industry is also involved, which can provide a large cash flow for the cohesion of the consortium." "And Xu Shengzhe is now just inviting various companies to become a mutual aid group, I'm afraid that he also has concerns." Li Dong shook his head and said, "You don't understand, you don't know him well enough. Xu Shengzhe is very ambitious, I think he just wants to go the way of Tang Wanxin, maybe the process is different, but the essence is still the same." Li Dong sighed slightly and said, "In fact, if he just wants to set up a mutual aid society, I agree, so it will be good for everyone." "I am afraid that he is too ambitious, and in the end not only burned himself, but also implicated us." Shen Xi thought about it and said, "Even if Xu Shengzhe has this in mind, as long as we don't waver ourselves, he can't sway others with his own power, right?" "You underestimate him again, when the time comes, if everyone has tasted the sweetness, driven by the interests, not necessarily everyone can hold it. Domestic now is not suitable for the survival of the consortium, the real consortium is those state-owned enterprises central enterprises, which is the essence of the domestic market." "Xu Shengzhe wants to break this barrier, the risk is inevitable, the consequences are also unpredictable." Li Dong said a few words, his heart a little annoyed. In fact, he was somewhat moved by Xu Shengzhe's proposal, but this guy Xu Shengzhe gave him a sense of crisis. This guy seems calm on the surface, but in fact the bones are full of madness, as evidenced by his initial dealings with Greenland. If this time really let the far side on his boat, and finally the far side can not be left alone, it is not easy to say. Seeing Li Dong troubled, Shen Xi looked at him for a while, and suddenly snorted out a laugh. Li Dong was a bit confused and said, "What are you laughing at?" "You ah!" Shen Xi shook her head funny and said, "Come on, don't be annoyed, I finally understand what you mean." "What do I mean?" "Still pretending!" Shen Xi rolled her eyes and said, "You said Xu Shengzhe is ambitious, I think you are talking about yourself. In fact, what you are concerned about is neither the path of the consortium nor the dire consequences it may bring in the future, what you are really worried about is who will be in control in the end!" "Xu Shengzhe is running around trying to set up this mutual support group, so obviously he will definitely pull in some companies and contacts that he thinks will support him. And you are not willing, both to take an interest in this soon-to-be-formed organization, but also want to take over Xu Shengzhe's position." "But you have concerns in your heart and feel that you may not be able to outsmart him, I think this is the main reason for your troubles." Shen Xi said his heart, Li Dong as if running naked in the street in broad daylight and being surrounded by people, immediately said in shame: "Nonsense, am I that kind of person?" "Keep pretending!" Shen Xi despised, see him ashamed, can not help but laugh: "with me still pretend what, you must be in the heart of such a thought." Li Dong grunted and did not speak, Shen Xi laughed again: "In fact, I do think that your concerns are right. Destiny has to be in our own hands before we can, far away to this point, you have paid how much effort, we people have paid how much effort, outsiders actually difficult to understand." "Xu Shengzhe wants to become the dominant person, not to mention that you do not agree, we will not agree either." "Since this is the case, we want to be big, but also want to be unrestricted, seize the control of which that is inevitable." "……" Shen Xi said a lot, the main purpose is still to dispel the worries in Li Dong's mind.