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Chapter 628 - Tiger Father and Dog Son

  Seeing Li Dong crowd into the door, Liu Long father and son glanced at each other, both frowned and followed. The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. Before they held this banquet, but also want to explore the bottom of the Jiangbei business community. Now it is good, the bottom of the bottom out, but the situation is not very good. Tang Long Group into Jiangbei, by some people to resist, this is Liu Long had expected things. After all, there is a Tang Long Group, some people will have to divide part of the interests of foreign households to cause hostility is not surprising. But beyond their expectations, it seems that now it is not an individual boycott hostile to them, but the majority of the Jiangbei business community. This is a little bad, even if one or two, many of them and their business are not in conflict, this time also boycott them, a time Liu Long are a little confused about what is going on. Of course, it is still too early to say that hostility, after all, we have not taken a position. But Liu Long has a not-so-good feeling in his heart, maybe this banquet today is not the right time to hold. …… banquet held by the Liu family is the kind of buffet form. The venue does not only include the villa hall, there are tables and food in front of the door and behind the courtyard, Li Dong when they arrived, people have come quite a lot. As soon as they saw Li Dong enter, the people who came before them got up to welcome them. In Jiangbei, except for those state-owned central enterprises, Li Dong's group almost represents the majority of the Jiangbei business community. Seeing them come in, no one will continue to take big. But when the crowd looked clearly at the group's alignment, some people's faces could not help but change slightly. It's not that Li Dong didn't attend events with Hu Ming and these people before, but at that time, everyone went their own way or walked side by side. Sometimes out of courtesy, even Li Dong will let them half a step. But today, Li Dong and Shen Xi's position is extraordinarily prominent. Li Dong and Shen Xi lead, Hu Ming, Ji Yuanzhong and Xu Shengzhe these people are separated by a small step, others to be more behind some. Although the business alignment is not as strict as the officialdom, but a formal gathering, as long as not intentionally sweep others face, generally people are measured, what position to go, where to sit in the heart have a number. Now Li Dong walked in the forefront, Hu Ming and Ji Yuanzhong these people are smiling, as if nothing unhappy. This is a little interesting! Everyone's eyes are different, Li Dong people do not care, greeted around a circle, a few people will find a place with fewer people to sit down. Seeing Liu Long and Liu Ke still follow them, Li Dong smilingly said: "Liu you busy you, do not need to greet us, we chat will be fine." Liu Long's heart was a little uneasy, but he wanted to continue to listen to what they said. But Li Dong have driven people away, plus he as the host, indeed still have to be busy, also can not just look at this side, so he had to say to the side of Liu Ke: "Ake, then you stay to greet Mr. Li and them, I will come later." Liu Ke nodded and didn't say much. As soon as Liu Long left, Li Dong several people chatted, and at this time, everyone did not talk to Liu Ke. Liu Ke could not help but look embarrassed, apparently in the eyes of the crowd, he Liu Ke still can not be on stage. The people who are chatting and talking in the room are the heads of their respective groups. Although he Liu Ke is today's host, but in the eyes of others, he is far less than Li Dong Xu Shengzhe these people, and even Ji Lanxin who has been in contact with the family business is far less than. Listening to their pleasantries next to him, Liu Ke was a bit bored. At this time, it was as if Li Dong remembered him, and as Liu Ke wandered off, Li Dong greeted him with a smile, "Brother Liu, I heard that Tang Long Group entered Pingchuan this time and is still planning to continue operating the previous business scope?" Liu Ke did not understand what he wanted for a while, nodded somewhat hesitantly and said, "Almost." Seeing this, Li Dong's eyes lit up and said, "That means Tang Long Group will continue to be involved in real estate, tourism, energy and electricity, and chemical industry?" The others also stopped talking at this moment and looked at Liu Ke. Liu Ke suddenly felt something bad in his heart, and didn't know how to answer for a while. Li Dong did not wait for him to consider how to answer, and then smiled and said, "It seems that Mr. Liu and Brother Liu are ready to do a big job, but it is also right, after all, Tang Long Group's capital is not weak, plus the relationship is also deep, in the future it seems that we still have to rely on Brother Liu to take care of more." Although Liu Ke is a little small-minded, but he is not a fool. Hearing Li Dong say so, and then look at the eyes of the others, if not hostile, Liu Ke immediately understood that he fell for it! This guy is trying to push himself or the Tang Long Group to the opposite side of these people. The Tang Long Group is involved in too many fields, these people on the field, the scope of business, ten ** have overlap with the Tang Long Group. In addition, this guy also deliberately mentioned that Tang Long Group has a strong capital, the background is not weak, others are not alert to be strange. A group with capital and background into the Pingchuan and they grab food, it is not good that some of these people will soon taste the bitter fruit, who dare to be careless. Liu Ke was thinking about how to counterattack when he heard Li Dong smiling again: "By the way, I heard one more thing before, Tang Long wants to take a stake in Pengfei Real Estate, right?" "Mr. Liu is really ambitious, you see this only came to Jiangbei a few days, this has made the business up." Li Dong said with a smile, next to Xu Shengzhe said, "Wang Pengfei that fatty also want to open up, so easy to open up the situation in Jiangbei, this is handed over." Although Xu Shengzhe's words felt like a joke, but the others still do not understand his meaning. Tang Long shares in Pengfei real estate, it seems not Wang Pengfei voluntary, which I'm afraid there are some other reasons. Once you think of this, the others look at Liu Ke's eyes sharpened a lot. The business world is still more scrupulous about this, the normal business competition we do not care, but Tang Long Group an outsider, just came to Jiangbei in a few days through some means want to control Pengfei real estate, this thing is not a good sign. Now is the Pengfei real estate, once they get a firm foothold, the Chang family that stabilized the situation, that today's Pengfei is likely to be tomorrow's them. At this time, Liu Ke finally some can not carry. He understood, Li Dong and Xu Shengzhe these two guys are pitted him! Taking advantage of his father's absence, these two guys, with one word from you, instantly hacked Tang Long completely. But he didn't think of how to retort at the same time. Tang Long's business scope, that is a long time ago, now refute that it is not, that is not to hit their own face. And Pengfei real estate side, although the shares have not yet been negotiated, but in Liu Ke's opinion, hope is still very large. Now if you deny it, after Tang Long entered the Pengfei real estate, and what to say?