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Chapter 627 - Blockers

  Night falls. The entrance of M Fortune Garden District. Before Li Dong's car entered the door, it was stopped by the vehicle next to it. Opening the car window, Li Dong wondered, "What are you doing here?" Xu Shengzhe smilingly said, "Waiting for you." "Waiting for me? Why are you waiting for me, you don't know the way?" "Fuck you!" Xu Shengzhe let out a laugh and said, "Carefully, besides me, there are quite a few people waiting for you." Li Dong looked around, and there were indeed several cars parked around. There are Hu Ming's car, Ji Yuanzhong's car, Hu Wanlin's car, and several other cars he did not recognize for a while, but when the windows of each car opened, Li Dong now almost all familiar people. Some of these people waved at him, and some nodded slightly in the dim light. The corner of Li Dong mouth twitch, twisting the head side of Xu Shengzhe said: "What are you guys doing? Since you're here, why not go in and wait for me here?" Xu Shengzhe smiled and said, "Of course, we are waiting for you to lead us in." Li Dong frowned and said, "What do you mean?" Xu Shengzhe smiled and said, "Tonight Liu Long gave a banquet to the famous business people in Jiangbei, my father did not come to the banquet, so you Li Dong naturally became the leader of our Jiangbei business community. Following the leader's steps is naturally what we should do." "Get lost!" Li Dong didn't listen to him and frowned, "What do you want to do? Use me as a shield? But Liu Long has no conflict with you guys, are you going to suppress him?" "That's not so much." Xu Shengzhe laughed: "Just teach them the rules." "As soon as Liu Long came to Jiangbei, he established his roots with the help of that face. This guy I'm not small, see what all want to swallow a bite, I thought for a while, and a few uncles discussed, first give him a downward spiral, kill his prestige before." "You kill his prestige is none of my business, why do you want me." Li Dong was a bit dissatisfied, although he was also prepared to do so, it did not mean that he was willing to take the blame for others. These guys want to give Liu Long the prestige, and some scare of the provincial government, the result is actually silent to push Li Dong as a shield, Li Dong is not willing to do this kind of thing. Xu Shengzhe smiled lightly and said, "Really not willing?" "No." "Oh, not willing to forget it. But today is a good opportunity, although you Li Dong in Jiangbei fame is not small, can before has been treated as a junior Jiangbei business community and did not really accept you." "Today if you can be a leader back, whether it is nominal or surface stuff, but at least your Li Dong's position is highlighted." "After tonight, you Li Dong will not be the leader of the young generation, but a real tycoon figure in the Jiangbei business community!" "Hu Ming and Ji Yuanzhong these two can be willing to support you, this face but I want to want can not be, there are gains and losses, do you even have this bear?" Ji Yuanzhong and Hu Ming are both vice presidents of the Jiangbei Chamber of Commerce, although the cohesion of the Jiangbei Chamber of Commerce is not very strong, but at least it can show the status of these two in the Jiangbei business community. If Li Dong could really be elected by them today to be the main person, it would indeed be an opportunity to change the eyes of others. Slightly ponder for a moment, Li Dong turned his head eye Shen Xi, see her also nodded, then nodded and said: "Then I will be a bird, you guys also do not provoke me, later if you do not give me support, do not blame me to put up." "Naturally." Xu Shengzhe gave a laugh and reached out and beckoned outside. Li Dong also did not care about them, and Tan Yong said a word, Maybach slowly towards the small area. …… inside the car. Li Dong closed the window and exhaled: "What? This guy is demonstrating with me." "Demonstration?" Shen Xi was a little puzzled and wondered, "You mean Xu Shengzhe?" "Not yet? He said it himself, his father is not going to appear, I am the nominal leader. In addition, he gathered all these people without informing me beforehand, and I stepped forward in a passive situation." Li Dong exhaled and continued, "And if I'm not wrong, the organization alliance he talked about before, these people are probably one of the members." Shen Xi also reacted at this time, but still shook his head: "That does not necessarily. Xu Shengzhe is afraid that it is just borrowing the momentum, I these people are just pushing the boat, these old foxes mind, which is so easy to be you." Said Shen Xi and said: "Moreover, Xu Shengzhe today also counted as a misstep, you are not ready to give the Liu family a little color? Now with their support better, I wait for them to beat down their teeth to swallow in the belly, there are bitter can not say." "Haha, this can not be blamed on me." Li Dong gave a laugh, and as he spoke he had already arrived at the villa area where the Liu family was located. Liu Long father and son are used to enjoying people, just came to Jiangbei soon took over this villa in Rich Garden, tonight's banquet is also held precisely in the Liu family's own villa. …… Liu family villa entrance. Liu Long several times face some not very good br/> next to Liu Ke and Chang Qiqi face is similar, several people towards the front of the look for a moment, after a while, Liu Ke could not hold back: "What the hell! Dad, what do these people mean? This is the time, it came to the kitten three or two, deliberately give us difficult?"