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Chapter 626 - Can't be all that you want

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. The fastest update Li Dong see her soul, suspect that this woman finished eating probably do not necessarily know what they eat. After eating, Li Dong dragged her and her parents to say goodbye, the two of them together out of the fishing village. Only when they were out the door did Shen Xi return to her senses and say, "Was I just being capricious?" Li Dong laughed, "Why do you say that?" Shen Xi said, "Don't you think so?" "No." "Really?" Li Dong nodded his head and said softly, "You were not capricious, only that you were cute just now." Shen Xi's face first showed a smile, then she ranted, "Which is cute, it's a handful of years old, still cute, shame on you!" When it comes to the topic of age, Li Dong immediately closed his mouth. At this time if you compliment her young, she may not be happy, but if you say she is old, then this woman can eat you with her eyes. Li Dong, who has had several lessons, waited for Shen Xi to talk about her age, and hurriedly changed the subject: "It's still early, where will we go later?" Shen Xi saw that he did not answer, and did not pester him to ask him, heard Li Dong asked about where to go later, Shen Xi thought about it and said, "How about going to sing?" "Singing?" "Well, singing!" Shen Xi nodded heavily and repeated after thinking, "Just sing, sing that song from last time!" Li Dong instantly understood what she was talking about, gently rubbed her hair and nodded: "Then sing!" …… This night, Li Dong sang a song all night. No change of song, from beginning to end is a "heart has a heart", from the opening to the next scene, from the door to sing to go out. And Shen Xi just listened on the sidelines, not bored, only satisfied. …… tenderness always has a price to pay. Li Dong because of singing all night, the next two days the voice is hoarse. Finally or Shen Xi do not know where to get some special drugs, Li Dong ate a day voice to recover. When the voice is well, the time has come to January 14. This day is Sunday, Li Dong gave himself a day off. But today is not nothing at all, Li Dong did not forget that tonight Liu Long side banquet guests. This time Liu Long banquet guests, the scene is not small. Even if Li Dong did not pay attention, but also heard a lot of gossip, Liu Long this time not only invited a large number of Jiangbei business people, but also invited some official figures. This guy probably wants to take this opportunity to officially open up in Jiangbei. Wang Pengfei had already called Li Dong several times, hoping that Li Dong could finalize the holding of Pengfei Real Estate before the banquet. But Li Dong did not agree, but told him to rest easy, he will have arrangements. Sleep until sunrise Li Dong reluctantly got up, washed up, simply made some food Li Dong then went downstairs to prepare to go to the provincial party committee compound. The provincial party committee compound has already begun to decorate, is Shen Xi to help arrange. But there are some things, Li Dong still have to go to see for themselves, to save the decoration does not meet their appetite. Downstairs, Wanyuan district is still the same, but compared with the previous, the popularity of many. With the occupants moving in, plus it was Sunday, the small garden downstairs was filled with laughter. Li Dong weaved through the crowd and suddenly enjoyed this feeling. Other people think that he, Li Dong, is rich, and at this moment must be enjoying life, or with which beautiful women or a group of beautiful women dating and playing, but do not know that Li Dong is actually busier and more tired than them. In the crowd stood for a moment, watching children playing, watching the old man lazily sunbathing, watching young men and women laughing and scolding, this moment Li Dong only full of envy. What you can't get is the most valuable thing, people hope to be rich when they don't have money, and hope to be richer when they have money. When the money reaches a certain figure, these rich people suddenly find that everything they pursue is just that. This time they began to miss the life of ordinary people, some people think that this is the rich people pretentious, but do not know that this is the common idea of many rich people. They are no more than Li Dong, who created so many family businesses at a young age. Many rich people, wait until the day they feel that there is enough money, is already dying. At this time, they will feel regret, missed the good times of the year, missed many, many things worth having. Old horse has said, the most regrettable thing in this life is the creation of Ali, is he pretentious? Is he showing off? To his point, what else is worth pretentious and showy, all this is just the heart of the words. Li Dong has not yet reached that step, but at this moment, standing in the crowd, Li Dong but also abruptly rose to this thought. Waiting for the day when they are old, will they regret? Regret the creation of a distant, regret embarking on this road. Just when Li Dong was stunned, someone next to him suddenly said with slight surprise: "Li Dong!" Li Dong turned his head to look, and when he saw the person coming, he was also a little surprised and said, "Wang Jia, why are you here?" He has not seen Wang Jia for a long time, the last time they met, it seems to be more than half a year ago in Changping side, when the two did not say a few words, are in a hurry, a few simple words will go their own way.